List of butterflies of Oklahoma

List of butterflies of Oklahoma

This is a list of all butterflies and skippers found in the state of Oklahoma. Butterflies and skippers are a monophyletic group found in the "Lepidoptera" order of "Insecta". "(See the difference between a butterfly and a moth.)"


Order: LepidopteraSuperfamily: Papilionoidea


Family: Papilionidae

wallowtails: Papilioninae

Subfamily: Papilioninae
*Pipevine Swallowtail ("Battus philenor")
*Zebra Swallowtail ("Eurytides marcellus")
*Black Swallowtail ("Papilio polyxenes")
*Thoas Swallowtail ("Papilio thoas")
*Giant Swallowtail ("Papilio cresphontes")
*Eastern Tiger Swallowtail ("Papilio glaucus")
*Two-tailed Swallowtail ("Papilio multicaudata")
*Spicebush Swallowtail ("Papilio troilus")
*Palamedes Swallowtail ("Papilio palamedes")

Whites and Sulphers

Family: Pieridae)


Subfamily: Pierinae
*Florida White ("Appias drusilla")
*Becker's White ("Pontia beckerii")
*Spring White ("Pontia sisymbrii")
*Checkered White ("Pontia protodice")
*Cabbage White ("Pieris rapae")
*Large Marble ("Euchloe ausonides")
*Olympia Marble ("Euchloe olympia")
*Falcate Orangetip ("Anthocharis midea")


Subfamily: Coliadinae
*Clouded Sulphur ("Colias philodice")
*Orange Sulphur ("Colias eurytheme")
*Southern Dogface ("Zerene cesonia")
*White Angled-Sulphur ("Anteos clorinde")
*Cloudless Sulphur ("Phoebis sennae")
*Orange-barred Sulphur ("Phoebis philea")
*Large Orange Sulphur ("Phoebis agarithe")
*Lyside Sulphur ("Kricogonia lyside")
*Barred Yellow ("Eurema daira")
*Mexican Yellow ("Eurema mexicana")
*Little Yellow ("Eurema lisa")
*Sleepy Orange ("Eurema nicippe")
*Dainty Sulphur ("Nathalis iole")

Gossamer-wing Butterflies

Family: Lycaenidae


Subfamily: Miletinae
*Harvesters ("Feniseca tarquinius")


Subfamily: Lycaeninae
*American Copper ("Lycaena phlaeas")
*Gray Copper ("Lycaena dione")
*Bronze Copper ("Lycaena hyllus")
*Purplish Copper ("Lycaena helloides")


Subfamily: Theclinae
*Great Purple Hairstreak ("Atlides halesus")
*Soapberry Hairstreak ("Phaeostrymon alcestis")
*Coral Hairstreak ("Satyrium titus")
*Behr's Hairstreak ("Satyrium behrii")
*Edwards' Hairstreak ("Satyrium edwardsii")
*Banded Hairstreak ("Satyrium calanus")
*Striped Hairstreak ("Satyrium liparops")
*Southern Hairstreak ("Fixsenia favonius")
*Frosted Elfin ("Callophrys irus")
*Henry's Elfin ("Callophrys henrici")
*Eastern Pine Elfin ("Callophrys niphon")
*Thicket Hairstreak ("Callophrys spinetorum")
*Juniper Hairstreak ("Callophrys gryneus")
*White M Hairstreak ("Parrhasius m-album")
*Gray Hairstreak ("Strymon melinus")
*Red-banded Hairstreak ("Calycopis cecrops")


Subfamily: Polyommatinae
*Western Pygmy-Blue ("Brephidium exile")
*Cassius Blue ("Leptotes cassius")
*Marine Blue ("Leptotes marina")
*Reakirt's Blue ("Hemiargus isola)"
*Eastern Tailed-Blue ("Everes comyntas")
*Spring Azure ("Celastrina "ladon")
*Summer Azure ("Celastrina neglecta")
*Silvery Blue ("Glaucopsyche lygdamus")
*Melissa Blue ("Lycaeides melissa")
*Lupine Blue ("Plebeius lupini")


Family: Riodinidae
*Little Metalmark ("Calephelis virginiensis")
*Northern Metalmark ("Calephelis borealis")

Brush-footed Butterflies

Family: Nymphalidae


Subfamily: Libytheinae
*American Snout ("Libytheana carinenta")

Heliconians and Fritillaries

Subfamily: Heliconiinae
*Gulf Fritillary ("Agraulis vanillae")
*Zebra Heliconian ("Heliconius charithonia")
*Variegated Fritillary ("Euptoieta claudia")
*Diana ("Speyeria diana")
*Great Spangled Fritillary ("Speyeria cybele")
*Regal Fritillary ("Speyeria idalia")
*Edwards' Fritillary ("Speyeria edwardsii")

True Brush-foots

Subfamily: Nymphalinae
*Dotted Checkerspot ("Poladryas minuta")
*Fulvia Checkerspot ("Thessalia fulvia")
*Bordered Patch ("Chlosyne lacinia")
*Gorgone Checkerspot ("Chlosyne gorgone")
*Silvery Checkerspot ("Chlosyne nycteis")
*Texan Crescent ("Phyciodes texana")
*Graphic Crescent ("Phyciodes graphica")
*Phaon Crescent ("Phyciodes phaon")
*Pearl Crescent ("Phyciodes tharos")
*Field Crescent ("Phyciodes pratensis")
*Painted Crescent ("Phyciodes picta")
*Variable Checkerspot ("Euphydryas chalcedona")
*Baltimore ("Euphydryas phaeton")
*Question Mark ("Polygonia interrogationis")
*Eastern Comma ("Polygonia comma")
*Gray Comma ("Polygonia progne")
*Mourning Cloak ("Nymphalis antiopa")
*American Lady ("Vanessa virginiensis")
*Painted Lady ("Vanessa cardui")
*West Coast Lady ("Vanessa annabella")
*Red Admiral ("Vanessa atalanta")
*Common Buckeye ("Junonia coenia")

Admirals and Relatives

Subfamily: Limenitidinae
*Red-spotted Purple ("Limenitis arthemis")
**'Astyanax' Red-spotted Purple ("Limenitis arthemis astyanax")
*Viceroy ("Limenitis archippus")
*Weidemeyer's Admiral ("Limenitis weidemeyerii")
*California Sister ("Adelpha bredowii")
*Common Mestra ("Mestra amymone")


Subfamily: Charaxinae
*Goatweed Leafwing ("Anaea andria")


Subfamily: Apaturinae
*Hackberry Emperor ("Asterocampa celtis")
*Tawny Emperor ("Asterocampa clyton")


Subfamily: Satyrinae
*Southern Pearly Eye ("Enodia portlandia")
*Northern Pearly Eye ("Enodia anthedon")
*Creole Pearly Eye ("Enodia creola")
*Canyonland Satyr ("Cyllopsis pertepida")
*Gemmed Satyr ("Cyllopsis gemma")
*Carolina Satyr ("Hermeuptychia sosybius")
*Georgia Satyr ("Neonympha areolata")
*Little Wood Satyr ("Megisto cymela")
*Red Satyr ("Megisto rubricata")
*Common Wood-Nymph ("Cercyonis pegala")
*Ridings' Satyr ("Neominois ridingsii")


Subfamily: Danainae
*Monarch ("Danaus plexippus")
*Queen ("Danaus gilippus")


Order: LepidopteraFamily: Hesperiidae

pread-wing Skippers

Subfamily: Pyrginae
*Silver-spotted Skipper ("Epargyreus clarus")
*Long-tailed Skipper ("Urbanus proteus")
*Golden Banded-Skipper ("Autochton cellus")
*Hoary Edge ("Achalarus lyciades")
*Southern Cloudywing ("Thorybes bathyllus")
*Northern Cloudywing ("Thorybes pylades")
*Confusing Cloudywing ("Thorybes confusis")
*Outis Skipper ("Cogia outis")
*Hayhurst's Scallopwing ("Staphylus hayhurstii")
*Dreamy Duskywing ("Erynnis icelus")
*Sleepy Duskywing ("Erynnis brizo")
*Juvenal's Duskywing ("Erynnis juvenalis")
*Rocky Mountain Duskywing ("Erynnis telemachus")
*Horace's Duskywing ("Erynnis horatius")
*Mottled Duskywing ("Erynnis martialis")
*Zarucco Duskywing ("Erynnis zarucco")
*Funereal Duskywing("Erynnis funeralis")
*Wild Indigo Duskywing ("Erynnis baptisiae")
*Common Checkered-Skipper ("Pyrgus communis")
*Common Streaky-Skipper ("Celotes nessus")
*Common Sootywing ("Pholisora catullus")

Grass Skippers

Subfamily: Hesperiinae
*Swarthy Skipper ("Nastra lherminier")
*Clouded Skipper ("Lerema accius")
*Least Skipper ("Ancyloxypha numitor")
*Orange Skipperling ("Copaeodes aurantiacia")
*Southern Skipperling ("Copaeodes minima")
*Fiery Skipper ("Hylephila phyleus")
*Uncas Skipper ("Hesperia uncas")
*Ottoe Skipper ("Hesperia ottoe")
*Leonard's Skipper ("Hesperia leonardus")
*Cobweb Skipper ("Hesperia metea")
*Green Skipper ("Hesperia viridis")
*Dotted Skipper ("Hesperia attalus")
*Peck's Skipper ("Polites peckius")
*Rhesus Skipper ("Polites rhesus")
*Carus Skipper ("Polites carus")
*Tawny-edged Skipper ("Polites themistocles")
*Crossline Skipper ("Polites origenes")
*Whirlabout ("Polites vibex")
*Southern Broken-Dash ("Wallengrenia otho")
*Northern Broken-Dash ("Wallengrenia egeremet")
*Little Glassywing ("Pompeius verna")
*Sachem ("Atalopedes campestris")
*Arogos Skipper ("Atrytone arogos")
*Delaware Skipper ("Anatrytone logan")
*Byssus Skipper ("Problema byssus")
*Hobomok Skipper ("Poanes hobomok")
*Zabulon Skipper ("Poanes zabulon")
*Broad-winged Skipper ("Poanes viator")
*Dion Skipper ("Euphyes dion")
*Black Dash ("Euphyes conspicua")
*Dun Skipper ("Euphyes vestris")
*Dusted Skipper ("Atrytonopsis hianna")
*Viereck's Skipper ("Atrytonopsis vierecki")
*Bronze Roadside-Skipper ("Amblyscirtes aenus")
*Linda's Roadside-Skipper ("Amblyscirtes linda")
*Oslar's Roadside-Skipper ("Amblyscirtes oslari")
*Lace-winged Roadside-Skipper ("Amblyscirtes aesculapius")
*Nysa Roadside-Skipper ("Amblyscirtes nysa")
*Dotted Roadside-Skipper ("Amblyscirtes eos")
*Common Roadside-Skipper ("Amblyscirtes vialis")
*Bell's Roadside-Skipper ("Amblyscirtes belli")
*Dusky Roadside-Skipper ("Amblyscirtes alternata")
*Eufala Skipper ("Lerodea eufala")
*Brazilian Skipper ("Calpodes ethlius")
*Ocola Skipper ("Panoquina ocola")


Subfamily: Megathyminae
*Yucca Giant-Skipper ("Megathymus yuccae")
*Strecker's Giant-Skipper ("Megathymus streckeri")

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