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  • Denis Browne (politician) — Denis Browne (1763 14 August 1828), was an Irish politician. Browne was the second son of two sons and four daughters born to Peter Browne, 2nd Earl of Alamont and Elizabeth Kelly of Lisduffe, County Galway. He was born and raised at the family… …   Wikipedia

  • Denis Browne, 10th Marquess of Sligo — Denis Edward Browne, 10th Marquess of Sligo (13 December 1908 – 11 September 1991), known as Denis Browne until 1952, was an Irish peer. Browne was the son of Captain Lord Alfred Eden Browne, fifth son of Henry Browne, 5th Marquess of Sligo. His… …   Wikipedia

  • Denis Browne (bishop) — Most Reverend Bishop Denis George Browne CNZM, DD (born 21 September 1937) was Bishop of Rarotonga (1977 1983), the tenth Catholic Bishop of Auckland (1983 1994) and is the second Bishop of Hamilton, New Zealand (1994 present). Born in Auckland,… …   Wikipedia

  • Denis Browne operation — Browne o …   Medical dictionary

  • Denis Browne splint — Den·is Browne splint (denґis brounґ) [Sir Denis John Browne, Australian born English pediatric surgeon, 1892–1967] see under splint …   Medical dictionary

  • Denis Browne splint — a type of ankle foot orthosis consisting of a pair of metal foot splints joined by a cross bar; used in talipes equinovarus …   Medical dictionary

  • William Denis Browne — William Charles Denis Browne (3 November 1888 4 June 1915), primarily known as Billy to family and as Denis to his friends,cite web|url=|title=Browne, William Charles Denis… …   Wikipedia

  • férula de Denis Browne — Férula para la corrección del pie equinovaro (pie zambo) que se compone de una barra curva ajustada a las suelas de un par de zapatos altos. Diccionario Mosby Medicina, Enfermería y Ciencias de la Salud, Ediciones Hancourt, S.A. 1999 …   Diccionario médico

  • Browne-Plastik — [bra̲u̲n...; nach dem brit. Chirurgen Denis Browne, geb. 1892]: operative Harnröhrenplastik zur Beseitigung einer ↑Hypospadie (die Hypospadieöffnung wird durch eine Hautplastik verschlossen, und eine neue Harnröhrenöffnung wird an typischer… …   Das Wörterbuch medizinischer Fachausdrücke

  • Browne operation — a type of urethroplasty for repair of hypospadias; an intact strip of epithelium is left on the ventral surface of the penis to form the roof of the urethra, and the floor of the urethra is formed by epithelialization from the lateral wound… …   Medical dictionary

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