List of Journey to the West characters

This is a list of Journey to the West characters.



Name Name upon attaining Buddhahood Other names True identity Special powers / weapons / objects
Sun Wukong
Victorious Fighting Buddha
Stone Monkey
Handsome Monkey King
Keeper of Horses
Great Sage Equal to Heaven
Wandering Monk
Stone Monkey Ideal Golden-bound Cudgel,
Shapeshifting (72 transformations), Fire Eyes (火眼金睛),
Somersault Cloud,
Magic powers
Meritorious and Virtuous Buddha of Zhantan
Tang Sanzang
Monk Tang
Tin Staff with Nine Rings,
Multicolored Embroidered Cassock
Zhu Bajie
Cleanser of the Altars
Zhu Wuneng
Marshal of the Heavenly Canopy
Nine Tooth Iron-muck Rake,
Shapeshifting (36 transformations),
Magic powers
Sha Wujing
Golden Bodied Arhat
Monk Sha
(沙和尚 / 沙僧),
Curtain-lifting General
Khakkhara / Monk's spade,
Magic gourd,
Shapeshifting (18 transformations),
Magic powers
White Dragon Horse
Nāga of the Eight Sections of Heaven
(八部天龍馬) /
Great Strength Bodhisattva of the Eight Sections of Heaven
Third son of the Dragon King of the West Sea Shapeshifting,
Magic powers


Buddhist deities

Taoist deities

  • Xuan Wu (玄武), also known Zhenwu Great Emperor (真武大帝)
    • Turtle and Snake generals (龜蛇二將)
      • Taixuan Shuijing Heiling Zunshen (太玄水精黑靈尊神)
      • Taixuan Huojing Chiling Zunshen (太玄火精赤靈尊神)
    • Little Zhang Crown Prince (小張太子)
    • Five Sacred Dragons (五大神龍)
  • Five Elders of the Five Positions
    • Guan Yin of the South (南極觀音)
    • Chong'en Holy Emperor of the West (崇恩聖帝)
    • Donghua Emperor of the East (東方三島十洲仙翁東華大帝君東華帝君)
    • Xuanling Doumu Yuanjun of the North (北方北極玄靈鬥姆元君)
    • Yellow Horn Immortal of the Central (中央黃極黃角大仙)
  • Watch deities
    • Gao Ming (高明), also known as Thousand Li Eye (千里眼)
    • Gao Jue (高覺), also known as Wind Following Ear (順風耳)
  • Demon King of Great Strength (大力鬼王)
  • Lords of the Five Elements (五炁真君)
    • Wood Lord of the East (東方歲星木德真君)
    • Fire Lord of the South (南方熒惑火德真君)
    • Metal Lord of the West (西方太白金德真君), also known as Great White Planet (太白金星)
    • Water Lord of the North (北方辰星水德真君)
    • Earth Lord of the Central (中央鎮星土德真君)
  • Barefoot Immortal (赤腳大仙)
  • Deity of the Moon (太陰星君), also known as Chang'e (嫦娥), Guanghan Fairy (廣寒仙子), Heng'e Fairy (姮娥仙子)
  • Deity of the Sun (太陽星君)
  • Marshals
    • Marshal of the Heavenly Canopy (天蓬元帥)
    • Marshal of Heavenly Blessing (天佑元帥)
  • Patrol deities
    • Day Patrol Deity (日遊神)
    • Night Patrol Deity (夜遊神)
  • Twelve Earthly Branches (十二元辰)
    • Zi (子)
    • Chou (丑)
    • Yin (寅)
    • Mao (卯)
    • Chen (辰)
    • Si (巳)
    • Wu (午)
    • Wei (未)
    • Shen (申)
    • You (酉)
    • Xu (戌)
    • Hai (亥)
  • Nine Stars (九曜星)
    • Gold Star (金星)
    • Wood Star (木星)
    • Water Star (水星)
    • Fire Star (火星)
    • Earth Star (土星)
    • Erode Star (蝕星)
    • Jidu Star (計都星)
    • Ziqi Star (紫炁星)
    • Yuebo Star (月孛星)
  • Li Jing (李靖), the Pagoda Bearing Heavenly King (托塔天王)
  • Jinzha (金吒)
  • Muzha (木吒), also known as Hui'an (惠岸)
  • Nezha (哪吒)
  • Juling Shen (巨靈神)
  • Erlang Shen (二郎神)
  • Taiyi Leisheng Yinghua Tianzun (太乙雷聲應化天尊), also known as Wang Shan (王善), the Keeper of Spirits (靈官)
  • Emperor Wenchang (文昌帝君)
  • Four Time Guardians (四值功曹)
    • Li Bing, Guardian of Years (值年神李丙)
    • Huang Chengyi, Guardian of Months (值月神黃承乙)
    • Zhou Deng, Guardian of Days (值日神周登)
    • Liu Hong, Guardian of Hours (值時神劉洪)
  • Four Heavenly Masters (四大天師)
    • Zhang Daoling (張道陵)
    • Xu Xun (許遜), also known as Xu Jingzhi (許敬之), Xu Jingyang (許旌陽)
    • Qiu Hongji (邱弘濟)
    • Ge Hong (葛洪)
  • Five Revealers (五方揭諦)
    • Golden Light Revealer (金光揭諦)
    • Silver Head Revealer (銀頭揭諦)
    • Boluo Revealer (波羅揭諦)
    • Boluo Monk Revealer (波羅僧揭諦)
    • Moke Revealer (摩訶揭諦)
  • Six Dings (六丁)
    • Jade Maiden of Yin (陰神玉女)
    • Sima Qing of Dingmao (丁卯神司馬卿)
    • Cui Juqing of Dingyi (丁已神崔巨卿)
    • Shi Shutong of Dingwei (丁未神石叔通)
    • Zang Wengong of Dingyou (丁酉神臧文公)
    • Zhang Wentong of Dinghai (丁亥神張文通)
    • Zhao Ziyu of Dingchou (丁丑神趙子玉)
  • Six Jias (六甲)
    • Jade Man of Yang (陽神玉男)
    • Wang Wenqing of Jiazi (甲子神王文卿)
    • Zhan Zijiang of Jiaxu (甲戌神展子江)
    • Hu Wenchang of Jiashen (甲申神扈文長)
    • Wei Yuqing of Jiawu (甲午神衛玉卿)
    • Meng Feiqing of Jiachen (甲辰神孟非卿)
    • Ming Wenzhang of Jiayin (甲寅神明文章)
  • Six Stars of the South Formation (南斗六星)
    • Star of Life (司命星君)
    • Star of Prosperity (司祿星君)
    • Star of Longevity (延壽星君)
    • Star of Benefit (益算星君)
    • Star of Adversity (度厄星君)
    • Star of Birth (上生星君)
  • Seven Stars of the North Formation (北斗七星), based on the Big Dipper
    • Greedy Wolf Star of Sunlight (陽明貪狼星君), based on the Dubhe
    • Giant Gate Star of Dark Essence (陰精巨門星君), based on the Merak
    • Lasting Prosperity Star of True Man (真人祿存星君), based on the Phecda
    • Civil Star of Mystery and Darkness (玄冥文曲星君), based on the Megrez
    • Danyuan Star of Honesty and Chasity (丹元廉貞星君), based on the Alioth
    • Military Star of the North Pole (北極武曲星君), based on the Mizar
    • Army-defeating Star of Heaven's Gate (天關破軍星君), based on the Alkaid
  • Ten Yama Kings (十代冥王)
    • Jiang, King of Qinguang (秦廣王蔣)
    • Li, King of Chujiang (楚江王歷)
    • Yu, King of Songdi (宋帝王余)
    • Lü, King of Wuguan (五官王呂)
    • Bao, King of Yama (閻羅王包)
    • Bi, King of Biancheng (卞城王畢)
    • Dong, King of Taishan (泰山王董)
    • Huang, King of Dushi (都市王黃)
    • Lu, King of Pingdeng (平等王陸)
    • Xue, King of Zhuanlun (轉輪王薛)
  • Jialan, Guardian of Eighteen Places (一十八位護教伽藍)
  • City God (城隍)
  • Earth Deity (土地神)
  • Mountain Deity (山神)
  • Zhenyuan Immortal (鎮元大仙)


Name Location of first appearance True identity Special powers / weapons / objects Eventual fate Notes
Demon King of Confusion
Water Curtain Cave Superior strength Killed by Sun Wukong Sun Wukong takes over his residence
General Yin
The border Tiger Escaped
Mountain Lord Xiong
Brown bear
Special dweller
Wild bull
Black Wind Demon
Mount Black Wind Black bear Black Tassel Spear Surrendered to Guan Yin and becomes a mountain guardian deity Steals Tripitaka's cassock during a fire
Gray wolf Killed
White-robed Scholar
White floral-patterned snake Killed
Tiger Vanguard
Yellow Wind Ridge Tiger Killed
Yellow Wind Demon
Marten Samadhi Wind Defeated and returned to Lingji Bodhisattva From Griddhkuta
White Bone Demoness
White Tiger Ridge Human skeleton Transformation Killed by Sun Wukong Transformed into three different people to confuse the protagonists (except Sun Wukong, who sees through her disguise). Sun Wukong destroys her three forms, but Tripitaka misbelieves that Sun had murdered three innocent people and he drives Sun away. Sun Wukong returns to rescue his companions later, who have been captured by the demoness shortly after he left.
Yellow Robe Demon
Moon Cave, Bowl Mountain, Black Pine Forest, Kingdom of Baoxiang Wood Wolf of Legs Transformation Defeated and returned to Heaven
Golden Horned King
Lotus Cave, Flat Peak Mountain Furnace keepers of Taishang Laojun Purplish-reddish Gold Wine Gourd, Jade Flask, Golden Curtain Rope, Seven Stars Sword, Palm Leaf Fan Defeated by Sun Wukong and returned to Taishang Laojun
Silver Horned King
Hu A'qi
Fox Halberd Killed by Zhu Bajie Uncle of Golden and Silver Horned Kings
Old woman Dragon Suppressing Cave, Dragon Suppressing Mountain Nine Tailed vixen Killed by Sun Wukong Mother of Golden and Silver Horned Kings
Imposter King of Wuji
Kingdom of Wuji Azure Lion of Manjusri Bodhisattva (Fo Lion) Returned to Manjusri Following the orders to Gautama Buddha to test the protagonists
Red Boy
Fire Wind Cave, Dead Pine Brook, Mount Hao Son of Buffalo Demon King Samadhi Fire Surrendered to Guan Yin and becomes Sudhana Self-proclaimed "Holy Infant King" (聖嬰大王)
Turtle Dragon
Black River, Hengyang Valley Ninth son of the Dragon King of the Jing River Bamboo-linked Bronze Club Returned to Dragon Crown Prince of the Western Sea
Tiger Power Immortal
Kingdom of Chechi Tiger Taoist magic powers Beheaded Sun Wukong tricks them into a playing a "game" to compete their powers, in which they meet their respective ends
Elk Power Immortal
Elk Disemboweled
Antelope Power Immortal
Antelope Roasted
Spiritual-touch King
Heaven-crossing River Goldfish of Guan Yin Nine Petals Bronze Hammer Returned to Guan Yin
Rhinoceros King
Golden Pouch Cave, Golden Pouch Mountain Azure Bull of Taishang Laojun Golden Bracelet, Bronze Spear Returned to Taishang Laojun
Immortal of Wishes
Immortal Gathering Temple, Mount Jieyang Younger brother of Buffalo Demon King Hook of Wishes Defeated by Sun Wukong
Scorpion Demoness
Pipa Cave, Venom Mountain Scorpion of Leiyin Temple Poisonous sting Killed by Sun Rooster of Hairy Head
Fake Sun Wukong
Kingdom of Western Liang Six-ear macaque Transformation Killed by Sun Wukong Transforms into Sun Wukong to deceive the protagonists.
Buffalo Demon King
Sky Scraping Cave, Mount Thunder Buffalo Iron Staff Captured by Nezha and brought back to Heaven
Jade-faced Princess
Vixen Killed by Zhu Bajie Buffalo Demon King's mistress
Princess Iron Fan
Palm Leaf Cave, Green Clouds Mountain Rakshasi Palm Leaf Fan, Pair of Swords Surrendered and converts to Buddhism Wife of Buffalo Demon King
Benbo Er'ba
Golden Ray Temple, Kingdom of Jibao Sheatfish Captured
Babo Er'ben
Saint Dragon King
Emerald Lake, Rocky Hill, Kingdom of Jibao Dragon Crescent Chain,
Marine and flight powers
Killed by Sun Wukong
Nine-headed Prince Consort
Nine Headed Hydra Defeated by Sun Wukong
Naked Demon
Wood Immortal Temple, Thorns Ridge Maple tree Burned by Sun Wukong
Jinjie Shiba Old Man
Pine tree
Guzhi Old Man
Cedar tree
Juniper tree
Fuyun Old Man
Bamboo pole
Almond Immortal
Almond tree
Yellow Brows Buddha
Little Thunder Temple, Little West Heaven Servant boy of Yellow Brows Human Sack, Wolf's Teeth Club, Golden Cymbals Captured by Maitreya Buddha
Red-scaled Python
Tuoluo Manor, Seven Terminations Mountain, Xishi Alley Python Spear, Poisonous breath Killed by Sun Wukong
Tai Sui Equivalent
Unicorn Mountain, Kingdom of Zhuzi Golden Wolf-dragon Purple Bell, Flowery Axe Defeated by Sun Wukong and returned to Guan Yin Guan Yin's steed
Spider Demoness
Silk Cave, Silk Mountain Spider Spider web, Silk, Venomous Breath and Saliva Converted to Buddhism Seven servants of the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord.
Hundred Eyed Demon Lord
Yellow Flower Temple Centipede Golden Rays, Light Trap, Fire, Sword Surrendered to Vilamba Bodhisattva
Azure Lion King
Lion Camel Cave, Lion Camel Ridge Lion Returned to Manjusri Bodhisattva Steed of Manjusri Bodhisattva
Yellow-toothed Elephant
Elephant Returned to Samantabhadra Bodhisattva Steed of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva
Thousand-li travelling Peng
Peng Surrendered to Buddha Brother of Buddha's godmother (the peacock Mayura)
Queen of the Bhikkhus
Qinghua Manor, Willow Slope, Kingdom of the Bhikkhus Vixen Dragon Staff Killed by Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie
Royal Father-in-law of the Bhikkhus
Deer Returned to the God of Longevity) Steed of the God of Longevity
Lady Earth Flow
Bottomless Pit, Flame Mountain Albino Rat Pair of Swords Returned to Nezha Half-sister of Nezha, from Griddhkuta
King of Southern Mountains
Linked Cave, Bent Peak, Misty Mountain Leopard Iron Pole Killed by Sun Wukong
Tawny Lion Demon
Tiger Cave, Leopard Mountain Lion Four Clears Spade Killed
Yellow-haired Monkey Lion
Nine-bends Cave, Bamboo Linked Mountain Grandchildren of the Saint of Nine Spirits Iron Gorse, Sanlengjian, Gloomy Staff, Bronze Hammer, Axe, Steel Spear Defeated by Sun Wukong and Sha Wujing, captured and executed
Snowy Lion
White Marsh
Hidden Fox
Ivory Elephant
Saint of Nine Spirits
Nine-headed lion Returned to Taiyi Tianzun Steed of Taiyi Tianzun
King of Cold Protection
Xuanying Cave, Green Dragon Mountain, Jinping Rhinoceros Rattan Staff, Axe, Broadsword Killed Killed by the Dragon Prince of the Western Sea and eaten by the Four Wood Beasts of Heavenly Constellations (Wood Wolf of Legs, Dragon of Horn, Wood Dog of Well and Wood Xie of Dipper).
King of Heat Protection
King of Dust Protection
Imposter Princess of India
Mount Maoying Jade Rabbit Pestle Returned to Chang'e


  • Emperor Taizong of Tang (唐太宗)
  • Liu Boqin (劉伯欽)
  • Squire Gao (高員外)
  • Gao Cuilan (高翠蘭)
  • White Soft-shelled Turtle (大白龜)
  • Queen of Women's Country (女人國國王)

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