Defense Update

Defense Update
Type Online magazine
Format Online, Mobile, Email
Publisher Lance & Shield Ltd.
Editor Tamir Eshel
Founded 1978
Language English
Headquarters Kadima, Israel
Circulation +200,000 / month
Official website Defense Update

Defense Update is an online defense magazine published by Lance & Shield Ltd. from Israel.



Defense Update was established in 1978 as a printed magazine, founded by IDF Retired LtCol. David Eshel. (דוד אשל) It was the firsm international defense publication published from Israel, and the first privately operated defense magazine published in Israel.

Initially it was known as 'Born in Battle', commemorating Israel's 30th Anniversary. Born in Battle was first published in six editions, themed after Israel Defense Forces (IDF) 30th anniversary, Israel Air Force's 30th anniversary, the Yom Kippur War, Israel's Armor Corps, Israel's infantry and special forces and the Six Day War. Over 200,000 copies of these English titles were published, in several versions, as soft and hard cover books, and magazines. They were also translated into German, Spanish and French editions.

Following the successful launch of the book series, Born in Battle expanded its coverage to include general military topics, military history, strategy and techniques. To reflect these changes, the magazine changed its name to 'Defense Update International'.

Over the next 12 years 99 issues of Defense Update were published, distributed worldwide, written, edited and managed by a small but passionate team of Israeli veterans. Defense Update enjoyed a large and enthusiastic readership across the world, due to the new 'popular professional' style it helped establish – bringing the hitherto complex and illusive military jargon, in a well-understood language by laymen, amateurs and military historians.

Defense Update remained also keen on maintaining its independence from political and commercial interests, an extremely difficult task at that time. At the peak of its success, during the late Eighties, Defense Update was published simultaneously in four languages (English, German, French and Hebrew).

Defense Update ceased its publication in the early 1990s. Its Hebrew predecessor 'Romach' (רומח) continued publication for several years, providing indispensable reading for senior IDF officer corps. Those years brought the magazine closer to Israel's growing defense industries and especially its defense export establishment. Growing with the local industry, Defense Update's publisher Lance & Shield embarked on a new concept, supporting Israel's defense export activities with a dedicated magazine, highlighting Israel's unique defense technology programs. The magazine called 'Defense Review International' was published periodically in support of major airshows and defense exhibitions, contributing to the recognition, brand and awareness of Israel's defense systems. The editor was Tamir Eshel, (תמיר אשל) David's son and the assistant editor in charge of the production of Defense Update publications.

By the year 1994 Defense Review International was transformed from print publication into a CDROM- based directory style publication, employing a groundbreaking hyperlink editing technology, developed by Israel's hypertext pioneer Enigma. A year later, the new digital and interactive defense directory transformed into an online publication, reaching out to readers across the industry and throughout the world, through the young internet. Being one of the first Israeli websites, Defense Update was also one of the websites pioneering the worldwide defense web. Nevertheless, the technological foresight that helped establish this initiative at such an early stage, could not sustain the business in time of crisis; lacking local industry understanding and acceptance of the new initiative, the publication could not muster enough support to sustain the publication. Moreover, hosted at a service provider that went bust, practically erased the young website from the web around 1997…

Five years later, Defense-Update returned on the scene again- establishing a brand new style and now focusing on advanced defense technology, with special focus on Israel's defense topics. By 2002 Defense Update published the first edition which was irregularly updated until January 2004, when the new online venture once more assumed the brand and tradition of the former magazine.

Since 2004 Defense Update maintained continuous growth, and as of March 2010 is serving over 200,000 unique users per month, reaching over two million readers on an annual basis. Reinvented as a modern defense Web portal, Defense Update covers worldwide topics, highlighting strategy, defense technology and military affairs related to Israel, Israel's defense industries, Global War on Terror and global military power.


Defense Update coverage spans land, air, naval, C4ISR [disambiguation needed ], intelligence, and network-centric warfare, infantry warfighting tactics and techniques, homeland defense etc. Written by experienced defense journalists from different nations, with contributions by analysts, specializing in different fields, Defense Update covers specific defense- related topics, including Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV), Future Combat Systems, Aerospace - and unmanned systems, as well as robotics and Precision Strike weapons. In-depth analysis of developing trends in Command, Control, Communications and Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) is also included.

Focusing on evolving trends such as hybrid and asymmetric warfare, and network-centric operations, force protection and homeland security, Defense Update is recognized as a reliable source of updated information among international decision makers. Defense Update and its authors are referenced by a number of defense establishments and publications, including the British Ministry of Defense [1], U.S. Army [2]

Continuously implementing modern publishing trends, Defense Update has integrated social web features as part of its content. The site maintains an active defense forum on Linkedin, and an interest group on Facebook, distributes instant updates on Twitter, and supports media channels on Flickr and Youtube, featuring photos and videos. Recently implemented technologies enables editors to dynamically update content and add multimedia links and inserts through applets. Other newly introduced technologies include themed content channels, comments, and the annual Defense Technology Innovation award, highlighting 20 outstanding defense programs. The site is designed to enable effective use of mobile phones.


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