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*Homestead (buildings), a smallholding farm with a farmer's residence
*Homestead (area), an area measure of 160 acres (650,000 m²) also called a quarter-section
*Homestead (small African settlement), a cluster of several single-family houses in southern Africa
*Homestead Act, an 1862 United States Federal law that gave away millions of acres to farmers
*Homestead exemption, a legal regime to protect the value of a residence from expenses arising from the death of a spouse
*Homestead principle, a legal concept that one can establish ownership of unowned property through its use
*Homesteading, a lifestyle of agrarian self-sufficiency

United States geographical locations

Cities, towns, townships, villages

*Homestead, Florida
*Homestead, Iowa
*Homestead, Missouri
*Homestead, Oklahoma
*Homestead, Pennsylvania
*Homestead, Virginia
*Homestead, Wisconsin
*Homestead Township, Michigan
*Homestead Township, Minnesota


* Homestead (Haverstraw, New York), NRHP-listed
* The Homestead (Flagstaff, Arizona), NRHP-listed
* The Homestead (Evanston, Illinois), NRHP-listed
* The Homestead (Geneseo, New York), NRHP-listed, a historic house in Geneseo, New York
* The Homestead (Saranac Lake, New York), NRHP-listed
* The Homestead (Waccabuc, New York), NRHP-listed
* The Homestead (Hot Springs, Virginia), NRHP-listed
* The Homestead, Virginia, a luxury resort in Hot Springs, Virginia

* The Homestead at Denison University, a student-run intentional community in Granville, Ohio
* Homestead High School, the name of several high schools in the United States
* Homestead Joint Air Reserve Base, an U.S. Air Force base near Miami, Florida
* Homestead-Miami Speedway, an auto racing track in Homestead, Florida


*Homestead, a meteorite fallen in Homestead, Iowa in 1875
*"Homestead" (Voyager episode), a 2001 episode of "Star Trek: Voyager"
*"Homestead" (novel), a 1998 novel by American writer Rosina Lippi
*Homestead Records, a record label founded in 1983 and based in New York City
*Homestead Records (1920s), an American record company that flourished in the 1920s
*Homestead Strike, an 1892 labor confrontation at the Carnegie Steel Company in Homestead, Pennsylvania
*Homestead Technologies, a web-hosting service based in Menlo Park, California

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