Dayr Aban

Dayr Aban
Dayr Aban
Dayr Aban is located in Mandatory Palestine
Dayr Aban
Name Meaning The Monastery of Aban[1]
District Jerusalem
Coordinates 31°44′34.60″N 35°00′37.45″E / 31.742944°N 35.0104028°E / 31.742944; 35.0104028Coordinates: 31°44′34.60″N 35°00′37.45″E / 31.742944°N 35.0104028°E / 31.742944; 35.0104028
Population 2100 (1945)
Area 22,734 dunums
Date of depopulation October 19-20, 1948[2]
Cause(s) of depopulation Military assault by Yishuv forces
Current localities Tzor'a, Machseya, Beyt Shemesh, and Yish'i

Dayr Aban was a Palestinian Arab village in the District of Jerusalem. It was depopulated during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War on October 19, 1948. It was located 21 km west of Jerusalem. The Romans referred to place as Abenezer.

In 1596, Dayr Aban appeared in Ottoman tax registers as being in the Nahiya of Quds of the Liwa of Quds. It had a population of 23 Muslim households and 23 Christian households. It paid taxes on wheat, barley, olives, and goats or beehives.[3]

In 1945, the village had a total population of 2,100. Dayr Abban had a mosque and a pipeline transporting water from 'Ayn Marjalayn, 5 km to the east. The village contains three khirbats: Khirbat Jinna'ir, Khirbat Haraza, and Khirbat al-Suyyag.


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