David Aizman

David Aizman
Born March 26, 1869(1869-03-26)
Nikolayev, Russian Empire (now Ukraine)
Died September 26, 1922(1922-09-26) (aged 53)
Detskoye Selo, Soviet Union

David Yakovlevich Aizman (Russian: Дави́д Я́ковлевич А́йзман; March 26, 1869 – September 26, 1922) was a Russian-Jewish novelist and playwright.


David Aizman was born in Nikolayev, a coastal city in what is now Ukraine. His older brothers were revolutionary activists.[1] He went to Paris in 1896 to study painting. In 1898 he and his wife, a Russian-Jewish physician, moved to the French countryside. While living in France, he made his debut in the magazine Russian Wealth. Two of his most original works, In a Foreign Land (1902) and The Countrymen (1903), were written and set in France.[2]

He returned to Russia in 1902. During the 1900s and 1910s his stories and novellas appeared in leading periodicals, and his plays were staged in major theatres. His works were published by Maxim Gorky's Znanie company among others. His open portrayal of Russian and Ukrainian anti-semitism made his fiction unpublishable in the Soviet Union, and his reputation and popularity suffered a serious decline.[2]

English translations

  • The Countrymen, from An Anthology of Jewish-Russian Literature: 1801-1953, Maxim Shrayer, M.E. Sharpe, 2007.


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