Datta Khel

Datta Khel (Urdu: دتتا خیل) is town in North Waziristan, FATA, Pakistan. Datta Khel is on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

On Sept 25, 2008, as an indication of escalating tensions between nations, Pakistani forces fired warning shots at the American aircraft after they crossed into Pakistan’s territory in the area of Saidgai, in North Waziristan’s Datta Khel region.

On March 17 2011, a US airstrike killed in the city that killed 44 people and led to widespread condemnation in Pakistan. [1]


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Coordinates: 33°08′38″N 70°01′26″E / 33.14389°N 70.02389°E / 33.14389; 70.02389

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