Database Deployment Manager

Database Deployment Manager
Developer(s) The Unauthorized Frog project
Stable release 0.1e
Operating system Windows 2000, XP and Vista, Linux
License LGPL

Database Deployment Manager (DDM) is an open source, freeware, desktop oriented multi-platform database design tool that allows database administrators and/or programmers to create database structures (using an object oriented methodology) and deploy them into an existing database. The tool allows creation of diagrams to identify basic relations between the defined structures. DDM right now works with MySQL, plans are to extend it to be able to use more databases.



  • Create datatypes that can be used to create columns in a table
  • Using Object Oriented modelling create table templates which define the structures of a table and then create instances of the table template which is used to physically create the tables in the database
  • Create E-R diagrams between chosen tables, export these as graphics or SVG
  • Object oriented / flat modelling of table structures
  • Load/Save startup data for tables from CSV files
  • Database design validation
  • Sql Generation for MySQL and injection in a database

Object Oriented Modelling

This feature allows the creation of database tables following the paradigms of object oriented programming. You can have a base table (called a table template), and you can derive (specialize) tables from it. The specialized table will have the columns inherited from the base table, and also can add new columns to it. In the database table instances are deployed, which are being created based on the table templates, and can be populated with default values. There can be more instance of a table template.

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DDM 0.1e is released under LGPL

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