Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: The Shadow Over Innsmouth is an radio drama performed by the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, and based on the novella The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H. P. Lovecraft. It was released in December 2008.


Like the other Dark Adventure Radio Theatre selections, it will be under 80 minutes long, the length of an audio CD. According to the website, "we look some liberties with the end of the story in an attempt to have it end with a bit more of a bang than the original story does." In addition, the central character of Robert Olmstead, instead of simply retelling the story, will recount it under interrogation by an FBI agent.

Troy Sterling Nies composed an original score, as with the other H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society productions.

The CD version includes: a postcard from the Newburyport Historical Society featuring the Innsmouth Tiara, a page from the New York Evening Graphic about the G-Men raid on Innsmouth, a scratch-n-sniff map of Innsmouth drawn on a piece of First National Grocery wrapping paper, and a book of matches from the Gilman House Hotel.

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