Dara (short film)

Dara (short film)
Directed by Kimo Stamboel
Timo Tjahjanto
Produced by Kimo Stamboel
Timo Tjahjanto
Written by Kimo Stamboel
Timo Tjahjanto
Starring Shareefa Daanish
Mike Lucock
Dendy Subangil
Music by Aghi Narottama Gumay
Bemby Gusti
Ramondo Gascaro
Cinematography Roni Arnold
Editing by Herman Kumala Panca
Distributed by Merah Production
Running time 22 Minutes
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian

Dara is an Indonesian slasher/black comedy short film. Written and directed by Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto, this film was well-reviewed by movie critics when shown at a number of film festivals. The film was released with other short horror films in a horror compilation, Takut: Faces of Fear in 2009[1]. A longer version of this film, Rumah Dara (also known as Macabre in English), by the same directors, was released in 2009 (In Indonesia released widely on 2010. The film stars Shareefa Daanish in the title role of Dara. The actors, Mike Lucock, Dendy Subangil, and Ruli Lubis who starred this film, reprise their appearance in Rumah Dara with different character, such as, actor Ruli Lubis who in this film acts as victim, but in Rumah Dara he acts as villain.



Film begins at restaurant which is owned by a beautiful and perfect woman named Dara. That night, Dara invites a man named Adjie to dine with her on the next night in her house. Then, after black fades, Adjie is shown again, bounded by chains in a blood-splattered room. He tries to break free, but Dara, comes to the room and test the quality of Adjie, as her test, she bites Adjie's stomach. Attempting to kill Adjie, Dara starts to slash him off with her chainsaw. Suddenly, a bell rings and, Dara, with her chainsaw broken, leaves the room and opens the door.

It was a bald-headed man named Eko, wanting to meet Dara. Eko is welcomed to the dinner table to eat, while Dara leaves him for a second, goes to a room and dumps Eko's flower bouquet onto a bed in there. She crosses Eko's name in the next day's date, and writes Adjie's name on the current date. From this activity, we know that Dara is a cannibal who invites men secretly and kills them when they are in her house. And Dara schedules her victims each night, for one reason: to have fresh meat everyday. And the men who come to her house now, will be slashed like Dara's past victims.

At dinner, after Dara shuts Adjie's mouth and turns on classical music loudly, Dara is visited by a quiet, fat man named Rama who joins Dara and Eko for dinner. The conversation in there is dominated by Eko who tells Rama about exercising for a sixpack. While they are at the dinner table, Adjie manages to break the chain and set himself free from the room. Realizing that Adjie is loose, Dara takes her crossbow (placed secretly under the dinner table) and shoots Eko's chest, then slits his throat with a machete. Then, she slashes Rama's shoulder and when Rama crawls to the front door, he is decapitated by Dara with the same machete as a slash on his shoulder.

Adjie returns to the gory room and hides there from Dara. Dara, who finds Adjie, gets stabbed in the hand by Adjie. Then Adjie quickly runs to front door, opens it, and goes into his car. When he wants to close his car door, Dara with her chainsaw turned on breaks it and slaughters Adjie with it, leaving no survivor that night.

The scene changes to Dara's restaurant, where she takes some meat from her refrigerator, and it is revealed that the meat used for her meals, are human meat. Then the camera pans through the restaurant as everybody looks appreciatively at the food cooked by Dara herself. Dara who still won over the men' fights yet, smiles and makes a grimace to camera.

they know your name.


  • Shareefa Daanish – Dara
  • Mike Lucock – Adjie
  • Dendy Subangil – Eko
  • Ruli Lubis – Rama


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