Dance Nation (dance group)

Dance Nation
Also known as Double Nation, R.I.P., Sean & Kim
Origin Netherlands
Genres Trance
Years active 2001 - present
Labels Noculan Music, Purple Eye Entertainment, Avex Productions

Dance Nation is a Dutch dance group.



Early years (2001-2003)

Dance Nation were discovered by their producers Bradski & Jenski (Brad Grobler & Rob Janssen) in 2001 when their first single "Sunshine" was released. This was followed by singles such as "Dance", "Words", and "You Take Me Away". In 2004, they switched to the name "Double Nation" due to legal proceedings.

In 2003, they also collaborated with The Lovestern Galaktika Project for the single "My First Love".


In this period, following the label crisis Noculan Music (after inglobed into Jamie Lewis by his Purple Eye Entertainment), that struck not only Dance Nation, but also other trance artists such as Noemi and 666 and the general mutation of the music genres in Europe, going House, Hard House and Elektro, lead Dance Nation to land in Japan, where they still have a great deal of success and their production focused in the last years. From this moment on, the group had a sort of split life, releasing Trance projects for Japanese market and House ones for the European one. In this climate born singles like "Beachtime" in Japan and "I'm Gonna Get You" and the House/Elektro track "Move Your Love" in Europe.

It's because their production are more Asian based than European, that it is difficult to find their releases outside Japan, both in online and retail stores and it's because of that too that no one knows about the release of two albums and a compilation. Titles are Trance Champion, released in 2005 by the Japanese label Avex Productions, containing all the past-released singles, including "Celebrate Your Life", that, listening to some people, should have been the next single; One Nation in 2007 always by the same label; and Christmas Trance in winter 2006, including a lot of popular Christmas melodies rearranged in Trance style, like Dance Nation always did.

Actual situation

At present Dance Nation have released, just before summer, their last single "Ridin' High", that confirms a general move towards House sounds of the European market. An album is going to be produced too, with an undisclosed release date, containing some remixes of their first single, "Sunshine". Remixes are being collected from their numerous fans all over the world. The release date has been postponed more than once, and it is still unknown. A new single is rumored to also be in the pipeline.



  • 2001 - "Sunshine"
  • 2002 - "Dance"
  • 2002 - "Words"
  • 2003 - "My First Love"
  • 2003 - "You Take Me Away"
  • 2005 - "I'm Gonna Get You"
  • 2005 - "Stop the Seasons in the Sun"
  • 2005 - "Beachtime"
  • 2006 - "Reach for the Light"
  • 2006 - "Move your Love"
  • 2007 - "Ridin' High"
  • 2008 - "Apologize"
  • 2009 - "Sunshine 2009" (vs Shaun Baker)
  • 2010 - "Great Divide"
  • 2010 - "Surround Me"


  • 2005 - Trance Champion
  • 2007 - One Nation
  • 2008 - Around the world


  • 2006 - Christmas Trance
  • 2009 - Vocal Trance Years 2001-2004
  • 2009 - Vocal Trance Years 2005-2009


  • 2002 - "Joy to the World" (lately added in the Christmas Trance compilation)
  • 2002 - "Merry X-Mas (War is Over)" (lately added in the Christmas Trance compilation)
  • 2004 - "Beethoven's 9th Symphony" (never added to an official release)

Track listing


Sunshine (2001)
  1. Sunshine (Original Vocal Radio Edit)
  2. Sunshine (Original Vocal Mix)
  3. Sunshine (Wippenberg Remix)
  4. Sunshine (Kevin C. Cox Remix)
  5. Sunshine (Alien Factory Remix)
  6. Sunshine (Bradski & Jenski Mix)
Dance (2002)
  1. Dance (Radio Mix)
  2. Dance (Extended Mix)
  3. Dance (Original Mix)
  4. Dance (DJ Team Trance Mix)
  5. Dance (Fire & Ice Remix)
  6. Dance (Magik Muzik Remix)
Words (2002)
  1. Original Radio Edit
  2. Bradski & Jenski Radio Edit
  3. Album Version
  4. Original Extended Mix
  5. Bradski & Jenski Extended Mix
  6. Noémi Remix
  7. Magik Muzik Remix
  8. You (Bonus Track)
My First Love (2003)
  1. Single Edit
  2. Extended Version
  3. Axel Coon Remix
  4. Bradsky & Jensky Remix
You Take Me Away (2003)
  1. Radio Edit
  2. Video Edit
  3. Original Extended Mix
  4. Bradski & Jenski Dub Mix
  5. Flashrider Remix
  6. Master Blaster Remix
  7. Blair Bitch Remix
Stop the Seasons in the Sun (2005)
  1. Radio Edit
  2. Extended Mix
I'm Gonna Get You (2005)
  1. Radio Edit
  2. Extended Vocal Mix
  3. Bradski & Jenski Remix
  4. DJ Zany Remix
  5. Chew Fu Phat Remix
Beachtime (2005)
  1. Radio Edit
  2. Extended Mix
Move Your Love (2005)
  1. Move Your Love Radio Mix
  2. Inspiration Vibes Radio Mix
  3. Extended Radio Mix
  4. Inspiration Vibes Extended Mix
  5. Dance Nation DJ Extended Mix
  6. Schampoo Remix
  7. Beholder & Ballistic Remix
Reach for the Light (2006)
  1. Dance Nation Radio Mix
  2. Dance Nation Extended Mix
  3. HardStyle Remix
Ridin' High (2007)
  1. Radio Edit
  2. Original Extended Mix
  3. Hi_Tack Remix
Great Divide (2010)
  1. Radio Edit
  2. Radio Extended Mix
  3. Frontier Remix
  4. Dub Extended
  5. Manox Radio Edit
  6. Manox Extended Remix
  7. Sun Kidz Radio Cut
  8. Sun Kidz Extended Mix
  9. Mauricio Black Remix


Trance Champion (2005)
  1. Sunshine (Japanese Live Mix)
  2. Seasons in the Sun (Japanese Live Mix)
  3. Beachtime (Japanese Live Mix)
  4. Wa Is Not
  5. Livin' on a Prayer
  6. You Take Me Away
  7. Move Your Love
  8. Please Don't Go
  9. I'm Gonna Get You
  10. Rise and Shine
  11. Dance
  12. Celebrate Your Life
  13. Words
  14. Falling for You
  15. Move Your Love (Sham-Poo Remix)
  16. Sunshine (Wippenberg Remix)
  17. Oh Summer Vacation (Extended Mix)
One Nation (2007)
  1. Zip
  2. Sunshine 2006 (Shohei Matsumoto Remix)
  3. Reach for the Light
  4. Ridin' High
  5. Everybody's Free
  6. In the Summertime
  7. Pump This Party
  8. Higher than Love
  9. Let Love Shine
  10. You Lift Me Up
  11. Fired Up
  12. Bring Back Your Love
  13. Move Your Love (Sham-Poo Remix)
  14. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  15. Livin' on a Prayer
  16. Ridin' High (Hi_Tack Remix)
  17. Footloose
Around the world (2008)
  1. Sunshine (Dance Nation DJ team Radio edit)
  2. Superstar
  3. Set me free
  4. Mobe your love
  5. Sunlight
  6. Beautiful
  7. Rush
  8. V.I.P.
  9. Take me
  10. I believe
  11. Feel the power
  12. Reach for you
  13. One million reasons
  14. Sunlight (hyper trance mix)
  15. Move your love (Shohei Matsumoto Remix)
  16. Real thing (DJ Tora Remix)


Christmas Trance (2006)
  1. Sean & Kim - Winter Snow(Intro)
  2. Castalia feat. Kim - All I Want for Christmas Is You
  3. Cyber X feat. Ray Parker - Last Christmas
  4. Watergate - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Heart of Asia)
  5. D-Nation feat. Kim - Happy XMas (War Is Over)
  6. Hiver & Hammer feat. Karyn White - Wonderful Christmastime
  7. Orion Too feat. Caitlin - White Christmas
  8. Castalia - Jingle Bells
  9. Plasticman - Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
  10. Celtic Dreamer feat. Dorothy - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
  11. Cyber Nation feat. Ho! Ho! Ho! - Joy to the World
  12. Cyber X feat. Jody Watley - My Love, Santa Claus
  13. Merry X-Mas & Minimalistix - Winter Wonderland
  14. Cyber Nation feat. Sean & Kim - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  15. Orion Too feat. Caitlin - First of May
  16. Cyber X feat. SWANK (members from Rockapella) - It's Christmas Carols I Hear
  17. Cyber X feat. Taylor Dayne - Promise
  18. Sunshine Girl - Amazing Grace
  19. Angels - Ave Maria
  20. Cyber X feat. Jody Watley - Silent Night
  21. Merry X-Mas & Minimalistix - O Holy Night


  1. S.T.F. feat. Keen - You fill me up
  2. Samantha Fox - A Question of Honour


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