Training bus

A training bus is a special kind of bus that is used by bus operators for training the driving skills of bus drivers. It is also used to train the driving skill of a person who is learning to become a bus driver. Driving a training bus on the road is an important part of driving training, as it is the most practical to train one's driving skill.

Hong Kong

The use of training buses for practical training are especially popular among the in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, training buses are known in Chinese as "訓練巴士" (pinyin: Xùn liàn bā Shì).

A training bus is usually a bus that has been retired from the passenger-serving fleet. Some bus companies may like to repaint the bus with a special livery for training bus after the bus is retired from the passenger-serving fleet. Some bus companies may also remove most of the facilities (such as passenger seats) from a training bus, so that those facilities can be installed onto some newer buses. On a training bus, there is usually another seat for the driving coach (trainer) next to the driver's seat. This allows the coach to monitor how trainee is driving and give appropriate instruction when necessary.

Other places

In contrast, other jurisdictions may use active-service buses for training; this will be at non-peak service times when more buses are available. The destination sign may be set to read 'TRAINING', and a sign mounted at the rear as well.


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