Theatrical release poster
Directed by Abhinav Singh Kashyap
Produced by Arbaaz Khan
Malaika Arora Khan
Dhillin Mehta
Written by Dileep Shukla
Abhinav Singh Kashyap
Starring Salman Khan
Arbaaz Khan
Sonakshi Sinha
Sonu Sood
Vinod Khanna
Dimple Kapadia
Anupam Kher
Music by Sajid-Wajid
Lalit Pandit
Cinematography Mahesh Limaye
Editing by Pranav V Dhiwar
Distributed by Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd
Arbaaz Khan Productions
Release date(s) September 10, 2010 (2010-09-10)
Running time 125 minutes[1]
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget INR42 crore (US$8.52 million)[2]
Box office INR213 crore (US$43.2 million)}[3]

Dabangg (Hindi: दबंग, English: Fearless) is a 2010 Hindi action film, directed by Abhinav Kashyap in his directorial debut and produced by Arbaaz Khan under the Arbaaz Khan Productions.[4] The lead actors in the film include Arbaaz's elder brother, Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha. The film marks the debut of Sonakshi as an actor, Arbaaz as a producer[5] and Abhinav Kashyap, brother of director Anurag Kashyap, as a director.[6] It also features Arbaaz Khan, Om Puri, Dimple Kapadia, Vinod Khanna, Anupam Kher, Mahesh Manjrekar and Mahie Gill in supporting roles while Sonu Sood plays the main antagonist.[7] Malaika Arora appears in an item number.[8] The theatrical trailer of the film was released on 23 July 2010.[9] Dabangg was released on Eid, 10 September 2010 across nearly 1600 screens in India and abroad.

The film broke many records at the box office within the first week of its release. It went on to become the highest opening day grosser[10] as well as the highest weekend grossing[11] Bollywood film of all time, breaking the records earlier held by 3 Idiots. The film set another box office record, grossing INR80.87 crore (US$16.4 million) in its first week, thus becoming the highest opening week grossing Bollywood film, overtaking the previous record of 3 Idiots.[12] Made on a budget of INR 42 crore, the film went on to collect INR213 crore worldwide.[3] Box office India declared the film an all-time blockbuster in the second week of its release.[13] It is currently the third highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time.[14] It is also the highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2010. The film also went on to win several awards, winning six Filmfare Awards, including the Filmfare Best Film Award,[15] seven Star Screen Awards[16] including the Best Actor Award for Salman,[17] nine Zee Cine Awards[18] and ten IIFA Awards.[19] It also won the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment.[20]



Chulbul Pandey, a young boy, lives with his younger half-brother, Makhanchan "Makkhi" Pandey, stepfather Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna) and mother, Naina Devi (Dimple Kapadia) in Laalgunj, Uttar Pradesh. His stepfather is always partial towards Makkhi which constantly angers Chulbul.

21 years later, a gang of robbers steal money from a bank and are counting the loot, when Chulbul (Salman Khan), now a cop, apparently tries to recover the money by beating up the robbers but, it becomes clear later that he keeps the money for himself. Chulbul (who now calls himself Robin Hood Pandey) still lives with his family and does not have a good relationship with his stepfather and Makkhi (whom he bullies at times).

Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan) is in love with a girl called Nirmala (Mahi Gill) whose father, Masterji (Tinu Anand) opposes their relationship. And, Chulbul is in love with a girl called Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha), whom he chances upon during a police encounter.

Chedi Singh (Sonu Sood), (who is the president of the student council of a regional political party called Lok Manch and is a goon), meets Chulbul and tells him that the people he beat up and stole the money from are party workers and that they were getting money for the party. But, he offers to forgive Chulbul on the condition that Chulbul start working for him. Chulbul flatly refuses.

Makkhi asks his father to arrange his marriage with Nirmala, but his father refuses saying that he needs money to repay the loans he took to make his factory so he needs his son to marry a rich girl. Makkhi, in desperate need of money, steals it from Chulbul's cupboard, but is caught red-handed by his mother. He tells his mother that he intends to give the money to Nirmala's father, who in turn will return the money after marriage through dowry. Although his mother refuses, he takes the money and gives it to Nirmala's father.

Meanwhile, Chulbul meets Rajo and proposes marriage. She rejects it saying that she has to look after her father, Haria (Mahesh Manjrekar), who is always drunk and that she cannot marry while he is alive. Chulbul then comes home to find his mother dead. He goes to his stepfather to make peace, as he is the only family left. But, his stepfather says that Chulbul is not part of the family anymore.

Chulbul is then attacked at the railway station by Chedi's men, when he is with Rajo and her father, but, he beats up all of them in a fight.

He sees Makkhi buying new clothes at the market. He does not suspect that Makkhi stole the money. Makkhi tells him that he is getting married to Nirmala and invites Chulbul to the marriage. Chulbul tries to convince Rajo's father to give his daughter's hand in marriage to him and to stop drinking. Rajo's father accepts and after Chulbul leaves, he plunges into a lake and commits suicide, as he knows that his daughter will not marry anyone while he is alive. Chulbul takes Rajo to Makkhi's exuberant wedding and realizing that Makkhi has stolen his brother's money to finance the wedding, marries Rajo in an impromptu ceremony. Nirmala's father, Masterji feels disgraced and cancels the wedding.

Makkhi beats up one of the workers in his factory due to a small accident. The worker goes to the police station along with his mother to file a complaint. But, instead Chulbul beats up Makkhi in public, thus disgracing him. Chedi Singh decides to take advantage of the situation and suspend Chulbul. He takes Makkhi and his father to the police station. But, Makkhi's father resolves the situation by accepting an apology from Chulbul. Chulbul meets Dayal Babu (Anupam Kher), the leader of Lok Manch, who also dislikes Chedi Singh. They both come to an agreement to keep Chedi Singh in control. Chulbul adulterates the breweries of Chedi Singh due to which many people fall ill and Chedi Singh is blamed. Chedi Singh is confronted by Chulbul who openly reveals to him that he adulterated the breweries.

To take revenge, Chedi Singh burns Makkhi's factory. Makkhi's father gets a heart attack due to shock and is hospitalized. Makkhi, in desperate need of money for his father's treatment agrees to do anything for Chedi Singh, without realizing that it was Chedi Singh who burnt his factory. Chedi Singh, gives him a task telling him to deliver a crate of mangoes to Dayal Babu's house. But, unknown to Makkhi, there is a bomb in it. After he leaves the house, it explodes, killing Dayal Babu. Chedi Singh gives Makkhi a task to kill Chulbul. Makkhi, knowing that he would not do it, accepts it and meets Chulbul. He confesses to Chulbul that he was sent to kill him by Chedi Singh. He reveals to Chulbul that Chedi Singh made him plant the bomb unknowingly. Chulbul forgives him and reconciles with his stepfather.

Makkhi meets Chedi Singh, who thinks that Makkhi killed Chulbul and reveals to Makkhi that he had killed Makkhi's mother. Chedi Singh is then informed that Chulbul is arriving with a huge police force. Makkhi reveals to Chedi Singh that he did not kill Chulbul. In a final battle, Chulbul arrives and takes down all the goons and rescues Makkhi. He then kills Chedi Singh in a one-on-one fight after Makkhi reveals to him that Chedi Singh killed their mother.

In a happy ending, Chulbul gets Makkhi married to Nirmala in the presence of their father, while, Rajo reveals that she is pregnant.


  • Salman Khan as Chulbul 'Robin Hood' Pandey
  • Sonakshi Sinha as Rajo
  • Arbaaz Khan as Makhanchand 'Makhi' Pandey
  • Vinod Khanna as Prajapati Pandey, Chulbul's step-father
  • Dimple Kapadia as Naini Devi, Chulbul's mother
  • Sonu Sood as Chedi Singh
  • Mahesh Manjrekar as Haria, Rajo's father
  • Om Puri as Kasturilal Vishkarma, Chedi Singh's soon to be father-in-law
  • Anupam Kher as Dayal Babu
  • Mahi Gill as Nirmala
  • Tinu Anand as Masterji, Nirmala's father
  • Amitosh Nagpal as Sumant Kumar, Rajo's brother
  • Malaika Arora as Munni, Special appearance in an item song "Munni Badnaam Hui"
  • Murli Sharma as ACP Malik
  • Ram Sujan Singh as Chaubeji
  • Rajeev Mishra as Toluram Lal

Character map of remakes

Gabbar Singh
Salman Khan Simbhu Pawan Kalyan
Sonakshi Sinha Richa Gangopadhyay Shruti Haasan
Arbaaz Khan Githan Ramesh Ajay
Mahi Gill Saranya Mohan
Sonu Sood Sonu Sood Abhimanyu Singh
Malaika Arora Mallika Sherawat Anushka Shetty



In April 2009, it was revealed that Sonakshi Sinha, the daughter of Shatrughan Sinha, had been signed for her debut role and would be playing the lead alongside Salman Khan.[21] Sonu Sood was cast as the lead antagonist.[22] According to reports, Sinha went on a special diet and trained for two years in order to get into shape for her role of a village girl.[23] Salman Khan also went on a special diet to enact his character of an Uttar Pradeshi police officer.[24]


The film's shooting commenced in September 2009.[25] Most of the scenes were shot in the town of Wai in Maharashtra, while a song and some primary portions were shot in the United Arab Emirates.[26] Sonu Sood, one of the members of the supporting cast, fractured his nose while shooting.[27] Some parts of the film were also shot in the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Metro.[26] For his role of a police officer, Salman Khan sported a moustache for the second time in his career.[28] The cinematography was performed by Mahesh Limaye. The film have numerous action sequences choreographed by S. Vijayan, the filmfare award winning stunt director of Wanted.[29] According to Arbaaz Khan, the film contains five action sequences, shot over a duration of 60 days;[30] "We shot the action scenes for 60 days which is the time spent shooting an average full-length feature film", he explained.[31] The film's songs were choreographed by Raju Khan and Shabina Khan,[32] while Farah Khan choreographed the item number, Munni Badnaam.[33] The shooting completed in early June 2010, and the film went into post-production.[34]


The film's theatrical trailer was released in cinemas on 23 July 2010, alongside Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha.[35] The two and a half minute trailer was an instant hit.[36] Few industry veterans such as Taran Adarsh, Anupam Kher, Ritesh Deshmukh claimed it to be best trailer of year, with Adarsh describing it as, "Rocking!, Salman Khan like never before, expect a hurricane like start at the box office”.[36] Box office India described it as the most anticipated film of the year.[37] Several short dialogue promos and trailers featuring the film songs were subsequently released.

Dabangg had its share of controversies as well. One of the popular songs from the movie "Munni Badnaam" used a brand name 'Zandu Balm' in its lyrics and that created an issue with Emmami, the makers of Zandu balm. A trademark case was settled by the producers and Emmami out of the court and Malaika Arora Khan was later roped in to for an official ad campaign promoting Zandu Balm.[38]


The special screening of the film took place at Film City on 6 September 2010.[39] The film's premiere was held in Mumbai on 9 September 2010.[40] The film opened on 10 September 2010 to high box office expectations.[41] It was released worldwide, across 1,584 screens in India and around 300 screens overseas.[42] The film was also screened in Norway at an international film festival.[43] The film's DVDs and VCDs were launched by the Reliance Big Home Video on 12 October 2010.[44] The film was released on YouTube on 28 January 2011 for free viewing to audiences in India.[45]


Critical response

The film received positive to average reviews from critics. Most of the critics praised the performance of Salman Khan. Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave a highly favorable rating of 4.5/5 in his review and said, "On the whole, Dabangg is a full on entertainer with three aces - Salman Khan like never before, stylish action and super music. Sure to fetch an earth-shattering opening, the film will create a pandemonium at the box-office, cementing the status of Salman Khan as the darling of the masses and making the distributors laugh all the way to the bank. It has Blockbuster written all over it!".[46] Nikhat Kazmi of the Times of India awarded 4 stars while commenting, "For anybody who wants to know what is the on-screen definition of Bollywood, Dabangg is truly text book fare. It's loud, crazy, zany, exaggerated, larger-than-life, almost nonsensical, totally make-believe, comic book like, complete kitsch, generously peppered with the mandatory desi tadka (garnishing) of songs and dances that keep popping out of nowhere and is literally oozing with star charisma".[47] Komal Nahta of Koimoi.com gave it a rating of 4/5 and stated, "Dabangg may be a routine subject but its other plus points will ensure that it proves a big hit from North to South and East to West. It will be loved by the masses and classes, the young and the old, the girls and the boys, the men and the women. Business in single-screen cinemas will be historic, of course, but collections in multiplexes will also be outstanding."[48]

Aniruddha Guha of Daily News and Analysis rated it 4/5 saying, "In spite of the film's ‘dated’ appeal, first-timer Kashyap gives Dabangg a novel treatment, which lends it zing. He plays to the gallery brazenly, but ensures the film is held together by a strong premise – that of a dysfunctional family that comes together in crisis. Dabangg is slightly mad, and terribly entertaining".[49] Abhishek Mande of Rediff gave 3/5 while stating, "Dabangg is not a movie for non-Salman fans. But for those who worship him it's a film you simply cannot afford to miss."[50] Anupama Chopra of NDTV also rated it 3/5 stating, "It's the role of a lifetime and Salman Khan bites into it like a starving man devours a feast. He inhabits it fully, strutting and swaggering and even, spoofing himself."[51] Mathures Paul of The Statesman gave the film 3.5 out of 5 and said, "Dabangg aligns itself with viewers frustrated by the nonexistence of uncomplicated heroism on screen."[52] Sukanya Venkatgarhavan of Filmfare rated it 3/5 stating, "Dabangg rides totally on Salman Khan's magic.Had director Abhinav Kashyap cast a less popular actor, it’s doubtful the film would have the chutzpah that Khan has lent to it."[53] The movie was not without detractors. Rajeev Masand rated the movie 2½/5 saying, "Dabangg' is ordinary, at best average...Blame it on the disjointed screenplay if Dabangg works not so much as a coherent, consistent film, but as a string of set-pieces. As a result it feels way longer than its two-hours-and-five-minutes running time, and the climatic action scene that takes place outside the villain's den seems never-ending".[54] Gaurav Malani of Indiatimes Movies rated the movie 3/5, saying that "As much as the film doesn’t care a damn for coming up with any innovative storyline. Like the intrepid Chulbul Pandey who tries to intermittently hide his soggy eyes behind his sunglasses, the film tries to camouflage its deficiency of substance with an abundance of Salman’s splendid style....Try to find a novel storyline and there is none in Dabangg. Try to find Salman Khan and there is nothing else".[55]

Box office performance


In India, the film opened to an overwhelming response at the box office and packed cinema halls with single screens reporting 100% occupancy, while multiplexes reported 80-100% occupancy.[56] Box Office India described the film's opening as "earth shattering" saying, "despite bad weather in the North, the response was simply mindboggling".[57] The film went on to break the opening day collection record of 3 Idiots netting INR14.5 crore (US$2.94 million) on its first day of business, thus becoming the highest opener of all time across India.[58] It netted INR16.5 crore (US$3.35 million) on the second day of release, again breaking the all time second-day collection record set by 3 Idiots.[59] The film continued its record breaking run at the box office, netting INR18.5 crore (US$3.75 million) on the third day of release, bringing the total nett collections to INR49.5 crore (US$10.04 million) at the end of its first weekend, the highest ever first weekend collections in the Indian box office history, overtaking the INR38 crore (US$7.71 million) net record of 3 Idiots.[60][61] The film netted INR10.6 crore (US$2.15 million) on Monday[62] INR8.6 crore (US$1.74 million) crore on Tuesday,[63] INR7 crore (US$1.42 million) on Wednesday[64] and about INR6 crore (US$1.22 million) on Thursday to take the total nett collections to around INR81.5 crore (US$16.53 million) in its first week of release.[65] It subsequently became the highest opening week net grosser in the box office history, again surpassing the previous record of 3 Idiots.[65] The first week distributors share of the film amounted to INR50.15 crore (US$10.17 million).[66]

The film continued its successful run at the box office during the second week of its release. It netted INR6.2 crore (US$1.26 million) on the second Friday,[67] INR7.5 crore (US$1.52 million) on Saturday and INR10.5 crore (US$2.13 million) on Sunday, for a INR23.75 crore (US$4.82 million) second weekend, a drop of around 50 per cent from the opening weekend.[68] The film netted INR36 crore (US$7.3 million) in the second week, the second highest second week collections ever after 3 Idiots, taking the total nett collections to INR116 crore (US$23.52 million) in just two weeks. The film thus surpassed the lifetime record collections of the 2008 Aamir Khan-starrer Ghajini and became the second highest grossing film of all time within just two weeks.[69] The distributor share of Dabangg was declared to be 77 crore - second highest ever in Bollywood after Three Idiots (99 crore).[70]

The film collected INR16 crore (US$3.24 million) during the third week[71] and INR6 crore (US$1.22 million) in its fourth week, taking the domestic net collections to INR140 crore (US$28.39 million).[72] The domestic nett collections in eleven weeks were INR140.10 crore (US$28.41 million).[73] However, the total domestic nett collections of the film eventually progressed to INR141 crore (US$28.59 million).[74]


The film opened to a positive response in the overseas markets as well. It grossed a total of US$ 4.20 million in the international markets at the end of its second weekend.[75] In the United States, the film opened at No. 23, collecting US$ 628,137 from 62 screens in its opening weekend[76] and $1,068,589 at the end of its second weekend.[77] In the United Arab Emirates, the film collected 3.2 million Dirhams (US$ 970,000) in the opening weekend,[76] and $1,550,000 at the end of the second weekend.[75] The film fetched up a $5.50 million total, making it the fifth biggest grosser ever in UAE with a $2 million gross.[78] In the United Kingdom, the film opened at No. 12 collecting £332,673 from 41 screens in its opening weekend.[76] and £570,566 by the end of its second weekend.[75] In Australia, the film collected A$126,000 from 14 screens in the opening weekend,[76] and A$272,909 at the end of its second weekend.[75] In Mauritius and South Africa, the film collected US$25,000 each in its opening weekend.[76] In Fiji, the film collected US$20,000 in the opening weekend.[76] In other territories of Europe and Africa, the film collected $100,000 in its opening weekend.[76] The final overseas collections accumulated to US$ 5 million.[79]

Satellite rights

The Satellite telecast rights of the film were pre-sold for a nominal INR10 crore to Colors.[80]

Awards and nominations


Soundtrack album by Sajid-Wajid
Released August 6, 2010 (2010-08-06)
Genre Film soundtrack
Length 47:43
Label T-Series
Sajid-Wajid chronology

The soundtrack of the film have been composed by the music director duo of Sajid-Wajid and Lalit Pandit of the famed duo Jatin-Lalit while the lyrics have been penned by Faiz Anwar, Lalit Pandit and Jalees Sherwani. Lalit Pandit did the song titled Munni Badnaam Hui.[81] The music was launched on 6 August 2010 in Delhi.[82] The album contains five original songs, four remixes and one theme song.[81]

Audio rights of the film were sold for about INR9.5 crore.[83]

In August 2010, the track "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain", as performed by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, reached #1[84] on the Official Asian Download Chart in the UK based on legal downloads in that country.

Though a runaway success, the soundtrack was accused of plagiarism. The track "Munni Badnaam Hui" is said to be inspired by an old Bhojpuri folk song "Launda Badnaam Hua Naseeban Tere Liye" which has a long list of "inspired" songs from it including a song by same name in a local Bhojpuri album ‘Balmaa badaa Bavaali’ by Rani Bala released in 1998.[85] Director Abhinav Kashyap accepted using the folk song saying that he himself being from Uttar Pradesh, was familiar with the song since his childhood so he suggested the very song to be improvised and rephrased to fit the film's requirement.[86] Although some people have also alleged that it is inspired from Pakistani song "Ladka Badnaam Hua" from the film Mr. Charlie (1992). However some plagiarism experts like Karthik S, says, "I can say that I could not find direct lifts at all. M Ashraf was perhaps trying to recreate the 60s Hindi film sound in his own way. That perhaps did not go down well in Pakistan."[87]

Track listing

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain"   Rahat Fateh Ali Khan 5:59
2. "Munni Badnaam Hui"   Mamta Sharma, Aishwarya Nigam 5:07
3. "Chori Kiya Re Jiya"   Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal 4:48
4. "Udd Udd Dabangg"   Sukhwinder Singh, Wajid 4:13
5. "Humka Peeni Hai"   Wajid, Master Saleem, Shabab Sabri 5:15
6. "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain" (Part 2) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shreya Ghoshal 5:59
7. "Munni Badnaam Hui" (Remix) Mamta Sharma, Aishwarya Nigam 4:05
8. "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain" (Remix) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan 5:02
9. "Humka Peeni Hai" (Remix) Wajid, Master Saleem, Shabab Sabri 4:27
10. "Dabangg" (Theme) Salman Khan 2:48


Upon release, the film's soundtrack received generally positive reviews from music critics. Joginder Tuteja of Bollywood Hungama rated the album 3/5 and said, "Dabangg delivers what it promised. One expected a masala soundtrack and this is what one gets with a couple of item song sequences, a couple of theme tracks and two love songs which are actually the highlight of the film. A soundtrack that has something in store for mass as well as class."[88] Atta Khan of Planet Bollywood gave it 6/10 saying, "Sajid and Wajid’s brand of music appeals to the mass audience because it’s simple, catchy, easy on the ears and fun. Dabangg further showcases their ability to connect with the mass audience".[89] Devesh Sharma of Filmfare also gave the album a rating of 3/5 and said, "Overall, the soundtrack scores high on energy quotient. But its time Sajid-Wajid gave some thought to melody too".[90]

Chart performance

The music of Dabangg performed well on the charts after its release. The songs, Tere Mast Mast Do Nain and Munni Badnaam became chart busters[91] and entered the list of top 20 most frequently played songs on radio in India. As of 10 September 2010, "Munni Badnaam Hui" was ranked first on the list,[92] while "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain" was ranked second.[92]


Producer Arbaaz Khan has stated, "Yes, there's a 110% possibility that we will start "Dabangg 2", but when that will happen is yet undecided. See, Salman has several commitments to fulfill, so "Dabangg 2" will take some time to start. But it's definitely on the cards."[93] On the film's DVD launch in October, the producer announced that Dabangg 2 will go on floors very soon.[94][95] The original cast of Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha will not be changed, however the story will be shifted to a larger city, possibly Mumbai.[96] The director Abhinav Kashyap has opted out of the sequel.[97] Arbaaz Khan confirmed that he will direct the sequel.[98][99] The sequel will go on floor next year March and the film will be a 2012 christmas release.[100]It was later confirmed by Arbaaz Khan on his twitter account that Prakash Raj is the villain of Dabangg 2, shooting will begin in early March.


Dabangg is being remade in Tamil as Osthi by S. Dharani with Silambarasan playing the lead role.[101] The film is also being remade in Telugu as Gabbar Singh with Pawan Kalyan in the lead role. Sonu Sood, who played the villain in Dabangg would be playing the same role in the Tamil version.[102]

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