David Tomasi

David Tomasi

Lecture at the Albrecht Dürer Museum, Nürnberg, Germany 2006
Birth name David Tomasi
Born Neumarkt, South Tyrol, Italy
Nationality Italian
Field Visual arts, Music, Education, Medicine, Anthropology
Movement Raetic, Gothic, Vinlandic

David Tomasi (born 1981) is an artist, musician and professor.



the National Observatory for Outsider Art at the CSM, B.go Roma Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Italy

Born in the hamlet of Laag in the village of Neumarkt, South Tyrol, and a former teacher at the Waldorf School of Verona, Italy, Tomasi served as Assistant Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, where he hold the Photography graduate/undergraduate course for the Visual Art Department.[1][2][3] His work as Coordinator of the Art Lab at the Hospital Borgo Roma, Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, CSM for the National Observatory of Outsider Art led to the development of a systemic research devoted to creating a bridge between the fields of Art Therapy and Ethnopsychology[4]. The latter years of academic research found a better expression in 2007, when David Tomasi became director of the CRAM - Centre for Art Research in Mezzocorona (Tn), Italy, and coordinator of the Giontech archeological site, centre of the Via Claudia Augusta, Italy/Austria/Germany.[5][6][7][8] In 2010 worked as curator of Intersections, the young contemporary art section of the International Art Fair of Bolzano/Bozen/Bulsan kunStart.[9][10] Prof. Tomasi is currently Residential Counselor for the Mental Health Dept. of Howard Center (Founded in 1873 in Burlington, VT) and member of the Diversity Committee[11][12][13].

He also held classes, conferences and lectures at: Archaeological Museum Ostiglia (Italy, 2009), South Tyrolean German Speaking Teachers' Association (Italy, 2008), University of Trento - TSM (Italy, 2007), University of Innsbruck (Austria, 2007),[14][15][16] University of the Dolomitic Alps (Italy, 2007/2008), Albrecht Dürer Museum Nürnberg (Germany, 2007), Superintendence for History and Archaeology of the Provinces of Bolzano and Trento (Italy, 2007–2009),[17][18] Verein für Heimatpflege Innsbruck (Austria, 2007), Vermont Italian Club / St. Michael's College (USA, 2011)[19][20][21].

Tomasi has shown work internationally in many exhibitions and performances in Italy and abroad in theatres, museums and private/public institutions like: Teatro Cristallo Bolzano, Galleria Civica d'arte Contemporanea di Trento, MART Rovereto, Festival OrienteOccidente Rovereto, Bevilacqua La Masa Venice, Centro Internazionale della Grafica Venice, Teatro Città di Conegliano, CISA - Centro Internazionale Studi d'Architettura Palladio Vicenza,[22] Teatro Antonianum Padua, Galleria San Fedele Milan, Festival Ritracciarti Mantua,[23] Artissima Turin, PAN - Palazzo delle Arti Naples, Manifesta 7 the Netherlands/Italy, VAC Ventabren France.

He currently lives and works in USA.

Academic years

David Tomasi with Harald Szeemann at the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona

Working as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, David Tomasi invited lecturers like Christian Rainer,[24] Achille Bonito Oliva[25] and Harald Szeemann[26] (former directors of the Biennale di Venezia (Venice Biennial), respectively in 1993 and 1999/2001. He worked together with Academy Director Elisabetta Di Prisco and Department Dean Daniela Rosi to create the first Italian Academic MFA program in Outsider Art, which led to the foundation of the National Observatory for Outsider Art (Osservatorio Nazionale per l'Arte Irregolare).[27][28][29] As an artist and curator he organized exhibitions and performances such as Young Minds for Young Ideas (together with Flavia Fossa Margutti for MART museum) and MYST (CRAM 2007), presenting works of (amongst others) Joel-Peter Witkin, Oyvind Hjelmen, Mario Giacomelli and Andrew Miksys. He wrote articles for several magazines like Lila (Vienna, Austria)[30] and Ars et Ratio (Verona, Italy) on art and history related subjects. Newton & Compton, Editor of the Official Collection of Edgar Allan Poe's works (Tutti i racconti del mistero dell'incubo e del terrore - The complete work of mystery, nightmare and terror, curated by Gabriele La Porta) chose David Tomasi in 2004 to present the Italian edition of the book on a special performing event at the Teatro Nuovo di Verona.[31] In 2006 Tomasi took part in the performance by Külli K. Kaats (Art Museum of Estonia/Eesti Kunstimuuseum) National Instruments: A Ritual Mystery.[32] During his carrier, Tomasi was often described as a visual poet, definition linked to his early works, both in visual art and music, often related to the disciplines of etymology, ethnolinguistics and calligraphy. The label originated also due to his many collaborations with Visual Poetry artists, like Sarenco and Julien Blaine.[33] As a member of the Board of Curators for Manifesta 7 (South Tyrolean Commission), Tomasi worked with artists and curators like Michael Fliri (Shady Oat amusement, 2008), Olaf Breuning, Brian Getnick (The Triumph of Goodness, 2008) and Catherine Wood (curator at the London Tate Modern).


He won several grants and prizes like: Cariverona Foundation University Grant (2004), Best Young Artist Prize - Toniolo Foundation (2003), Academy of Fine Arts Grant (2005), Biennial of Mantova - MAM (2004),[34] One_Hop Extrart - RAI Jury Prize (2007), Best Artist Prize - Academy of Fine Arts (2003),[35][36] Best Artist Prize - Councillorship for Culture and Arts, Govt. of the Region Veneto (2002).[37][38] He was also selected for the International Prize for Performance at the Gallery of Love by Marina Abramović, Civic Gallery for Contemporary Art, Trento (2005); Abu Dhabi International Art Fair (2003); Albrecht Dürer Preis für die zeitgenössische Kunst (2004), The Best of Photography, Trento ASA (2008); Arte Presente Arte Futura, Verona (2004),[39] Galleria San Fedele, Milan (2006); Premio Artissima 13, Turin - PAN - Palazzo delle Arti, Naples (2006); and for Arts for the World, University of Naples, Faculty of Architecture (2006), together with Karin Andersen, Vanessa Beecroft, Robert Carroll, Omar Galliani and Mimmo Paladino,[40] Best Video Artist for ME-RO, Manifesta7, the European Biennial for Contemporary Art (2008)[41]. In 2007 Tomasi was chosen by the Italian government as official designer for the 500 years Anniversary's celebrations of the Birth of Post.[42] 4 years later Tomasi presented the video 2001-2011 at the Howard Center's Diversity Fair, curated by Tuipate Mubiay[43][44]. In 2011 The Academy of Fine Arts of Verona selected him amongst the 9 best artists for the 150th Anniversary of the Italian Republic exhibitions "Risorgimento"[45] and Fotoarte - Percorsi Creativi.[46]


David Tomasi with Rudy Pellizzon of Mothercare, Live at Teatro Cristallo, 2007

From 1992 to 1999 Tomasi studied at the Vivaldi Music Institute of Bozen, South Tyrol for the 7-years Classical Guitar Program, and played in several bands and side projects, performing with musicians like Peo Alfonsi (Verona Conservatory Jazz Band), Diego Andreasi, Hartmann Giovanett (Still Blind, Worbet, Embryonic Jam), Rudy Pellizzon (Mothercare, Evil Whisper, Skizophonic, David's Avatar), Francesco Ronzon, Samuel (Subsonica, Krakatoa, Motel Connection), Alex Mastini, Stefano Bannò (Anansi and the Buffalo Soldiers), Marco Ongaro, Afterhours, Just Married, Vince Tempera, My Barbarian.[47] In 2004 he joined for the first time the Teatro Stabile di Verona Company for the Show "Memory-Desire-Signs", written by Philip Glass and Giampaolo Calliari for MART - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.[48]


  • 1995-1999: Avil Noctis (Rock)
  • 1998-1999: DDD Blues Band (Blues)
  • 2000-2001: The Daffodils (Pop/Rock)
  • 2005-2006: Cut_Up (Digital/Contemporary)
  • 2006-2007: Wings of Fog (Hard Rock)
  • 2007-2010: B Painfull (Gothic/Raetic Metal)
  • 2009-2010: Embryonic Jam (Trash/Speed Metal)

Theater, Cinema, Television

David Tomasi with Aurora Mischi at the International Prize for Performance, 2005

Tomasi took part in several TV shows and movies, focusing on art and art therapy related subjects, mainly for RAI, the Italian National TV Channel, and other private broadcasting companies, such as TVA, TCA, Telenuovo. He also appeared in Austria and Germany for the channels ORF and ZDF[49] as art historian for the Albrecht Dürer Foundation. As member of the Teatro Stabile di Verona, he played for the Shakespeare Theater Season and went on tour with the contemporary art performance Quattro Quadri, by coreographer Sisina Augusta.[50][51] He also directed shortfilms like SymBallein (0+1=2) (2004), winner of the Premio Verona and presented at Manifesta7, the European Biennial for Contemporary Art and wrote several scripts for projects like Incomunicabilità (2003) Unio Mystica (2004) and Play with your imagination (2007), the official video for MART, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, presented at the Babelgum Film Festival, curated by Spike Lee. In 2005, with the contemporary digital project band Cut Up he presented the piece Pier Paolo Pasolini: Cut up at the University of Trento. He also did minor roles and cameos in movies such as A Gothic Romance, with Eliza Ryciak and Micol Olivieri and Primo Amore, directed by Matteo Garrone.[52] He also appeared as visiting artist in several American and European Radio and TV talk shows, like WVMT Morning Show (2011) [53], Artists envisioning our future (2009) [54] and The painter and the muse, with David Riondino and Milo Manara (2003). In 2007 Tomasi directed Via Claudia Augusta: viaggio di confine at the Teatro Cristallo in Bozen, for the Autumn Theatrical Season with Margherita Hack, Moni Ovadia, Dario Fo and Sergej Brobov.


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