Dari (Italian band)

Origin Aosta, Italy
Genres Pop, emo
Labels EMI Italiana/Bliss Co.
Website http://www.dariforce.it
Dario "Dari" Pirovano (Guitar/Lead Vocals)
Fabio "Fab" Cuffari (Bass/Vocals)
Andrea "Cadio" Cadioli (Keyboards/Synths)
Daniel "Fasa" Fasano (Drums)

Dari (often stylized as dARI) is an Italian band best known for their eccentric style use of bright colors. They became famous when their music video, Wale (Tanto Wale), became an Italian internet phenomenon.


Band history

Dari entered the studio in November, with producers Domenico Capuano and Federico Malandrino, to record the album Sottovuoto Generazionale. Their first single, Wale (Tanto Wale) and its video were released in March, and became immensely popular on YouTube in Italy.

The lyrics of Wale (Tanto Wale) are a play on words. Though originally titled Vale (Tanto Vale), the spelling had to be changed when the V key on Dario Pirovano's (lead singer/song writer) laptop broke. The band decided to keep the changed spelling in the title and official lyrics.

Later in March 2008, drummer Willy left the band for personal reasons, and he was replaced by Daniel Fasano.

With help from their producers, the group created a short reality series called "Dari4Real", 4 minute videos which were put on YouTube.

In the summer of 2008 they performed on TRL Italy, All Music Community, and Scalo 76 (in one of their performances they performed "Rock'n'roll Robot" with Alberto Camerini, one of the most famous singers to come from Milan[1]). In October 2009 they were asked by Cinema Bizarre to open their first Italian show.[2]

On September 12, 2008 their first album, Sottovuoto Generazionale, was released by EMI Italiana. In its first week it placed at #12 on the Italian music charts.[citation needed]

In October 2008 they went on their first national tour of Italy, "Sottovuoto Generazionale Tour", on which they performed in various Italian theaters, like the "Colosseo" in Turin.[3]

In October 2008 they released "Tutto Regolare", the second single from their first album. In March 2009 they released their third single, a remix of the song "Non Pensavo" (from their first album) featuring Max Pezzali, a well known Italian singer. Following this single was the publication of the book "TuttoDariFare", edited by Sperling & Kupfer.

The version of "Non Pensavo" with Max Pezzali was included in their EP Sottovuoto: D-Version, released May 8, 2009. Between May and June 2009, Dari received a TRL Music Award and a Wind Music Award for "Best New Artist".

On June 15 they released the video for Cercasi Amore, which was selected by Coca Cola Live @ MTV Summer Song, and won second place in the final phase of the competition.

Dari toured for the entire summer in 2009, on their 'D-Version Tour'. In September they released a series of live videos entitled 'Dari4Real', filmed during a concert in Turin and with subtitles and comments from the band in English. In October they began the filming for a fifth music video, "Casa Casa Mia" which was released at the beginning of November. During the Christmas season they made another short reality series for MTV Pulse, entitled "Natale Non Esiste" ("Christmas Doesn't Exist").

The single "Più di Te" ("More Than You"), an '80s inspired song with a bizarre and colorful music video, was released May 14, 2010, after premiering on the Italian TRL Awards. A new album, "In Testa", was released June 8.

Musical style

Dari refer to their musical style as "Emotronik" (emotional electronica), a term that they feel summarizes their sound and the sum of their individual musical experiences,[4] but they're also often listed as Pop Rock,[5][6] Pop Punk,[7] and Electronic. They're well known for their unusual hairstyles, tight pants, bright colors, and makeup.



Past members

  • Francois "Cianci" Domaine, bass (2003–2005) - drums (2005–2006)
  • Alberto "Albazz" Oscarelli, keyboards/DJ (2003–2005)
  • Luca "P8A" Benedet, drums (2004–2005)
  • William Novelli – drums, voice (2006–2008)


Studio albums

  • 2008 - Sottovuoto generazionale (EMI Italiana) ("Generational Subvoid")
  • 2010 - In Testa (EMI Italiana)


  • 2009 - Sottovuoto: D-Version ("Subvoid: D-Version")


  • 2007 - LoveGain

Unreleased albums

  • 2004 - CoSaVoGlIoDiRe ("WhatIWanttoSay")
  • 2005 – misonfattocasa ("IJustSettled")


  • 2008 - Wale (tanto wale) ("Wale (For What it's Worth)")
  • 2008 - Tutto regolare ("All Regular" or "Everything's Okay")
  • 2008 - Wale (Buon Natale); ("Wale (Merry Christmas))" (Special Christmas version of Wale (Tanto Wale))
  • 2009 - Hey Giò
  • 2009 - Non pensavo (feat. Max Pezzali) ("I Didn't Think")
  • 2009 - Cercasi AAAmore ("Searching For L-L-Love")
  • 2009 - Casa casa mia ("House, My House")
  • 2010 - Più Di Te ("More Than You")


  • 2009 - TuttoDariFare


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