Danish International Development Agency

Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), is a Danish organisation inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, set up to provide humanitarian aid and assistance in developing countries.

Origin of name

The organisation's name was originally DANAID. In Greek mythology, the Danaids were daughters of Danaus who killed their husbands and were condemned to fill a bathtub with water to wash away their sins. Because the buckets they were given to do this were actually sieves, they worked for all eternity in Tartarus without making any progress. For this reason, the aid agency's name was changed from DANAID to DANIDA at the last minute when this unfortunate connotation was discovered.

The organisation works in association with many non profit agencies in developing countries like India. In 2009, DANIDA worked in close association with the Indian Government's Padmasree award winner, K.Viswanathan, and the prestigious institution Mitraniketan.

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