Cẩm Giàng

Cẩm Giàng can refer to several locations in South Vietnam:

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  • Cam Giang — ( vi. Cẩm Giàng) is a district ( huyện ) of Hai Duong Province in the Red River Delta region of Vietnam …   Wikipedia

  • Cam Giang District — Huyện Cẩm Giàng   District   Country  Vietnam Region …   Wikipedia

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  • Huyen Cam Giang — Admin ASC 2 Code Orig. name Huyện Cẩm Giàng Country and Admin Code VN.79.1905688 VN …   World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II

  • Cẩm Bình — is former district of Hai Hung Province. It was formed in January 1977 from merger of Cẩm Giàng and Bình Giang districts.[1] References ^ http://dictionary.bachkhoatoanthu.gov.vn/default.aspx?param=1F6FaWQ9Mzc4OTMmZ3JvdXBpZD0ma2luZD1leGFjdCZrZXl3b… …   Wikipedia

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  • Cam Pha District — Thị xã Cẩm Phả   Urban District   Country …   Wikipedia

  • Cam Khe District — Huyện Cẩm Khê   District   Country …   Wikipedia

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