Częstochowa Ghetto Uprising

The Częstochowa Ghetto Uprising was an insurrection in Poland's Częstochowa Ghetto against German occupation forces during World War II.

The first Jewish Ghetto of Częstochowa (the “Large Ghetto”) was established by the German Nazis in April 1941.[1] The first instances of armed resistance began as early as January, 1943 and were directed by Mendel Fiszelewicz. When the liquidation of the so called "small ghetto" commenced in June, 1943[1], and the Germans began transporting the remaining Jews to extermination camps a full uprising broke out, even though the insurgents were weakly armed. The leader of the uprising was Mordechaj Zylberberg, who in the end committed suicide as the Germans were about to capture his bunker on Nadrzeczna street, on the first day of fighting.


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