List of newspapers in the Czech Republic

List of newspapers in the Czech Republic

Below is a list of daily newspapers published in the Czech Republic.

Name Publisher Type Circulation
in thousands (2011)[1]
in thousands (2011)[2]
Blesk Ringier Axel Springer CZ tabloid 350 1,370
Metro MAFRA freesheet 260[3] 352
Mladá fronta DNES MAFRA serious, right 224 819
Deník Vltava-Labe-Press regional 207 877
Právo Borgis serious, left 123 402
Aha! Ringier Axel Springer CZ tabloid 92 238
E15 Mladá fronta freesheet 60[4] 59
Sport Ringier Axel Springer CZ sport only 50 254
Lidové noviny subsidiary of MAFRA serious, right 44 203
Hospodářské noviny Economia serious, economy 42 179
Haló noviny Futura serious, far left 35[5] N/A


German Newspapers in the Czech Republic

English Newspapers in the Czech Republic

Russian Newspapers in the Czech Republic

  • Пражский Экcпpecc (weekly)
  • Пражский Телеграф (weekly)


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