Cutting Our Teeth

Cutting Our Teeth
Studio album by We Are the Ocean
Released February 1, 2010
Recorded Summer 2009 at Salad Days Studio, Baltimore, MD
Genre Post-hardcore
Length 31:29
1:14:45 (Deluxe edition)
Label Hassle
Producer Brian McTernan
We Are the Ocean chronology
Look Alive
Cutting Our Teeth
Go Now and Live
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Rock Sound 9/10 stars[1]

Cutting Our Teeth is the debut album by post-hardcore band We Are the Ocean, after releasing two EPs. Promotional videos have been made for the songs "These Days, I Have Nothing"[2] and "Look Alive". A video for "All of This Has to End" was recently made and has been highly requested on the Scuzz and Kerrang! music channels. "Cutting Our Teeth" was re-issued with a bonus disc including 4 previously unreleased songs and 9 previously released songs from the band's two previous EPs.[3]

Although the title track doesn't appear on the regular edition of the album, it was released before the album on the Look Alive EP, and was included in the album's deluxe edition bonus disc.


Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Look Alive"   3:01
2. "Our Days Are Numbered"   2:27
3. "All of This Has to End"   3:24
4. "Confessions"   3:40
5. "These Days, I Have Nothing"   2:54
6. "Don't Take Chances"   2:55
7. "(I'll Grab You By The) Neck of the Woods"   3:53
8. "Are You Proud of Me Now?"   2:34
9. "I Used to Be So Much More"   2:50
10. "This Is Called My Home"   3:46

Deluxe edition bonus disc

No. Title Length
1. "Get Out While You Can"   3:29
2. "Lucky Ones"   3:22
3. "Waiting"   4:13
4. "Playing My Heart"   3:12
5. "Cutting Our Teeth" (from Look Alive EP) 2:03
6. "Drag Me Down" (from Look Alive EP) 2:46
7. "Don't Be Careless" (from We Are the Ocean EP) 3:08
8. "Nothing Good Has Happened Yet" (from We Are the Ocean EP) 3:39
9. "Welcome to My Broken Home" (from We Are the Ocean EP) 2:30
10. "Ready for the Fall" (from We Are the Ocean EP) 4:56
11. "(I've Never Felt This) God Damn Good" (from We Are the Ocean EP) 3:18
12. "Days" (from We Are the Ocean EP) 3:03
13. "Save Me! Said the Saviour" (from We Are the Ocean EP) 3:31



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