Cut (manga)

Cut(manga) Cover.jpg
Cover of Cut as published by Biblos
Genre Yaoi
Written by Toko Kawai
Published by Biblos
English publisher Canada United States Digital Manga Publishing
Demographic Josei
Magazine Magazine Be x Boy
Published March 10, 2003
Volumes 1
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Cut is a one-shot Japanese manga written and illustrated by Toko Kawai. It was serialized in Biblos' magazine, Magazine Be x Boy, finishing at 5 chapters. It is licensed in North America by Digital Manga Publishing, which released the manga through its imprint, Juné, on March 25, 2009.[1] It is licensed in France as Juste au Coin de la Rue by Taifu Comics.[2][3] Biblos released the manga on March 10, 2003.[4]


Coolstreak Comics' Leroy Douresseaux comments on the author's "evocative art, in which she emphasizes emotion in body language, facial expressions".[5] ActiveAnime's Holly Ellingwood also comments on the manga artist's art saying, "the more serious overtones of this story give the artist a chance to show the more stark and dramatic side to her illustrations and imagination".[6] Pop Shock Culture's Michelle Smith comments on the scenes "involving incest and masochism" saying, they are "not played for titillation".[7]


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