List of current The Bold and the Beautiful characters

List of characters currently appearing in the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.


Forrester family

Eric Forrester 
(John McCook)
Co-Founder of Forrester Originals and Forrester Creations and currently a designer. Ex-husband to Donna Logan; father to Thorne, Kristen and Felicia Forrester. Stepfather to Ridge Forrester. Previously married to Brooke Logan Forrester and has two other adult children with her, Bridget and Rick Forrester. Also married to Sheila Carter at one time; was once involved with Lauren Fenmore. Formerly married to Donna Logan Forrester.
Stephanie Forrester 
(Susan Flannery)
Currently she works at Jackie M Designs as a executive and partner, the co-founder Forrester Originals, Former CEO and co-founder of Forrester Creations; on-and-off wife of Eric Forrester. Mother to Ridge, Thorne, Kristen and Felicia Forrester; stepmother to Rick Forrester and Bridget Forrester sister to Pamela Douglas; daughter of John and Ann Douglas. Known for her constant meddling and need to control her children's lives and has kind hreat all same. On-and-off rival of daughter-in-law Brooke Logan. Was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in October 2010.
Ridge Forrester 
(Ronn Moss)
Fashion designer; oldest son of Massimo Marone and Stephanie Forrester but raised by his mother's husband Eric Forrester. Father to Thomas, Phoebe, Steffy and Ridge Forrester, Jr.. Stepfather to Hope Logan. Previously married to Caroline Spencer, Taylor Forrester Marone (twice; one annulled) and Brooke Logan Marone (six times; four invalid, one annulled). Currently married to Brooke Logan. He is currently part owner and CEO of Forrester Creations.
Thorne Forrester 
(Winsor Harmon); formerly Clayton Norcross and Jeff Trachta)
Currently Head of Shipping and Manufacturing Personnel at Forrester Creations, Former president and vice president of Forrester Creations and also president and designer at Spectra Couture; only son of Stephanie and Eric. Widower of Macy Alexander and Darla Einstein, with whom he has a daughter, Alexandria; was married to Caroline Spencer. Currently single.
Felicia Forrester 
(Lesli Kay; formerly Colleen Dion-Scotti)
Rebellious youngest daughter of Eric and Stephanie Forrester. Almost died from colon cancer in 2006. Currently single and Head of Public Relations at Forrester Creations.
Rick Forrester 
(Jacob Young; formerly Justin Torkildsen and Kyle Lowder)
Son of Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan Forrester. Previously married to Amber Moore. Was dating Phoebe Forrester, but recently shared a one-night stand with Ashley Abbott. He works at Forrester Creations as the Head of Forrester International(Overseas Productions). He was engaged to Taylor Forrester Marone despite disapproval from his mother. He later dated Taylor's daughter Steffy Forrester, & they were even engaged, but that relationship has since ended. He is now interested in Jackie Marone, who, like his ex-wife Amber Moore, is older than he is.
Bridget Forrester 
(Ashley Jones; formerly played by Agnes Bruckner, Jennifer Finnigan and Emily Harrison)
A former Physician at University Hospital now designer at Jackie M Designs. Daughter of Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan Forrester. Previously married to Deacon Sharpe and Nick Marone; fought with half-sister Felicia over Dante Damiano. She is currently married to Nick Marone but cheated on him with Owen Knight, the husband of Nick's mother Jackie. Nick & Bridget are now divorced. On September 3, 2010 Owen & Bridget became parents to a baby boy named Logan Forrester Knight. Bridget, along with Owen & Jackie, was fired from Jackie M Designs in October 2010. In a relationship with recently divorced Owen Knight
Marcus Walton Forrester
(Texas Battle)
Son of Donna Forrester & Justin Barber, given up at birth for adoption,. Came to LA after hearing about Donna's marriage to Eric Forrester. Has started a friendship with Steffy Forrester that turned into a relationship that ended when she left him for Rick Forrester. He works at Forrester Creations. Father of Rosie Barber Forrester with Amber Moore
Thomas Hamilton Forrester 
( Adam Gregory; formerly Drew Tyler Bell)
Son of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hamilton Forrester, he currently works at Forrester Creations in their PR Department. Formerly married to Gaby Mareno, but as a marriage of convenience so that she could stay in the USA. He was previously involved with Amber Moore, the ex-wife of Rick Forrester.
Steffy Forrester Spencer 
(Jacqueline MacInnes Wood; formerly Alex Hoover)
Daughter of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes Forrester. Twin sister of Phoebe Forrester. Has one older brother Thomas Forrester and one younger half brother, R.J. Forrester. Recently returned to LA due to her father's request and has started a relationship with Marcus Walton, which ended after she became involved with Rick Forrester. That relationship is also over. She works at Forrester Creations as the PR Director & is trying to win over Oliver Jones, the cousin of her stepfather Whip Jones, despite the fact that he's in love with Hope Logan. Loses interest in Oliver after he & Hope break up. Is now interested in Liam Spencer, the son of Spencer Publications CEO Bill Spencer, Jr., who is dating Hope. in Paris at Forrester International. Married Liam on October 11, 2011 in Aspen, Colorado.
Ridge Forrester, Jr. 
(Jack Horan); Son of Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan Forrester. Half-brother to Rick Forrester, Bridget Forrester, Hope Logan Forrester, Thomas Forrester, Phoebe Forrester, Steffy Forrester and Jack Marone.

Logan family

Stephen Logan 
(Patrick Duffy; formerly [Robert Pine]])
Father of Brooke Logan, Donna Logan, Katie Logan and late Storm Logan. Ex-husband to late Beth Logan. Son of Helen Logan. Engaged to Pamela Douglas.
Brooke Logan Forrester 
(Katherine Kelly Lang)
A Former Designer and CEO of Forrester Creations and now the companys President and creator of the "BeLieF". She was a part of Forrester Originals when it started. Oldest daughter of Stephen and Beth Logan; sister to Storm, Donna and Katie Logan. Mother to Bridget Forrester, Rick Forrester, Hope Logan and R.J. Forrester. Previously married to Eric Forrester (twice), Ridge Forrester (five times; four invalid), Grant Chambers (invalid), Thorne Forrester, (invalid) Whip Jones(invalid due to lack of relations) and Nick Marone. Has recently ended her marriage to Ridge, but still wants to be with him. She & Ridge recently reunited & are now married legally. Brooke became a grandmother on September 3, 2010 when her daughter Bridget gave birth to a son named Logan Forrester Knight, whose father is Bridget's former stepfather-in-law Owen Knight. Brooke has been married four times to men she cared about: Eric Forrester, Ridge Forrester (the true love of her life), Thorne Forrester and Nick Marone. Grant Chambers, she was married to due to Ridge's impromptu proposal to Taylor Forrester over a fabrication his mother made regarding her having an affair with him. And Whip Jones, she was married to in order hide the indescretion between her and Deacon Sharpe, who was married to her daughter Bridget at the time. However, they never had relations between each other.
Donna Forrester Barber 
(Jennifer Gareis; formerly Carrie Mitchum and Mary Sheldon)
Younger sister of Brooke Logan, formerly married to Eric Forrester; former waitress that posed nude as a model for a magazine owned by Bill Spencer, Sr. Was involved with Ridge Forrester for a brief period and almost married Thorne Forrester in order to get back at Stephanie. Is now married to Spencer Publications executive Justin Barber, who is also the father of her son Marcus and grandmother to Rosie Barber Forrester.
Katie Logan Spencer 
(Heather Tom; formerly Nancy Sloan)
Younger sister of Storm, Brooke and Donna Logan. Recently returned to LA for Donna's wedding to Thorne, which did not go ahead. Formerly engaged to Nick Marone. Currently married to Bill Spencer. She is the CEO of Forrester Creations appointed by her husband, but they ended up losing Forrester Creations because of Steffy Forrester's relentless scheming. In August 2010, she found out that her husband Bill had fathered a son, Liam Cooper, with his old college girlfriend Kelly Hopkins, making Katie a stepmother.
Hope Logan 
(Kimberly Matula)
Daughter of Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe, stepdaughter of Ridge Forrester. Half-sister of Rick Forrester, Bridget Forrester, Eric Sharpe, R.J. Forrester and Jack Marone. Ex-fiancee of Liam Spencer, who is now married to her half-sister Steffy. She also dated Oliver Jones.

Marone family

Jacqueline Payne Marone
(Lesley-Anne Down)
Mother to Nick Marone; ex-wife of Massimo Marone and the late wife of Frank Payne. Was once pushed over a balcony by Stephanie Forrester. Previously engaged to Eric Forrester and was involved with Deacon Sharpe and Stephen Logan. She is currently the Owner and CEO of Jackie M Designs. She was the former co-owner and co-CEO of Forrester Creations. Divorced from Owen Knight, who has a son, Logan, with Bridget. Grandmother to Jack Marone. Is now being pursued by Bridget's older brother Rick.
Dominick "Nick" Marone
(Jack Wagner)
Sea captain, President and Partner in Jackie M Designs; former owner and CEO of Forrester Creations. Son of Massimo and Jackie Marone; ex-husband of Bridget Forrester and Brooke Logan Forrester. Ex-husband of Taylor Forrester Marone, with whom he has a child named Jack via IVF. He is aware that Brooke's eggs were mistakenly implanted into Taylor and after revealing his feelings for Brooke to Taylor, he and Taylor divorced. Currently married to Bridget Forrester, but they separate after he finds out about her one-night stand with his mother's husband Owen Knight. They end up divorcing. Nick later becomes romantically involved with Agnes Jones, who had once been his & Bridget's surrogate, on July 21, 2010. Nick and Aggie later split up later that year.
Jack Marone
Son of Dominick Marone and Brooke Logan. Carried by Taylor Hayes Marone via in vitro fertilization. Half-brother to Rick Forrester, Bridget Forrester, Hope Logan Forrester and Ridge Forrester, Jr.

Spencer Family

Bill Spencer, Jr. 
(Don Diamont)
Son of publishing tycoon Bill Spencer Sr. and the brother of Karen Spencer and the late Caroline Forrester. He arrived in Los Angeles in May 2009. Co-Owner & Co-CEO of Spencer Publications and was interested in Donna Logan. He is married to Donna's sister Katie Logan. In August 2010, he found out that he has a son, Liam Cooper, from a relationship with Kelly Hopkins, whom he once had dated when he was in college.
Karen Spencer 
(Joanna Johnson)
Daughter of publishing tycoon Bill Spencer Sr. and sister of Bill Spencer, Jr. and twin sister of the late Caroline Forrester. Co-Owner & Co-CEO of Spencer Publications. Currently resides and works in New York.
Liam Spencer 
(Scott Clifton)
Son of Bill Spencer, Jr. and the late Kelly Hopkins. He came to Los Angeles to find his father. Currently he works at Spencer Publications. Ex-fiance of Hope Logan. Married to Steffy Forrester since October 11, 2011.


Macy Alexander 
(Bobbie Eakes
Macy first met Thorne Forrester in a bar as she was walking out while he bumped into her (then played by Clayton Norcross). The second time they met was on the Queen Mary, where the Spectras and the Forresters were having a fashion showdown (and the role of Thorne Forrester had been recently taken over by Jeff Trachta). Her mother Sally (Darlene Conley) had been trying to arrange for Macy to end up with Ridge (Ronn Moss), but it was Ridge's brother Thorne who walked into the room and caught Macy coming out of the shower. It was a while before they ran into each other again at the Bikini Bar, each nursing their own broken heart—Thorne for his soon-to-be-ex-wife Caroline (Joanna Johnson), and Macy for Mick Savage, a photographer who had run out on her. They spent the night together at Big Bear, but neither intended for it to be more until they cohosted a benefit together and discovered they both loved singing. After dating for some time, Thorne proposed to Macy, but there was one problem - Macy had never told Thorne that she was Sally Spectra's daughter because the Forresters would never have accepted the truth. Macy accepted Thorne's proposal, but while telling her mother, Sally revealed that Eye on Fashion had a picture of Clarke (Daniel McVicar) and Sally's wedding, which included Macy. When Thorne, who had found out from his family, confronted her, she admitted who she was and returned the ring. Macy was heartbroken to have lost Thorne, but within a few weeks, Thorne's first wife Caroline died and Thorne, with Sally's help, came back to Macy begging for another shot.

During her relationship with Jake, Macy was accused of stealing the BeLieF formula from Forrester. Jake eventually confessed to the crime, spurring him and his sister into leaving town. Macy and Thorne again reunited, only this time Anthony Armando (Michael Sabatino) came between them ... that, and Macy's alcoholism. When model Ivana (Monika Schnarre) was found dead, Thorne was accused of the crime, but it turned out it was Anthony. When Macy and Thorne began singing together again, they once again renewed their relationship. Although they hit a bump in the road with Macy's throat cancer, it wasn't long before the two married yet again. When Thorne got himself involved with Claudia Cortéz (Lilly Melgar), a Forrester employee who was in the country illegally, it was the last straw, and Macy and Thorne's already tenuous relationship broke. Macy threw herself into trying to get over Thorne, and while she was trying to do that, she was making friends with Grant Chambers (Charles Grant), a new designer at Spectra. Almost before they knew it, she and Grant were in love, and planning a wedding. For the first time in her life, there was no stress in Macy's relationship. Without needing to worry that the Forresters would disapprove of her or that Thorne (now played by Winsor Harmon) would disapprove of her mother, Macy and Grant could simply enjoy their time together. The two were blissfully in love, and planning a family and a future. When Macy was having trouble getting pregnant, they decided to go to the doctor for tests, and while there, Macy and Grant were treated to a shock—Grant had cancer, and he didn't have long to live. Macy was devastated to learn that she had found the love of her life but would soon lose him. Macy stayed by his side for the remaining time he had left, but when Grant died, she turned back to the bottle. Thorne (who had given up on his quest for Ridge's wife Taylor) was there to help pull her out, and the two were soon back together, planning a wedding and a future. Unfortunately, Thorne's former sister-in-law Brooke had set her sights on Thorne, and Brooke worked behind the scenes until she came between Thorne and Macy, and the two broke up. Macy thought it was over until she got a call from Thorne, and assuming he and Brooke were finished, Macy married Thorne in Amsterdam. Romantically, it wasn't long before Macy realized that Thorne had married her on the rebound and had no intention of stopping his relationship with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). She began to drink more heavily, which was not helped by Brooke flaunting her relationship with Thorne. Macy finally went up to Big Bear to say goodbye to Thorne and was ready to sign the divorce papers when Brooke arrived demanding that Macy let Thorne go so she could have him. Furious, Macy took off in the car, with Brooke tagging along so she could force her to sign the papers. After a horrible car accident, Macy was presumed dead, devastating her mother, half-sister and half-brother. Much to everyone's surprise, it turned out that Macy was alive and well. Her father Adam (Michael Swan) had rescued her from the car accident, and taken her to Italy with him, where she was living under the name Lena, and in love with Lorenzo Barelli (Luigi Amodeo). She was noticed by Thorne when she was singing in a small Italian café, and when her mother Sally had a heart attack, she returned to Los Angeles with Lorenzo, who soon became her husband. Thorne wasted no time in telling her that since she never signed the divorce papers they were still legally married, and after Macy realized she could never love Lorenzo the way she loved Thorne, Lorenzo left town and Macy and Thorne reunited. Unfortunately, at a time when he thought they were broken up, Thorne had indulged in a one-night stand with Macy's best friend Darla (Schae Harrison). This time Macy found comfort in Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), a new friend and recovering alcoholic. What started as friendship soon turned more romantic, especially once Macy began helping Deacon pursue custody of his son "little Eric" (Connor Carmody) and his daughter Hope (Amanda and Rachel Pace). In part, Macy helped Deacon because by him winning, Brooke Logan would suffer, and Macy had never forgiven Brooke for manipulating her way into her and Thorne's marriage then tossing Thorne aside because he wasn't Ridge. Deacon and Macy married and began raising Eric (whom Deacon had won custody of) together, and things were finally back on track. When Oscar Marone (Brian Gaskill) opened a new nightclub in town, Macy agreed to perform on opening night, but enemies from Oscar's past tampered with the chandelier that night, which fell, severely injuring Macy. Although Macy hung on in the hospital in a coma for a few days, she never woke up, and her mother had to make the choice of whether or not to take her off life support; Sally's actual choice has never been revealed, but Macy is generally assumed to be dead, due to the funeral.

Dr. Taylor Hayes 
(Hunter Tylo)
Psychiatrist; ex-wife of Ridge Forrester and Occasionally referred to as Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester, is mother to his children, Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy. Formerly married to Blake Hayes, and keeping his name professionally—had an invalid marriage to Omar Rashid. She was married to Nick Marone. She and Nick have a child named Jack via IVF and are aware that Brooke's eggs were mistakenly implanted into Taylor. She and Nick divorced, after Nick told her that he still has feelings for Brooke and Taylor has recently become engaged to Rick Forrester but they broke-up recently. She and Jackie M Designs promotional manager Whip Jones were divorced after a one-year marriage. Taylor has been married legally four times to different men. She is in a relationship with Thorne Forrester
Justin Barber 
(Aaron D. Spears)
He is the father of Marcus Forrester, the adult son of Donna Logan. Justin came to LA to help Bill Spencer, Jr. in his take over of Forrester Creations. He is a excutive at Spencer Publications and producer of The CatWalk. He is now married to Donna Logan, with whom he has a son, Marcus. Recently, Justin became a grandfather to Marcus's daughter Rosie Barber Forrester, whose mother is Amber Moore.
Pamela Douglas 
(Alley Mills)
Younger sister of Stephanie Forrester. Is employeed with her sister Stephanie at Jackie M Designs and co-host of The CatWalk. Is now dating Brooke Logan's recently widowed father, Stephen Logan, much to the horror & dismay of both Brooke & Stephanie.
Owen Knight 
(Brandon Beemer)
Arrived to Los Angeles in June 2008. He is connected to Donna's son Marcus Walton. Currently Chief of Staff at Jackie M Designs. Divorced Jackie Marone, he cheated on her by having a one-night stand with her daughter-in-law Bridget Forrester, who is now pregnant with his child. Owen & Bridget's son Logan was born on September 3, 2010. He is now in a relationship with Bridget
Whip Jones 
(Rick Hearst)
Formerly married to Brooke Logan in order to cover up her affair with Deacon Sharpe. Left LA in 2002 when Brooke's affair with Deacon became public. Has returned to LA in 2009, and has been employed by Stephanie Forrester as the PR man for Jackie M Designs. He is divorced from Brooke's rival Taylor Hayes Forrester. Is now involved in a vendetta against Taylor's ex-husband Ridge Forrester for what he feels is Ridge interfered with his & Taylor's marriage.
Oliver Jones 
(Zack Conroy)
Oliver Jones is the brother to Aggie Jones and the cousin to Whipple Jones III. He has been dating Hope Logan but is being pursued by Steffy Forrester. He also unknowingly had a one-night stand with Hope's mother Brooke Logan but didn't know that it was her until it was too late. His relaitonship with Hope ends in September 2010, & he is angered by her now dating Liam Cooper, whom Oliver blames for his breakup with Hope. He's now trying to get Hope back with a little help from his sister Aggie, their cousin Whip, & Jackie M Designs head designer Amber Moore, who was once married to Hope's older half-brother Rick Forrester. Oliver even tries to make Hope jealous by dating Amber, who he knows Hope despises because of her past marriage to Rick. Oliver & Amber are now expecting a child together even though Oliver doesn't know about the pregnancy. On June 20th, it turns out that he's not the father of Amber's baby.
Dayzee Leigh 
Kristolyn Lloyd
formerly homeless girl who became a friend of Stephanie Forrester and Brooke Logan. Currently she is the owner of cafe "Dayzee's" (formerly "Insomnia Cafe"). Formerly girlfriend of Thomas Forrester, she's dating Marcus Forrester.

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