Cultural Sociology (journal)

Cultural Sociology  
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Discipline Sociology
Language English
Edited by David Inglis, Andrew Blaikie
Publication details
Publisher SAGE Publications
Publication history 2007-present
Frequency Triannually
Impact factor
ISSN 1749-9755 (print)
1749-9763 (web)
LCCN 2007212175
OCLC number 73689458

Cultural Sociology is a peer-reviewed academic journal published jointly by the British Sociological Association and SAGE Publications.[1] The journal includes sociological analysis of culture from a range of theoretical and methodological positions, and from a variety of national contexts. Cultural Sociology publishes sociologically-informed work concerned with cultural processes and artifacts, broadly defined.

Although focused on sociological contributions to cultural analysis, articles include dialogue between sociology and other cognate fields such as cultural studies, gender studies, postcolonial studies, art history, history, literary and film studies, and human geography.


The objective of the journal is to publish original, empirically oriented, theoretically sophisticated, methodologically rigorous articles, which advance the field of cultural sociology and the sociology of culture. It examines a varied range of socio-cultural forces, phenomena, institutions and contexts, from a broad set of sociological perspectives.


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