Original author(s) Kim Bondarenko
Developer(s) Crystal Reality LLC
Initial release March' 2003
Stable release 1.98  (May 31, 2007; 4 years ago (2007-05-31)) [+/−]
Preview release 1.98 RC1  (7 April 2007) [+/−]
Written in C++
Operating system Windows
Available in Multilingual
Type Media player
License Proprietary

CrystalPlayer originally made by Kim Bondarenko (russian software developer) and acquired by Crystal Reality LLC is a compact media player for Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista.

CrystalPlayer features an original video kernel, and does not use built-in WindowsMedia environment, so there are fewer limitations implied as with other players using the WindowsMedia environment. Playback engine of CrystalPlayer is a first version of Crystal Reality's playback technology which was later deployed to Yota and SPB Software as the kernel of mobile multimedia services (known as Crystal2 technology)

Crystal Reality planned to release 2.0 version of CrystalPlayer based on Crystal2 technology but for some reason 2.0 version wasn't deployed to the public.

CrystalPlayer Professional offers an ability to improve the quality of the videos using video filters, video postprocessing, multisampling and supersampling features.

CrystalPlayer can smoothly play video on slow machines (netbooks, etc.). It uses large buffer for decoded frames. This allows to avoid frame-skip and glitches in most cases.

Supported formats are including, but not limited to: DivX, XVID, MPEG1/2, MPEG4, WMV, Real etc.


Features Summary

Features 1.98 Pro 1.98 Free
Skins Yes Yes
Speed troubleshooting modes Yes Yes
Multilingual support Yes Yes
Multicolor on-screen controls and seeking-bar Yes Yes
Subtitles Yes Yes
External audio track support Yes Yes
Playlists with bookmarks Yes Yes
Image capturing Yes Yes
Runtime help messages Yes Yes
Runtime statistics & suggestions Yes Yes
Aspect and audio/text skew correction Yes Yes
Graphical ten band equalizer Yes Yes
Video postprocessing Yes No
Zooming, scrolling & panorama Yes No
Supersampling Yes No
Motion interpolation
(referred to as "multisampling")
Yes No
Video filters Yes No
Audio filters Yes No
Automatic codec downloader Yes No
Native Crystal MPEG1/2 format support Yes No
Native Crystal AVI format support Yes No
Crystal MPEG1/2 video decoder Yes No
Crystal AC3 multichannel audio decoder Yes No
Unicode-support No No

License controversy

FFmpeg developers claim that CrystalPlayer is violating their copyrights by distributing binaries of software from the FFmpeg project without complying with the LGPL[1].

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