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Crashlytics is a venture-funded startup building crash reporting for mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.



As reported by Xconomy and BostInnovation, Wayne Chang and Jeff Seibert met In February 2011 in popular tech gathering spot Voltage Cafe in Kendall Square. Seibert had told Chang about a crash reporting problem. Chang was hooked. The two then began working together on creating a solution that would work for all mobile developers.[1][2][3]

Chang was also the creator of popular P2P file sharing company i2hub, a competitor to Mark Zuckerberg's Wirehog service. Seibert previously founded Increo, which was acquired by in 2009 for an undisclosed sum.[4][5]

Initial investors

TechCrunch and MassHighTech reported that Crashlytics raised a $1million seed round. The round was led by Flybridge Capital Partners and Baseline Ventures. Angels investors in the round include David Chang (COO at Where, a PayPal company), Lars Albright (cofounder of Quattro, now Apple iAds), Chris Sheehan (Managing Partner at CommonAngels), Ty Danco (Founder, eSecLending and FX Aligned), Jennifer Lum (former VP at Quattro, now Apple iAds), Roy Rodenstein (founder of and a former Director of Business Planning at AOL), Joe Caruso (Managing Partner at Bantam Group), and others.[6] [7]


One of the key features of Crashlytics is their ability to give iOS and Android developers insights into their apps, such as the exact line of code that caused the crash.[6][8]


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