Bottiaea (Greek: Polytonic|Βοττιαία "Bottiaia") was a region of ancient Macedon. It was previously inhabited by the Bottiaeans who, according to Strabo, were Cretans named so after their leader Botton [* [ Studies in the Ancient Greek Polis by Mogens Herman Hansen, Kurt A. Raaflaub] ] , that emigrated to Sicily and later settled in Macedonia. The Bottiaeans were expelled to Chalcidice, to the area around Olynthus by the Macedonians during the reign of Alexander I of Macedon (Thuc. 2.99).


Its geography began in the northeastern part of Imathia and all of the area between the Loudias and the Axios Rivers (the today's area of Giannitsa and the area of Gevgelija in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


The historic cities of Bottiaea were Aigae (Vergina) first capital of Macedon, Aloros, Pella (second capital of Macedon), Amydon, Atalanti, Gortynia, Idomeni (today's Gevgelija), Ischna, Kyrros, etc.


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