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Coventry Railway Centre

The Electric Railway Museum (Formerly Coventry Railway Centre) is located in Warwickshire, south of Coventry city, outside Baginton, and near to Coventry Airport. The heritage railway centre was also known as "The Airfield Line" as the railway was built on the site of a greenfield. The site is managed by the Electric Railway Museum Limited, and is home to a sizeable collection of preserved electrical multiple units, which is the most diverse and historically significant collection of EMUs in the UK, containing unique items that are the last survivors of once typical and numerous classes. In addition there are three electric locomotives and two small industrial diesel locomotives on site along with some other railway vehicles which are owned by third parties. The land is leased from Coventry City Council, though it is located just outside the city boundary and is in the county of Warwickshire.



Coventry Steam Railway Centre

The site was originally established, as the Coventry Steam Railway Centre, in 1986 by a group who set out to preserve Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 tank locomotive number 1857. The group established the site and located the loco and other collected items of motive power, rolling stock and infrastructure including Little Bowden Junction Midland Railway Signal Box there. The land was previously used as part of the municipal water treatment works and there was never any railway infrastructure there until the creation of the Centre.

Suburban Electric Railway Association

Never blessed with a large membership progress was slow and by the mid-1990s had slowed to near stop. The late nineties saw one of the original founders retire due to ill health and he sold his interest in the site to a consortium of Suburban Electric Railway Association (SERA) members, except the tank engine which was sold to another railway. By 2004 the other founders had called it a day and SERA took over sole running of the site's future.

Electric Railway Museum

In 2009 the responsibility of managing the site passed to Electric Railway Museum Limited, a charitable company which had been established in 2008 to create a permanent home for preserving and representing Britain's electric railway heritage. With this development the original Coventry Railway Centre Limited company was wound up and its assets passed to Electric Railway Museum Limited. The site is open to the public, group and individual visits can be admitted by prior booking.

Track layout

The track layout comprises two three road fans of sidings. Those at the end of the site adjacent to the Midlands Air Museum are complete with a headshunt that runs through a 40 metre cutting that was excavated by the members of the original steam centre in the early nineties. The sidings nearest Rowley Road are unconnected at the time of writing. The sidings are protected by an inner fence to create a secure compound to deter unwelcome visitors.


Other improvements made to the site by Electric Railway Museum in late 2009 include the provision of mains electricity on site and state of the art CCTV equipment.


The vast majority of items not being actively restored are sheeted over to protect them from rusting, vandalism, and other damage.

Electrical Multiple Units

Overhead EMUs

3rd Rail Southern Region

3rd Rail non-Southern Region.

  • BR Class 501 2 car unit formed DMBS vehicle 61183 + DTBS vehicle 75186
  • BR Class 503 unit 28690+29720+29289



Diesel Locomotives

  • Ruston & Hornsby 0-4-0 Diesel Electric 165DE b. 1950 Wks. No. 268881 "Mazda"
  • Ruston & Hornsby 4wd Diesel Mechanical 88DS b. 1953 Wks. No. 338416 "Crabtree"

Electric Locomotives


  • No. 135 City & South London Railway Wood Body Carriage
  • No. 163 City & South London Railway Steel Body Carriage


Other preserved electric units

Two British Rail Class 505 trailer cars are preserved by the Altrincham Electric Railway Preservation Society[1] at Midland Railway – Butterley.


  1. ^ http://www.altrincham-electric.org.uk/html/the_coaches.shtml

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