1962 in film

1962 in film

The year 1962 in film involved some significant events.


* "Dr. No" launches the James Bond film series, the longest-running motion picture franchise of all time, running more than 40 years.

Top grossing films (U.S.)

source: http://www.boxofficereport.com/database/1962.shtml


Academy Awards: :Best Picture: "Lawrence of Arabia" - Horizon-Spiegel-Lean, Columbia :Best Director: David Lean - "Lawrence of Arabia":Best Actor: Gregory Peck - "To Kill a Mockingbird":Best Actress: Anne Bancroft - "The Miracle Worker":Best Supporting Actor: Ed Begley - "Sweet Bird of Youth":Best Supporting Actress: Patty Duke - "The Miracle Worker":Best Foreign Language Film: "Sundays and Cybele" ("Les dimanches de ville d'Avray"), directed by Serge Bourguignon, France Golden Globe Awards:

:Drama::Best Picture: "Lawrence of Arabia":Best Actor: Gregory Peck - "To Kill a Mockingbird":Best Actress: Geraldine Page - "Sweet Bird of Youth" :Musical or comedy::Best Picture (tie): "That Touch of Mink":Best Picture (tie): "The Music Man":Best Actor: Marcello Mastroianni - "Divorce, Italian Style" :Best Actress: Rosalind Russell - "Gypsy"

:Other:Best Director: David Lean - "Lawrence of Arabia"

Palme d'Or (Cannes Film Festival)::"Keeper of Promises" ("O Pagador de Promessas"), directed by Anselmo Duarte, Brazil

Golden Lion (Venice Film Festival)::"Family Diary" ("Cronaca familiare", "Journal intime"), directed by Valerio Zurlini, France / Italy :"My Name is Ivan" ("Ivanovo detstvo"), directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, USSR

Golden Bear (Berlin Film Festival)::"A Kind of Loving", directed by John Schlesinger, United Kingdom

Films released in 1962

*"The 300 Spartans"
*"A Symposium on Popular Songs"
*"The Amphibian Man"
*"Billy Budd"
*"Billy Rose's Jumbo"
*"Birdman of Alcatraz"
*"Bon Voyage!"
*"Boys' Night Out"
*"Cape Fear"
*"David and Lisa"
*"Days of Wine and Roses"
*"Divorce, Italian Style" ("Divorzio all'italiana")
*"Le Doulos" ("The Finger Man"), starring Jean-Paul Belmondo
*"Dr. No" (U.K.)
*"Family Diary" ("Cronaca familiare")
*"Follow That Dream"
*"Girls! Girls! Girls!"
*""The Given Word" ("O Pagador de Promessas")
*"Hatari!", starring John Wayne
*"How the West Was Won", starring Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, Eli Wallach, Agnes Moorehead, John Wayne, Debbie Reynolds, Gregory Peck etc.
*"Hussar of the Dead" (Restored)
*"In Search of the Castaways"
*"It's Only Money, starring Jerry Lewis
*"Keeper of Promises"
*"Kid Galahad"
*"A Kind of Loving"
*"King Kong vs. Godzilla"
*"Knife in the Water"
*"Last Year at Marienbad" (U.S. release)
*"Lawrence of Arabia"
*"Lonely are the Brave"
*"Long Day's Journey into Night"
*"The Longest Day"
*"The Manchurian Candidate"
*"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"
*"Merrill's Marauders"
*"The Miracle Worker"
*"Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol"
*"The Music Man"
*"Mutiny on the Bounty"
*"My Geisha"
*"My Name is Ivan"
*"Panic in Year Zero!"
*"The Phantom of the Opera"
*"Period of Adjustment"
*"The Premature Burial" (film mentioned in article)
*"Requiem for a Heavyweight" (film mentioned in article)
*"Ride the High Country"
*"State Fair"
*"Sundays and Cybele" ("Les dimanches de ville d'Avray")
*"Sweet Bird of Youth" (film mentioned in article)
*"The Tale of Zatoichi"
*"Tender Is the Night"
*"Taras Bulba"
*"Tender Is the Night"
*"That Touch of Mink"
*"To Kill a Mockingbird"
*"Tower of London", starring Vincent Price
*"The Trial"
*"Procès de Jeanne d'Arc" ("The Trial of Joan of Arc")
*"Two for the Seesaw"
*"War of the Buttons"
*"What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"
*"The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm"

hort Film Series

*"Looney Tunes" (1930-1969)
*"Terrytoons" (1930-1964)
*"Merrie Melodies" (1931-1969)
*"Bugs Bunny" (1940-1962)
*"Yosemite Sam" (1945-1963)
*"Speedy Gonzales" (1953-1968)


*January 1 - Nancy Mette,actress
*January 17 - Jim Carrey, actor, comedian
*July 3 - Tom Cruise, actor
*September 11 - Elizabeth Daily, actress
*September 26 - Melissa Sue Anderson, actress
*October 1 - Esai Morales, actor
*November 11 - Demi Moore, US actress
*November 19 - Jodie Foster, actress and director


*January 13 - Ernie Kovacs, American comedian, actor
*April 10 - Michael Curtiz, 75, Hungarian-born director
*April 17 - Louise Fazenda, 66, American actress
*May 14 - Florence Auer, 82, American actress
*June 19 - Frank Borzage, 69, American director, actor
*June 24 - Lucile Watson, 83, Canadian actress
*July 2 - Valeska Suratt, 80, stage & silent screen actress
*August 5 - Marilyn Monroe, 36, American actress
*August 23 - Hoot Gibson, 70, American actor
*October 6 - Tod Browning, 82, American director
*October 26 - Louise Beavers, 60, American actress
*December 15 - Charles Laughton, 63, British actor
*December 28 - Kathleen Clifford, 75, American actress

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