Corruption Gov


Theatrical Poster
Directed by Q. Manning
John Sjogren
Produced by David Cuddy
Bonnie Orr
Kerry Wallum
James Chankin
Written by Bonnie Orr
Starring Michael Madsen
Lee Majors
Francesco Quinn
Joe Estevez
Music by Greg Miller
Cinematography Andrew Cook
Phil Curry
Editing by Paul Gandersman
Kevin Smith
Studio Fast Talk'n Productions
Palm Tree Productions
Ranch Studios
Release date(s) December 1, 2010 (2010-12-01) (USA)
Country United States
Language English

CorruptionDotGov (aka Conflict of Interest) is a 2010 thriller film writen by Bonnie Orr and co-directed by Q. Manning and John Sjogren that deals with government corruption, and stars Michael Madsen, Lee Majors, Francesco Quinn , and Joe Estevez.[1][2]



The film suffered from early reports that its production was going to be held off due to actor Michael Madsen's problems in London. Production quelled the rumours and announced that filming would not be delayed[2] and under its original title Conflict of Interest, the project began filmed in Kyle and Lockhart, Texas through June 2008.[1] Producers Kerry Wallum and politician-turned-filmmaker David Cuddy have roles in the film,[2] as well as do Connie Koepke Nelson, former wife of Willie Nelson in the role of U.N. Secretary and their daughter Paula Carlene Nelson in the role of Senator John Mordire's mistress.[3] In June of 2009, it was reported that former Alaska politician, producer David Cuddy was nearly finished with post-production.[4]


African exchange student, Stan Rohamba (Winfred Pollard) arrives in the U.S., excited to be a part of the “model democratic system”. While campaigning for a powerful American senator (Michael Madsen), Stan uncovers a host of dishonest activity leading directly back to his home country of Mombaire. His discoveries could cost him his life.


  • Michael Madsen as Senator John Mordire
  • Lee Majors as Jim Lawrence
  • Francesco Quinn as Ron Garcia
  • Joe Estevez as President James Marshall
  • Connie Nelson as U.N. Secretary
  • Tim Curry as President Thabo Rohamba
  • Kerry Wallum as Sam Slade
  • Winfred Pollard as Stan Rohamba
  • Landon Kash as Alex Landon
  • Christina Fernandez as Christina Garcia
  • John Gholson as Grey Sanders
  • Jon Boatwright as Todd Levy
  • Danielle Rene as Katie Douglas
  • Brendan Rien as Jeremy Morgan
  • Andrew Barrett as Barry Wright
  • Tavaris Kelly as General Kimaiyo

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