Core Security Technologies

Core Security Technologies
Core Security
Type Private
Industry Computer Security
Vulnerability Management
Security Consulting Services
Founded 1996
Headquarters Boston, MA and Buenos Aires, Argentina
Key people Mark Hatton (President and CEO)
Employees ~ 200

Core Security Technologies is a computer and network security company that provides IT security testing and measurement software products and services. The company’s research arm, CoreLabs, proactively identifies new IT security vulnerabilities, publishes public vulnerability advisories, and works with vendors to assist in eliminating the exposures they find.[1]



  • 1996: Core Security was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 1997: The CoreLabs Research group was established and published their first advisory.
  • 1998: Core conducted its first penetration test for a U.S. company.
  • 1998: Core Security was recognized as an “Endeavor Entrepreneur” by the Endeavor Foundation, a foundation that supports entrepreneurial projects in emerging markets.
  • 2000: The company’s first U.S. office opened in New York, NY.
  • 2002: Core released the first and second versions of their flagship penetration testing product, Core Impact Pro.[2]
  • 2003: The company’s U.S. headquarters was relocated from New York to Boston, MA.
  • 2008: Mark Hatton becomes CEO of Core Security.[3]
  • 2009: Core adds development sites in Boston and India.
  • 2010: Core announces beta of new security testing and measurement product, Core Insight Enterprise


Management Team[4]

  • Mark Hatton- President and Chief Executive Officer [5]
  • John O´Brien- Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations and CFO
  • Ivan Arce- Chief Technology Officer
  • Milan Shah- Senior Vice President of Engineering
  • Jeffrey Cassidy- Vice President and General Manager of South American Operations
  • Tom Kellermann- VP of Security Awareness and Government Affairs
  • Kimberly Legelis- Vice President of Marketing
  • Stephen Pace- Vice President of Sales and Services
  • Fred Pinkett- Vice President of Product Management
  • Paula Varas- Vice President of Engineering
  • Ariel Waissbein- Director of Research & Development
  • Alberto Soliño- Director of Security Consulting Services

Board of Directors[6]

  • Jonatan Altszul- Co-Founder, Core Security Technologies and Managing Director of Aconcagua Ventures
  • Shinya Akamine- CEO, BlueRoads Corp.
  • Jeronimo Bosch- Pegasus Capital
  • Peter Chung- Morgan Stanley Venture Partners
  • Edward Hamburg- Morgan Stanley Venture Partners
  • Mark Hatton- President and CEO, Core Security Technologies
  • Robert Steinkrauss- CEO, ChosenSecurity, Inc


Advisory Board

The Core Advisory Board helps to guide the company’s business strategy, vulnerability research and product development plans.[7]


Core Impact Pro: a penetration testing software solution that replicates cyber attacks to assess the security of web applications, network systems, endpoint systems, email users and wireless networks [10][11]

Core Insight Enterprise: a security testing and measurement product for large environments that will be available in late 2010 [12]


Security Consulting Services: in-depth penetration testing and source code auditing services

CORE IMPACT Professional Services: penetration testing services based on the company’s CORE IMPACT product [13]

CORE IMPACT Certified Professional (CICP) Training and Certification: advanced penetration testing training for IT security practitioners and consultants [14]


Core Security is headquartered in Boston, MA, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Research and Advisories

Core Security’s research department, CoreLabs, conducts research in various areas of computer security, including system vulnerabilities, cyber attack planning and simulation, source code auditing and cryptography. CoreLabs regularly publishes security advisories, technical papers, project information and shared software tools for public use, with its researchers participating in many IT security research conferences including the Black Hat Briefings .[15][16]

Recent Advisories

  • Microsoft Windows CreateWindow function callback vulnerability[17]
  • Microsoft Office Excel PivotTable Cache Data Record Buffer Overflow[18]
  • HP OpenView NNM OvJavaLocale Buffer Overflow Vulnerability[19]

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