Corona Data Systems

Corona Data Systems
Corona Data Systems
Industry Computer Hardware
Fate Acquired
Founded Westlake Village, California, USA (1982 (1982))
Founder(s) Robert Harp
Headquarters Westlake Village, California, USA
Area served Worldwide
Products desktops portables
Owner(s) Daewoo

Corona Data Systems, later renamed Cordata, was an American personal computer company. It was one of the earliest IBM PC compatible computer system companies. Manufacturing was primarily done by Daewoo of Korea, which became a major investor in the company and ultimately the owner.[1][2][3] It was sued by IBM for copyright infringement in 1984.[4]



Founded in 1982 by Robert Harp, who previously helped found Vector Graphic.[5]

The original Corona PC was released in 1983.[6]

By 1984, Corona employed 280 people.[5]

IBM Lawsuit

In early 1984, IBM sued Corona (and Eagle Computer) for copyright violation of the IBM PC BIOS. Corona settled with IBM by agreeing to cease infringement.[4]

Corona PPC-400

Cordata Portable PC PPC-400, image courtesy of Personal Computer Museum
Cordata Portable PC PPC-400, image courtesy of Personal Computer Museum

Corona Portable PC Model PPC-400, arguably the most notable Corona computer, was introduced in 1984. The PPC-400 was remarkable for its elegant and clear screen fonts. The desktop version was the PC-400.[7]


Corona Data Systems was renamed Cordata in 1986 in order to reflect diversification and to try to distance itself from identification as just a "PC clone" manufacturer.[1]


Early IBM PC compatible computer system companies:[8]

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