Form may mean:
*Form, the shape, appearance, or configuration, of an object
*Form (furniture), a long seat or bench without a back
*Form (education), a class, set or group of students
*Form, a shallow depression or flattened nest of grass used by a hare
*Form (concrete), a mould used for concrete construction
*Form (document), a document (printed or electronic) with spaces in which to write or enter data
*Plato's Theory of forms
*Form (philosophy)
*Form (religion), an academic term for prescriptions or norms on religious practice
*Form (horse racing), a record of a racehorse's performance
*Musical form, a generic type of composition or the structure of a particular piece
*Form (exercise), a proper way of performing an exercise to avoid injury or cheating
*The Forms (band), an American indie rock band

In martial arts

*Kata (martial arts) (型 or 形), the detailed pattern of defence-and-attack
*Taeguk (Taekwondo) (형), the "forms" used to create a foundation for the teaching of Taekwondo
*Taolu (套路), forms used in Chinese martial arts and sport wushu

In mathematics

* Quadratic form, a homogeneous polynomial of degree two in a number of variables
* Algebraic form, which generalises quadratic forms to degrees 3 and more, also known as "quantics" or simply "forms"
* Bilinear form, on a vector space V over a field F is a mapping V × VF that is linear in both arguments
* Multilinear form, which generalises bilinear forms to mappings VNF
* Differential form, a concept from differential topology that combines multilinear forms and smooth functions
* Modular form, a (complex) analytic function on the upper half plane satisfying a certain kind of functional equation and growth condition
* Indeterminate form, an algebraic expression that cannot be used to evaluate a limit

In biology

*Form (botany), a formal taxon at a rank lower than species
*Form (zoology), informal taxa used sometimes in zoology

In computing

*Form (web), a document form used on a web page to, typically, submit user data to a server
*Form (programming), a component-based representation of a GUI window
*Form (computer virus), the most common computer virus of the 1990s
*Oracle Forms, a Rapid Application Development environment for developing database applications
*Windows Forms
*XForms, an XML format for the specification of user interfaces, specifically web forms

*Trapcode's "Form" a particle-based plug-in for several Motion graphic software packages.

See also

*Sixth form, a British term for the final two years of secondary school

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