Connotations symposia

The Connotations symposia are held biennially by the Connotations Society for Critical Debate. The first symposium sponsored by the Connotations Society was held in 1990.[1]



The emphasis of the Connotations symposia is on critical debate. Participants from all over the world deliver papers on literature from the Middle English period to the present, as well as American and other literatures in English. Talks are 30 minutes, leaving another 30 minutes for discussion. Revised versions of conference papers are published in Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate.[2]

The 11th International Connotations-Symposium Poetic Economy: Ellipsis and Redundancy in Literature took place between July 31 and August 4, 2011, at Tuebingen/Freudenstadt, Germany.[3]

Subjects of earlier symposia

  • The Idea of Tolerance in Pre-Revolutionary England (1990),
  • Paronomasia in the English Renaissance and After (1992),
  • The Presence of Myth in American Literature (1995),
  • A Place Revisited (1997),
  • Poetry as Procreation (1999),
  • The Poetics of Conversation in Twentieth-Century Literature and Criticism (2001),
  • Sympathetic Parody (2003),
  • Textual Surprises (2005),
  • Restored from Death' in Literature and Literary Theory (2007),
  • Roads Not Taken (2009).


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