Composite propeller

Composite propellers are made of an extremely strong, high-tech material. These propellers are produced using an injection molding process, which guarantees a high quality propeller every time. The composite propeller is a lightweight and environmentally friendly boat propeller. When a composite propeller hits debris, the propeller absorbs the impact energy, instead of transferring it to the lower unit; therefore, providing more protection for the drive train. Corrosion from salt water, and electrolysis are nonexistent with composite material.



Lower unit protection is the primary advantage of composite materials. While the initial cost of a composite propeller is usually comparable to aluminum, it is significantly less than a stainless steel propeller. Additionally, replacement blades offer significant savings over metal propeller repairs. Another advantage to using composite propellers is that it is a lightweight material. Composite material is about half the weight of aluminum and 1/6 the weight of stainless steel propeller. A lightweight propeller reduces the amount of wear and tear on the entire boat.

Effect on the Environment

Composite propellers are 100% recyclable and can help preserve the environment. Recycled propellers reduce material and energy costs for manufacturers allowing for lower costs for consumers.

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