3 Telecommunications in San Marino

Telecommunications in San Marino

This article provides an overview of the telecommunications infrastructure in San Marino.


Television and Radio

San Marino has only one television network, San Marino RTV, which is owned by a company with the same name.[1] In 1997, there were approximately 9,000 televisions in the country.

San Marino has two radio networks, Radio San Marino and Radio San Marino Classic, also owned by San Marino RTV.[2] In 1997, there were approximately 16,000 radios in San Marino.


In 2010 there were 17,000 internet users in San Marino.[3] San Marino's internet domain is .sm.


There are no telephone providers in San Marino, instead using the Italian system. In 2002 there were 20,600 landlines in use, as well as 16,800 mobile phones.

Phone boots in City of San Marino.


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