3 Telecommunications in Réunion

Telecommunications in Réunion

Réunion has a number of systems for communication, including telephony, Internet and radio. The island is connected to the SAFE undersea cable system.

As of 2001, there were 300,000 main-line telephones and, in 2005, there were 610,000 mobile phones. The telephone system has its centre in Saint-Denis, and the domestic telephone system uses a modern open wire and microwave relay network. The international system employs a radiotelephone system, with connections to Comoros, France and Madagascar. A new microwave relay station to Mauritius is also in use, along with one Intelsat satellite-earth station.

As of 1998, there are two AM broadcast stations and 55 FM stations, serving (as of 1997) 173,000 radios. In 1997, there were 22 television broadcast stations (and 18 low power repeaters), serving 127,000 televisions.

The Internet service providers of Réunion are: Orange, Guetali, Runnet, Moebius, and Outremer Telecom. The island is linked to the SAFE cable system for its Internet connection. The top-level domain for Réunion is "RE".