Committee for National Revolution

Committee for National Revolution
Leader Muhammad Amin Bughra
Founded 1932
Headquarters Kashgar
Ideology Islamism
Turkic nationalism
Political position right wing, Anti-Communism, Islamism
Religion Sunni Islam

Committee for National Revolution was a Turkic Nationalist Uighur party which existed in 1932-1934. It helped found the First East Turkestan Republic. It was anti Chinese, anti Chinese muslim, anti Communist, and anti Christian.[1] The leader of Karakash gold miners Ismail Khan Khoja, the Khotan Emir Muhammad Amin Bughra, his brothers Abdullah Bughra, Nur Ahmad Jan Bughra, and Sabit Damulla Abdulbaki joined the committee. It had originally 300 members and 50 rifles. On February 20, 1933, it set up a provisional Khotan government with Sabit as prime minister and Muhammad Amin Bughra as head of the armed forces. It favored the establishment of an Islamic theocracy.[2][3][4]

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