List of festivals in Colombia


Major Colombian Carnivals and Festivals

  • Carnival of Blacks and Whites (Spanish: Carnaval de Negros y Blancos) held from January 4 to January 6 in Pasto. Its origins date back to the Spanish rule times when slaves were allowed to celebrate on 5th and their masters showed their approval on 6th by painting their faces black. On these days they either put grease or talcum powder on their faces.
  • Manizales Fair (Spanish: Feria de Manizales) celebrated in the city of Manizales the first weeks of the year. Costume groups in fancy dress take over the city. A congeniality coffee queen is elected and bullfighting (Spanish: faenas) takes place.
  • Bambuco Pageant and Folkloric Festival (Festival Folclórico y Reinado Nacional del Bambuco) in Neiva held on June 28 and June 29 for Saint Peter's and Saint Paul's days celebrating Bambuco.
  • Cali Fair (Spanish: Feria de Cali), held in Cali from December 25 to New Year's Eve. It is famous for its Salsa marathon concerts attended by renowned Salsa bands. There are horse riding parades (Spanish: cabalgatas), masquerades and dances groups.
  • Festival of the Flowers (Spanish: Feria de las Flores), is held during August in the city of Medellín with its flowers parade and the main attraction called the Desfile de Silleteros.
  • Bogota's Carnival (Spanish: Carnaval de Bogotá) starting around August 6, in order to commemorate the cities birthday, is a combination of various cultural events including masquerades, dances, and parades, among others. Parallel to this, the Bogotá Summer Festival is held, in which there are different social, cultural and sporting events, mainly in the area near the Simón Bolívar Park

Regional and folkloric festivities

El Yipao (the jeep parade)
  • Riosucio´s Carnival (Spanish: Carnaval de Riosucio) held in Riosucio, Caldas the first 2 weeks of January every two years. In 2009 it was held from the 2nd to 8th January and in 2011 from the 6th to 12th January. It remembers past traditions with a mixture of art, music and customes by groups called Cuadrilas, drinking the traditional Guarapo carried in Calabazos. During the carnival, the image of a cool and happy devil is exhibitted.
  • Harvest Festival of Pereira (Spanish: Fiestas de la Cosecha de Pereira), in Pereira.
  • Colombian Folklore Festival (Spanish: Festival Folklórico Colombiano) in Ibagué.
  • Medellin's Tango Street (Spanish: Tangovía) on Carlos Gardel Avenue in the suburb of Manrique.
  • Joropo National Festival (Spanish: Festival Nacional del Joropo) in Villavicencio in December.

El dia de las velas The day of the candles held on December 7th

Film Festivals

Fine art and theatre festivals

Music Festivals

  • Vallenato Legend Festival (Spanish: Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata). Held in Valledupar, Cesar, in April or May. The festival is a celebration of vallenato music and also a competition to find the best accordionist of the year and to select the Vallenato King (Spanish: Rey Vallenato) among hundreds of participants from all over the country.

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