Aecidium magnellanicum growing on the bush Berberis microphylla
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Pucciniomycetes
Order: Pucciniales
Family: incertae sedis
Genus: Aecidium
Type species
Aecidium berberidis
Pers. ex J.F.Gmel. (1792)

Hypodermium subgen. Aecidium (Pers.) Link (1816)
Symperidium Klotzsch (1843)

Aecidium is a genus of rust fungi in the Pucciniales order. The widespread genus is estimated to contain about 600 species.[2]

Selected species

  • Aecidium aechmantherae
  • Aecidium amaryllidis
  • Aecidium breyniae
  • Aecidium campanulastri
  • Aecidium cannabis
  • Aecidium cantensis
  • Aecidium caspicum
  • Aecidium celmisiae
  • Aecidium celmisiae-discoloris
  • Aecidium disciforme
  • Aecidium foeniculi
  • Aecidium glycines
  • Aecidium hebes
  • Aecidium holboelliae
  • Aecidium hupiro
  • Aecidium magnellanicum
  • Aecidium microstomum
  • Aecidium milleri
  • Aecidium monocystis
  • Aecidium mori
  • Aecidium myopori
  • Aecidium myrsines
  • Aecidium otagense
  • Aecidium otira
  • Aecidium plantaginis-variae
  • Aecidium prolixum
  • Aecidium ranunculi-depressi
  • Aecidium ranunculi-insignis
  • Aecidium ranunculi-lyallii
  • Aecidium ranunculi-monroi
  • Aecidium rhytismoideum
  • Aecidium scabiosae
  • Aecidium scutellariae
  • Aecidium senecionis
  • Aecidium traversiae
  • Aecidium tubulosum
  • Aecidium verbenae
  • Aecidium westlandicum


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