Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency

Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency
Klima- og forurensningsdirektoratet
Agency overview
Headquarters Oslo
Employees 325
Agency executive Ellen Hambro, director
Parent agency Norwegian Ministry of the Environment

The Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency (Norwegian: Klima- og forurensningsdirektoratet, Klif) is a Norwegian government agency responsible for insuring that pollution, waste and other harmful substances don't result in health damage, inflict the well-being or hinder the production and reproduction of nature. In particular it has a responsibility of pollution related to sea and water, chemicals, waste and recycling, global warming, air pollution and noise.

It is subordinate the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment and is responsible to ensure that the Pollution Act, the Product Control Act and the Climate Quota Act are followed, including issuing permits for submission, including controlling that these permissions are followed. The agency was created in 1974 and has 325 employees based in Oslo.

It was named the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (Norwegian: Statens forurensningstilsyn, SFT) until January 2010.

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