Clarity Coverdale Fury

Clarity Coverdale Fury is an advertising agency that is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and provides marketing and brand strategy and a broad range of marketing tools in both new and traditional media.

The agency was founded in 1979 by partners Tim B. Clarity and Jac Coverdale. Its current client list includes Explore Minnesota Tourism, Dairy Queen, Medtronic, 3M, Belvedere Vodka, Chopin Vodka, Land O’Lakes, Purina Mills, Clearway Minnesota, QuitPlan, Red Gold,and more.

Clarity Coverdale Fury is known for the effectiveness of its digital marketing. In 2008, its work was recognized with a Webby Award, the leading international honor for remarkably effective web marketing. Currently over half of Clarity Coverdale Fury’s work is digital.

Clarity Coverdale Fury is internationally recognized for its creativity. Its work for YMCA of the USA was recognized with a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. It has also won every major advertising award in the world including numerous CLIOs, One Show awards, and ADDYS. Seven times in the last ten years it has received the O’Toole Award from the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) naming it one of the most creative agencies in the United States.

Agency partner Tim B. Clarity developed the marketing architecture used for the highly successful global launches of Belvedere and Chopin vodkas. As a result of the unique marketing strategy developed by Clarity and the compelling creative developed by agency partner Jac Coverdale, Belvedere shot from zero to over $1 billion dollars in retail sales in just 9 years.

Clarity Coverdale Fury also owns Parachute Design, a world-class design firm that won best of show in the Design 50 award competition. Parachute is best known for its innovative design of the Belvedere Vodka bottle. Clarity Coverdale Fury currently employs 52 people.


  • Belvedere Vodka “Authenticity”
  • Chopin Vodka “Birthplace of Vodka”
  • Johnsonville Foods “Grill On”
  • YMCA of the USA “Sleeping In”
  • Explore Minnesota Tourism “My Favorite Minnesota”
  • Red Gold Tomatoes “Spectacular Board”
  • QUITPLAN Services “Big Butt”
  • Northwestern National Life Insurance “Benefits Managers”
  • ClearWay Minnesota “Second Hand Smoke”
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving “Family of Four”
  • Crystal Farms Cheese “Heart of the Dairy Country”
  • Pillsbury Company Bakeries & Foodservice “There is A Lot the Doughboy Can Do”
  • Medtronic “What Does a Miracle Look Like”

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