CityFlyer Express Flight 8106

CityFlyer Express Flight 8106

A British Airways Avro RJ100 similar to the hijacked aircraft
Accident summary
Date 17 June 2000
Type Hijacking
Site London Gatwick Airport, England, United Kingdom
Passengers 92
Crew 6
Injuries 0
Fatalities 0
Survivors 98 (all)
Aircraft type BAe 146
Operator CityFlyer Express
Tail number Unknown
Flight origin Zürich Airport
Destination London Gatwick Airport

CityFlyer Express Flight 8106 was a BAe 146 aircraft hijacked on a flight from Zürich Airport to London Gatwick Airport on 17 June 2000. After the aircraft landed at Gatwick, the hijacker was arrested without any injuries to the occupants.

The hijacking

Flight 8106 was an international flight from Zürich Airport to London Gatwick Airport. There were 92 passengers and six crew on board the Avro RJ100, one of them the hijacker. As the aircraft neared London, a passenger grabbed one of the flight attendants and held pair of scissors to her throat, claiming that he had a bomb on board and threatening to blow up the aircraft. Flight 8106 landed at London Gatwick Airport and stopped away from the terminal buildings. Police officers then boarded the aircraft and arrested the hijacker. The other passengers and crew were evacuated. No one was injured during the hijacking.


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