Cirrus radiatus

Cirrus radiatus
Cirrus radiatus clouds with a contrail crossing through
Cirrus radiatus clouds with a contrail crossing through
Abbreviation Ci ra
Symbol CH 5.png
Genus Cirrus (curl of hair)
Variety radiatus (extensive bands)
Altitude Above 5,000 m
(Above 16,500 ft)
Classification Family A (High-level)
Appearance parallel bands
Precipitation cloud? No
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Cirrus radiatus is a variety of cirrus cloud. The name cirrus radiatus is derived from Latin, meaning "rayed, striped".[1] This variety of cirrus clouds occurs in parallel bands that often cover the entire sky and appear to converge at a single point[2] or two opposite points on the horizon. Cirrus radiatus is often partly made up of cirrocumulus or cirrostratus.[3]

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