Hibito–Cholon languages

Hibito–Cholon languages

The extinct Hibito–Cholón or Cholónan languages form a proposed language family that links two languages of Peru, Hibito and Cholón, extinct as of 2000. They may also be related to the extinct Culle language, and perhaps to the language of the Chachapoya, but the data for all of these languages is poor.


Several basic Hibito and Cholon words appear to be related, though the data on both languages is poor. The following examples are given in the ad hoc orthography of the three sources we have on these languages:

gloss tree water daughter son
Cholón mech / meš cot / quõt / köta ñu / -ñu pul / -pul
Hibito mixs / mitš cachi / otšj ñoo pool


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Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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