Born January 16, 1931 (1931-01-16) (age 80)
Jirim League, Inner Mongolia, China
Citizenship China
Fields Linguistics
Institutions Inner Mongolia University
Known for Study of Mongolian language
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 確精扎布
Simplified Chinese 确精扎布
Hanyu Pinyin Quèjīngzhābù
Mongolian name
Mongolian script ᠴᠣᠶᠢᠵᠣᠩᠵᠠᠪ
Transcription Qôijûngjab

Choijinzhab (also Choijinjab or Qôijûngjabû; born 16 January 1931) is a Chinese linguist of Mongolian ethnicity.



Choijinzhab was born in Jirim League (哲里木盟), Inner Mongolia in 1931. After graduating from the Ulaan Bator Normal College in Mongolia in 1949 he taught at a primary school in Ulaan Bator, before returning to Inner Mongolia in 1950. He initially worked as an editor at the Inner Mongolia People's Publishing House, and then studied as a research student at the Central College for Nationalities from 1954 to 1957. After graduating he took up a post at the Inner Mongolia University, where he has remained ever since. He is currently a professor at the university's Institute of Mongolian Studies. He is also the honorary director of the Chinese Academy of Mongolian Language and the director of the Chinese Academy of Ethnic Languages.[1]

Since 1983 Choijinzhab has been involved with the computerization of Mongolian, and the creation of software for writing and editing Mongolian. He has worked on the standardization of the Mongolian script, both within China and internationally, and in 1998-1999 was intimately involved in the encoding of Mongolian in the Universal Character Set and Unicode.[2] He was also involved in the encoding of the Phags-pa script in 2003-2004.[3]


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