Chittamuru Ramaiah

Chittamuru Ramaiah Brothers
Born  (2011-10-06T02:17:55)
[[]], India
Occupation author, philosopher
Parents Sriramulu and Meenakshamma Chittamuru

Chittamuru Ramaiah (Telugu: చిట్టమూరు రామయ్య) was a 19th and 20th century Theosophist and translator, and an associate of Annie Besant. The son of Chittamuru Sriramulu, he had five brothers Chittamuru Subbaramaiah, Chittamuru Krishnaiah, Chittamuru Subbarayudu, Chittamuru Lakshmaiah and Chittamuru Ramachandraiah. He completed a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Literature in the 19th century. He was associated with Annie Besant for some time at the Theosophical Society, Adyar, Madras, India.

He wrote many books on theosophy, including one titled Divya jnana saaramu,[1] meaning "The Essence of Theosophy"; a second edition of this title was published by C.Subbarayudu, Manager, Vasantha Institute, Madras, in 1937. The book included one chapter, "Adrushya sahayulu", from a book titled Divya jnana deepika by his brother Subbaramaiah. He published another book, Brahma vidya darpanamu ("Hinduism in Light of Theosophy"),[2] in 1941; this he dedicated to Annie Besant. He was also known for having translated the book At the Feet of the Master, attributed to J. Krishnamurti, into Telugu.

Theosophical Publishing House and Vasantha Institute, Adayar, Madaras(Chennai), India.

Theosophical Publishing House


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