List of characters in Suikoden IV


This is a list of characters in the game Suikoden IV. Many of these characters also appear in its successor, Suikoden Tactics.

The characters in this list are organized by political affiliation. 108 Stars of Destiny (Suikoden) also has a list of these characters, laid out by their order in the Stars of Destiny instead, and Notable Suikoden characters has a list of relevant non-Star characters.

Island Nations Army

The Hero

The protagonist of Suikoden IV (named Lazlo in the novelization by Mie Takase) and 19 years old during it; if all 108 Stars of Destiny are acquired and the save data is imported, he can be acquired in Suikoden Tactics as well. Lazlo uses dual swords in battle. All of his dialog is controlled by the player via conversation trees.

Born in the Kingdom of Obel to King Lino en Kuldes and his wife, Lazlo was lost at sea after his mother unleashed the power of the Rune of Punishment to drive away a gang of pirates. Miraculously, he survived and washed up on the shores of Razril, where he was adopted by the town’s lord, Vincent Vingerhut, as a playmate for his son, Snowe. The two boys began training to become Knights of Gaien under the command of Glen Cott. Favoured by Glen because he excelled in his studies, Lazlo was nevertheless overshadowed by Snowe, who was given special treatment due to his father's status. Shortly after they graduate from the academy, Lazlo and Snowe are assigned to escort the merchant Ramada to Illuya. During their journey, they are attacked by the newest bearer of the Rune of Punishment, the pirate Brandeau. Snowe flees while Lazlo fights and defeats Brandeau; however, Glen's intervention just as Brandeau dies results in him becoming the new bearer of the Rune of Punishment rather than Lazlo.

When Glen is forced to use the rune to repel invading pirates from Razril, Lazlo comes to Glen's aid and ends up inheriting the rune. However, Snowe witnesses the event and believes that Lazlo has murdered Glen; Lazlo is subsequently exiled from Razril in a tiny boat accompanied by two of his friends from the academy and Nay-Kobold Chiepoo. After encountering Kooluk Naval Commander Troy, the four are found by a rescue ship from Obel. Lazlo is unwittingly reunited with Lino and his sister Flare and agrees to help them repel the Kooluk Empire from expanding their territory into the Island Nations.

Lazlo, Lino, and their companions are forced to flee from Obel and form an alliance with Pirate Queen Kika, but find opposition when Snowe, now commander of Razril's Knights of Gaien, allies himself with the Kooluk Empire. With the help of strategist Elenor Silverberg, Lazlo succeeds in liberating the remaining islands from Kooluk's influence and eventually forgives and accepts Snowe back into his life. The act of mercy results in the Rune of Punishment accepting Lazlo as its master and switches to Forgiveness Phase, which no longer drained his life.

At the war’s end, Lazlo and his army attacks Fort El-Eal and defeats the Kooluk navy once and for all. However, a huge Rune Cannon discharge endangers the army and Lazlo used the Rune’s power to stop the blast at the cost of his own life. When his body put in a funeral boat and cast off to sea, Lazlo, not actually dead, awakens and flags down a passing ship. It is presumed Lazlo was picked up by the ship, as he is secret recruitable character in Suikoden Tactics (along with Snowe) if the player loads a Suikoden IV file with all 108 Stars of Destiny. In Suikoden Tactics, Kika hints at Lino's intention to make Lazlo his own son.

Kingdom of Obel

Lino En Kuldes

Lino En Kuldes is the eccentric but virtuous King of Obel. He is 45 years old during the events of Suikoden IV and the father of Flare En Kuldes, and, implicitly revealed in Suikoden IV, the father of Lazlo as well. Lino uses a spear for his weapon.

A competent and kind ruler, Lino lost his wife, the Queen of Obel, and son when the queen used the Rune of Punishment to protect the kingdom from pirates. He refuses to dress in the formal attire required of the king in favour of comfortable clothes, which disappoints his aide Setsu. He takes in Lazlo and his friends after they are exiled from Razril and has Rikie and Rakgi educate Lazlo on the Rune of Punishment. After Obel is invaded by the Kooluk Empire, Lino, Lazlo, and many of Obel's citizens escape on a hidden ship. Believing that Lazlo has the power to unite people, Lino intentionally loses a duel that decides who will lead the allied forces to liberate the Island Nations from Kooluk control.

At the end of Suikoden IV, he declares himself the ruler of a new Island Nations Federation rather than just Obel.

In Suikoden V, it is revealed that following the formation of the Island Nations Federation, the flagship of the Federation navy would always be named after Lino En Kuldes. This tradition is still in practice as far as at least Solar Year 449 (when Suikoden V takes place).

Flare En Kuldes

Flare En Kuldes is the daughter of Lino En Kuldes and the sister of Lazlo. Flare, despite being Princess of Obel, patrols the surrounding seas, looking for pirates. She rescues Lazlo, Chiepoo, and two of his friends and takes them back to Obel, therefore reuniting her family, and putting the wheels in motion for the Island Nations Forces. Her family's reunion is short-lived; the Kooluk Empire soon invades Obel and Flare stays behind with Gary and Ema, while her father and Lazlo escape by ship.

During the island's liberation, following instructions from Elenor Silverberg delivered by Mizuki, Flare helps the Island Nations Army retake Obel. After the war, she helps Kyril infiltrate the Kooluk Empire in Suikoden Tactics and afterwards returned to Obel. Flare uses a bow and arrows in battle.

Other Obel Islanders

Tov is Lino's shipmaster, who builts as secret ship at Lino's behest to be used as a means of escape if the kingdom is in danger. Haruto (ハルト, Haruto) is the cartographer on board Lino En Kuldes’ ship. Always deep in thought, he talks very calmly and slowly. After the war was over he started designing a new ship with Tov. Nico is the lookout stationed by Lino En Kuldes on his flagship. Chadli is a supply shop keeper on Lino En Kuldes's ship who constantly wears a helmet as a fashion accessory. His dream is to earn enough money from his shop to buy a more magnificent helmet.

Setsu is an attendant of the royal family of Obel. His first and foremost concern is the safety and welfare of Lino En Kuldes and Princess Flare. Desmond is a shy stuttering liaison for Lazlo in Obel. He has an unreciprocated crush on Louise, a bartender and the biological mother of Nalleo, but after she leaves Obel, he eventually finds a job working for Setsu.

Gary is a man who unfortunately ends up visiting the Kingdom of Obel when it is being invaded by the Kooluk Empire. He is the husband of Ema and 48 years old. He appears to be an ancestor to Maximillian, founder of the Maximillian Knights.

Yu is the finest doctor from Obel and works where he believes is needed most. Carrie is his devoted assistant. Trishtan is a hypocondriac who constantly believes himself to be sick unless he takes some of Dr. Yu's medicine, which are actually placebos. Yu deems him one of the healthiest men he has seen.

Cedric is a mischievous young boy who likes to eat large meals at inns and run away without paying the bill. Lazlo eventually settles his debt. Rachel is a debt collector who chases Cedric, whom she has a crush on, from place to place and finally catches up to him in Obel after its liberation. She accompanies Lazlo to ensure Cedric does not try to steal again and has high hopes for Eugene as a fighter. Rachel appears to be the ancestor of Camille from Suikoden I.

Manu is an inventor. He is the Star of Destiny who introduces Lazlo with the elevator (a recurring event in all Suikoden mainstream games). Travis is a loner who enjoys cleverly tricking even the most stalwart of pursuers in order to avoid them. Rakgi is a young boy whose father is killed by Steele. He flees Nal-Nal Island and joins the army with his mother Rikie. Rakgi works as a guide to the ruins in Obel. Nabokov is the appraiser who had a shop in Obel before it came under Kooluk control.


Snowe Vingerhut

Snowe Vingerhut is the son of Vincent Vingerhut, the Duke of Razril. He is 19 during Suikoden IV. He uses a one-handed sword he received from his father and a Water Rune in battle.

Snowe and Lazlo have been good friends since childhood, with Lazlo an adopted brother of sorts. However, Snowe has also been jealous of Lazlo's success, and Lazlo's tendency to outdo Snowe. He accuses Lazlo of Glen Cott's death (actually due to the Rune of Punishment); as the son of the Duke, his word is taken over Lazlo's. Following Glen's death, Snowe is instated as the new Commander, but quickly forges a deal with the expanding and militant Kooluk Empire. He sells them the land of Razril in exchange for the freedom of the people there.

Snowe eventually ends up aiding the Kooluk out of desperation; after this fails, Lazlo may execute him, let him go, or attempt to recruit him. If asked to join up, he refuses. If let go, he falls in with some pirates shortly after. After this venture fails, Lazlo is offered the same choices, with the same results. If 107 Stars of Destiny have been recruited, eventually Snowe is found on a plank, with nothing left in the world. If challenged at this point, Snowe will agree to join up and be reunited with Lazlo.

Knights of Razril

Glen Cott

Glen Cott (not a Star of Destiny) is the Commander of Razril's Knights of Gaien at the beginning of Suikoden IV. He is 54 years old and the father of Katarina Cott. He uses a sword as a weapon. Glen Cott becomes the unforunate bearer of the Rune of Punishment after he arrives at the end of the duel between lazlo and the pirate Brandeau, but was consumed by its power while using it to destroy an attacking pirate fleet.

Katarina Cott

Katarina Cott is the daughter of Glen Cott and Vice-Commander of the Knights of Razril. She is 31 years old during the events of Suikoden IV and uses a rod in battle.

After Glen assigns Lazlo and Snowe Vingerhut to escort the merchant Ramada to Illuya, Katarina unwittingly reveals Razril's use of nasel birds as a secret means of communication to an outsider (Ramada). She ends up caring for her badly injured father and assumes active duty after Glen rescues Lazlo from Brandeau. After helping Lazlo repel a second pirate attack, Glen issues her an order that, unless he says otherwise, no one is allowed to enter the Hall of Knights. She defers to her commander's orders and orders her knights to do the same; Lazlo and Snowe defy the order and, along with Katarina, witness Glen disintegrate into ash. Lazlo is blamed for Glen's death and exiled from Razril while Katarina is resigned to her misery.

During Kooluk's occupation of Razril, Katarina is interrogated about her knowledge concerning the pirate attacks on Kooluk's forces; though she knows nothing, she is tortured and abandoned in the ocean. Found and nursed back to health by the pirate Kika, Katarina is reunited with Lazlo when he and Lino En Kuldes, following their escape from Obel, come to seek Kika's aid. She later joins Lazlo after he discovers and subsequently reveals that her father's death resulted from using the Rune of Punishment to destroy the pirates who attacked Razril.

When the Kooluk Southern Expansion Fleet falls, Katarina returns to Razril. Believing fervently in Glen's dream of a powerful Knighthood, she reforms the organization. After Razril gains its independence from Gaien, and Katarina becomes the first Commander of the new Knighthood, selecting Keneth to be her Vice-Commander.


Notable trainees with Lazlo include Paula (ポーラ, Pōra), Jewel (ジュエル, Jueru), Tal (タル, Taru), and Keneth (ケネス, Kenesu). Paula is an elf and 17 years old. Jewel is 16 years old and bears a Water Rune. Tal is 21 years old and has a passion for fishing; after the war he leaves the knights and starts a new life as a fisherman. Keneth is 18 years old, and bears a Lightning Rune. When Lazlo is exiled from Razril, only the two trainees chosen by the player will join Lazlo and Chiepoo on their ship. The other two can be recruited only after the Island Nations Army reclaims Razril.

Others Razril Islanders

Konrad is a powerful sorcerer found in Razril after it is reclaimed it from Kooluk rule. He is a former Knight of Gaien who taught Katarina Cott among others and the only aware that she is Glen Cott's daughter. He takes up the post of Magic Instructor for the Knights of Razril after the war. Konrad uses a staff in battle.

Gretchen is a swordmistress whose ultimate wish was to join the Island Nations forces that were battling against the Kooluk forces. Before she had joined them, she believed herself to be the strongest swordsman alive. Later, she realized how wrong she was after meeting the people on Lazlo's ship. She felt indebted to Lazlo for fulfilling her desire to join his group and spent her days on the ship guarding his room, alongside Helga and Millay. After the war though, she went on to teach her skills with the sword in the Marines Academy in Razril. She is 25 years old.

Funghi is a talented cook for the Razril Academy. Ameria is a mercenary hired by the people of Razril to protect them against trouble from the Kooluk and others. Basil is a carefree gambler acquainted with Lazlo who joins the Island Nations Army after Razril's liberation.

Rita is a young girl who devises a game using tiles and matches. She and Noah are friends. Karl is a martial artist who desires to become stronger. Ugetsu is a fisherman whose ship was destroyed by the Kooluk. Once recruited, he allows access to a fishing minigame. He also finds Shiramine, another fisherman; Shiramine is 37 years old and uses claws in battle.

Hermitage Island

Elenor Silverberg

Elenor Silverberg is the main strategist for the Island Nations and a descendant of Julian Silverberg. She is 56 years old and from the Scarlet Moon Empire, from which she was banished from because of the actions of her subordinate and former student, Graham Cray.

After her exile, Elenor headed south and settled in the Island Nations on Hermitage Isle with her new apprentice, Agnes. At Kika's suggestion, the Island Nation forces recruit Elenor as their tactician after they reveal to her Graham Cray's involvement in the war. She leads the army to victory against the Kooluk Forces and then confronts Graham during the final battle at the top of Fort El-Eal. The tower is destroyed in a massive explosion shortly afterwards; it is believed that it was there Elenor lost her life.

She is an ancestor to the other members of the Silverberg family who have appeared in the previous installments of the Suikoden series: Leon, Mathiu, Odessa, Albert, and Caesar.


Schtolteheim Reinbach III (シュトルテハイム・ラインバッハ3世, Shutorutehaimu Rainbahha-sansei) is a foppish but good-hearted man. His father, Schtolteheim Reinbach II, is the Lord of Middleport. He bears the Red Rose Rune and is 20 years old. After the war, Reinbach's loyal servant, Micky, writes a highly fictionalized account of his master's exploits. The book would go on to become a classic. Likely because of this, Schtolteheim Reinbach III (and Schtolteheim Reinbach IV) became aliases used by various characters in other Suikoden games.

Helga is a rather muscular woman who unintentionally destroys places and uses two axes as her weapons. She becomes Lazlo's bodyguard alongside Millay and Gretchen. She looks up to Karl and strives to be like him. Charlemagne is a kind and generous man found in Middleport who is always willing to lend a helping hand. He pays for Helga's room after she trashes it.

Millay is a talented swordswoman from Middleport. She left her hometown when she was pressured to marry Schtolteheim Reinbach III, the son of the local Lord. Ironically, it would be Schtolteheim Reinbach III and Lazlo En Kuldes who would save her from a group of men hired to take her back home for the wedding. After the war, she was among the group sent by Lino En Kuldes to assist Kyril during his quest into the Kooluk Empire in Suikoden Tactics.

Keen is a sixty-five year old assassin working for the Lord of Middleport, Schtolteheim Reinbach II. He is chasing after Sigurd because of an incident which occurred in the past. Micky is Schtolteheim Reinbach III's servant, and does nothing but look into the well-being of his slightly-impulsive master. He, like Perrault, is an amateur novelist. Perrault is a newspaper reporter known to go anywhere to get his papers published. He is also an amateur novelist who abandons his own novel to publish Micky's instead. Etienne is a musician from Middleport who once performed for the Reinbach family.

Adrienne is a blacksmith. She left her shop in Middleport because she loves to travel, but arrives in Obel, when it is under attack by Kooluk forces. Pecola is an interior designer from Middleport, who creates a trend for interior decorating in the town until she travels away.

Deborah is an elderly fortuneteller from the Middleport Inn. Oskar is her best friend and feels indebted to her as a result of an incident in the past. Gunter is a gambler spends his days gambling and traveling the seas.

Warlock is a powerful sorcerer who used a mysterious undisclosed method to invent the Rune Cannon. He lives in a seclusion in Middleport. Pablo is researcher of Rune Cannons and is a student of Warlock's. He is an ancestor of Nelis.

Nay Island

Chiepoo is a Nay-Kobold from Nay Island who aspires to one day become a great merchant. He aids Lazlo while he is in exile on the Deserted Island, and is the main supplier of goods to Lazlo and his party. In Suikoden Tactics, he achieves his goal of success as a merchant. Chiepoo uses his claws in battle, which are all named after real places that have cheeses named after them. He is voiced by Lara Jill Miller.

Oleg is the inventor of a machine that can record scenery and events. When he meets Lazlo on Nay Island, Oleg uses his invention to show Lazlo the recorded destruction of Iluya Island. Bartholomew is a quiet man on the run from the Kooluk since he attacked one of their ships during the occupation of Iluya. He hides on a house on Nay and enjoys carving wooden animals.

Bang operates an unsuccessful lottery on Nay Island. Nalkul is a kobold pickpocket, who works with his partner Champo as an accomplice. Noah, a mischievous and thieving young girl, is a friend of Rita who frequently plays minigames with Rita. She eventually helps Champo and Nalkul run their card shop on Nay Island.

Na-Nal Island

Axel is the son of the Island Chief of Na-Nal Island, who gives him permission to join Lazlo. After the war ended, he succeeded his father as Island Chief of Na-Nal. He uses a sword in battle.

Mitsuba (ミツバ, Mitsuba) is a swordswoman, who makes a living tricking other warriors into fighting her promising them 10,000 potch if they won. Reinhold is her accomplice and is responsible for luring potential victims to her. Jeremy is a 28 year old swordsman who uses a blade as his weapon. He duels Mitsuba and loses.

Eugene is a man who lives on Na-Nal island with his very controlling mother. Selma is an elven swordswoman who lives in the Great Tree with the elves.

Mordo Island

Lo Fong and her brothers, Lo Seng and Lo Hak, work at the hot springs in Mordo island, trying to dupe people out of 10,000 potch for using the hot springs by claming it is used by Lazlo's army. Igor is a petty gambler and the owner of the hot springs on Mordo Island. He also does business with the siblings Lo Fong, Lo Hak, and Lo Seng, who manage the hot springs and charge people expensive fees to use the bathhouse.

Gareth is an engraver who engraved the Rose Crest for Schtolteheim Reinbach III. He is 26 years old.

Deserted Island

Lilan, Lilen, Lilin, Lilon, and Liloon are five mermaid sisters who join Lazlo's forces. Rene is a young girl obsessed with finding treasure with divining rods, but has little interest in the treasure itself. Taisuke researches natural springs of water in order to construct baths.


Izak is a warrior with a huge sword. He is devastated when Iluya was destroyed, and wants Iluya to become as beautiful as it was before, covered in grass and flowers. He also has a fascination for moustaches. He is 51 years old.

Kevin is a chef. He is a refugee who loses his house in Iluya thanks to the Kooluk Empire. Pam is his wife. Nataly is a freelance window maker working on the island of Iluya when it was destroyed by Graham Cray's experimental new weapon.

Pirate's Nest

Kika's pirates

Kika (キカ, Kika) is a well-known pirate who lives on the seas of the Island Nations. Though officially an outlaw, Kika is known not to pick fights and is acquainted with Lino En Kuldes. She is no friend to the Kooluk Empire, however, and aids Lazlo and Lino's forces, bringing her ships to the cause. Kika is also responsible for arranging Lazlo to meet Elenor Silverberg in order recruit the tactician to their cause. A strong and capable captain, she is fiercely respected by her followers. Kika uses two swords and bears a Falcon Rune. She is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Hervey (ハーヴェイ, Hāvei) is Kika's right-hand man, but also inferior in rank to Dario - a relationship Hervey has grown to detest as of late. He is 26 years old and uses a sword in battle. His best friend is Sigurd, a 26 year old pirate on the run from the assassin Keen as a result of a past incident ; he uses throwing knives as a weapon. The two are very dedicated to Kika and continue to support her after the war.

Dario is Nalleo's adoptive father and a pirate who leads his ship in the name of Lady Kika. He is an old friend of Louise and agrees to take her infant son when she asks Dario to raise the child as his own. Despite the bitterness he feels towards Louise for giving up her child without explanation, he has raised Nalleo like his own child, though becomes annoyed when the boy attempts to emulate him out of admiration. Nalleo is Louise's son who was raised by Dario, though is unaware that Louise is his mother and when they meet, she tries hard to conceal their true relationship from him.

Other Pirates

Brandeau (not a Star of Destiny) is a pirate who bears the Rune of Punishment after it devoured the pirate Steele and is an old friend of Kika. He is defeated by Lazlo in a duel, and consumed by the Rune. Peck (not a Star of Destiny) is Brandeau's subordinate who had previously been deformed by a Rune Cannon used by the pirate Steele in a flashback in Suikoden Tactics.

Jango (ジャンゴ, Jango) is a pirate. Brec, also a pirate, is his best friend. Phil is a tailor who creates high-quality clothes out of raw materials. He prefers to have with a high number of clients, even if it means working on Pirate's Nest.

Kooluk Empire and allies

Helmut was once a captain of Kooluk forces and opposed to invading Razril as he believes Kooluk has little reason to occupy it. However, he is put in charge of the island after it is occupied. Helmut offers both his life and services to Lazlo in exchange for the freedom of his men and has only one regret - disappointing his father. He is voiced by Richard Cansino

Colton (not a Star of Destiny) is a commander of the Kooluk Empire's second fleet and Helmut's father. A dedicated man and valuable advisor of Troy, he is put in charge of Obel during its occupation alongside Troy. After he is captured, he remains loyal to the Kooluk Empire. He disappears with his son after the war.

Troy (not a Star of Destiny) is the commander of the Kooluk's 1st Fleet and is seen frequently alongside Colton. He saves Lazlo from certain death after his exile. Much later, Lazlo defeats Troy in a duel after Graham Cray's defeat, and Troy declines an offer to be rescued, preferring to go down with his ship.

Cray Trading Company

Founded by Graham Cray, the Cray Trading Company remains a large economic force in the Island Nations and the Kooluk Empire and trades freely between the groups. In truth, the company was founded to gain influence within the Kooluk Empire in order to exploit its power to cause a war and to force the Rune of Punishment to appear.

Graham Cray

Graham Cray (not a Star of Destiny) is a merchant who bore the Rune of Punishment for a time. Unable to stand the burden of the rune, he cut off his left arm. While effective, his son was chosen to be the next bearer of the rune. For unclear reasons, he wants the Rune of Punishment back and helps orchestrate an invasion of the Island Nations to find it. He is the primary antagonist in the game.

Originally from the Scarlet Moon Empire, Graham is a former student of Elenor Silverberg's. He and his son became embroiled in a conflict between a village on the border of Kooluk and the nobles who were attacking. Graham's son, who bore the Rune of Punishment, used its power to decimate the entire area; the power of the attack killed the boy. Blaming himself for the massacre, Graham fled to Kooluk and feverishly searched for a way to escape the curse of the rune. Graham soon regretted the decision and desired to regain the power he once had.

Forming the Cray Trading Company, Graham sold weapons (including Rune Cannons), along with other goods. His ships became a strong presence on the seas of the Island Nations and the Kooluk Empire, where he began to gain influence over Kooluk's Governor of Fort El-Eal, who desired to expand Kooluk's territory southward to the islands. Believing a war between the two countries would likely draw out the bearer of the Rune of Punishment, Graham employed mercenaries to search and assassinate the rune's barrier, hoping that one of them would obtain the rune and allow him to kill them to take the rune again.

His plan ultimately fails thanks to the efforts of the Island Nations aided by Elenor Silverberg. Graham finds the current bearer of the Rune of Punishment and awakens the Great Tree to fight him. When defeated, Graham is approached by Elenor, who wishes to know why his reasons for turning against her. Refusing because he knows that knowledge would hurt her most, he and Elenor are last seen amongst the collapsing ruins of Fort El-Eal.


Ramada is an arms dealer and supplier of Rune Cannons to the Cray Trading Company and the Kooluk Empire. He has Maxine, Mizuki, Akaghi, and Kate working for him. He is particularly protective of his subordinates, and is especially fatherly toward Mizuki and Akaghi, who in turn are loyal to him. He is hired to obtain the Rune of Punishment for Graham Cray.

After he is attacked en route to Middleport to obtain Rune Cannon shells, he winds up in Gaien territory and decides to maintain a low profile as a spice trader heading for Iluya. Escorted by Vice-Commander Katarina Cott, who unwittingly reveals to him the Gaien secretly use nasel birds to communicate, along with Lazlo and Snowe, they are attacked on their way to Iluya by the pirate Brandeau. Ramada sees that the pirate is carrying the Rune of Punishment. Using the information he has obtained from Katarina, Ramada hires Dario in an unsuccessful attempt to attack Razril before killing the nasel birds to disrupt Razril's lines of communication to take them on by surprise. Razril is victorious, but only because Commander Glen Cott, who has inherited the Rune of Punishment, uses the rune against Ramada's ships.

Ramada is eventually ordered to assassinate Lazlo, who inherits the Rune of Punishment upon Glen's death. He sends Mizuki and Akahgi to fulfill the mission, but when they fail, Ramada asks that the two be spared and for Lazlo to kill Ramada in their place. The arms dealer soon learns from Lino En Kuldes that the Rune of Punishment is cursed - the bearer is of the rune inherits it by killing the preceding bearer. Ramada and his subordinates, upon obtaining the rune, would have been killed by Graham Cray in his attempt to obtain it. With their truth revealed, Ramada and his subordinates turn against Graham Cray and join the Island Nations Federation.

Maxine is a quiet mercenary who is adept at magic and loyal to Ramada. She briefly works for the Kooluk Empire, but joins the Island Federation Army when Ramada defects and joins Lazlo.

Mizuki, Akaghi, and Kate are ninja in the service of the Cray Trading Company and were betrayed by the Kooluk Empire, which destroyed their entire community when they were young. Mizuki and Akaghi are assigned to assassinate Lazlo for their employer while their associate, Kate, is tasked with gather information. They are loyal to Ramada first of all and when he defects, they join him. Ramada is particularly protective of Mizuki and Akaghi, whom he treats in a fatherly manner.


Some members of the Stars of Destiny come from lands beyond the Island Nations and Kooluk Empire; others have unknown origins, but are clearly travelers in the town in which they are found.


Ted is the current bearer of the feared Soul Eater Rune, originally seen in the first Suikoden.

He appears in the mysterious Fog Ship during its last voyage. He defends Lazlo from when the ship's captain tries to convince Lazlo to surrender his True Rune and remain on the Fog Ship for eternity. After the ship's captain is defeated, Ted regains his True Rune and joins Lazlo. He disappears at the war's end.


Jeane is the mysterious runemistress of Lazlo's forces. She has appeared in every main game of the Suikoden series to date. She is first found on Nal-Nal Island, running a rune shop.


Viki is a somewhat clueless girl with the power to teleport herself and others. Once acquired, she can quickly transport Lazlo's party to previously visited locations. Like Jeane, she has also appeared in every Suikoden game to date.

Other Outlanders

Frederica is an archer from the Scarlet Moon Empire on a mission. Mao is a 31-year old scientist who cultivates mushrooms with extreme zeal and tries to get everyone to eat more mushrooms. Nao is Mao's rival and brother, who cultivates mint and competes with Mao to push the importance of mint over mushrooms.

Suikoden Tactics

Suikoden Tactics introduces several new characters who have been investigating the nature of Rune Cannons and its connection to the Kooluk Empire. Characters from Suikoden IV appear and can be recruited.


Kyril is the protagonist of Suikoden Tactics, he is the son of Walter, a Scarlet Moon Empire officer, and Yohn, a demihuman from another universe. As a young boy, Kyril travelled extensively with his father to investigate Rune Cannons; during this time, his father and their travelling companions trained Kyril to become a proficient fighter. However, during an encounter with the pirate Steele, Walter is transformed into a hostile fish-monster by a Rune Cannon known as the Evil Eye and is killed by Andarc. Young Kyril is badly injured when Steele uses the Rune of Punishment to end in the battle between himself and several other pirates, including Brandeau and Edgar, Kika's lover.

Kyril does not fully recover from his injuries for several years. Following the Island Liberation Wars, he continues his father's mission to acquire more information on rune cannons and travels with Yohn, Seneca, and Andarc. Obtaining the aid of Lino en Kuldes and many of the people of Obel, he begins to travel throughout the Kooluk Empire and finds enemies in the Kooluk Imperials and the Patriarchal Faction of Kooluk, led by Iskas and whose attacks are usually accompanied by fish monsters. Kyril eventually comes to the conclusion that Rune Cannons must be destroyed.

Discovering Iskas' plan to stage a coup in order for the Patriarchal Faction to take control of the Kooluk Empire, Kyril and his companions attempt to warn the imperial family but are unable to prevent the emperor and Prince Martin from succumbing to Iskas' Evil Eye. However, they are able to defeat Iskas and the Patriarchal Faction and discover the true nature of the Evil Eye Rune Cannon; with Iska's defeat, it becomes a portal to another dimension, where Kyril is briefly reunited with his parents. Because he knows he does not belong in his mother's world, he declines their offer to join them and is "reborn" into his own world and reunited with his friends. However, after several years, Kyril retains his youthful appearance because of his unusual heritage and chooses to leave his surrogate family without a word.

In battle, Kyril wields a naginata.

Supporting Characters


A spy from the Scarlet Moon Empire, Walter met Yohn after she was summoned from the same world as the Giant Tree. They fell in love and had a son, Kyril, and travelled extensively in search of a way to return Yohn to her world. When Walter's relationship with Yohn was exposed, Walter was exiled; he chose not to reveal the true nature of his relationship with any of his travelling companions, including his son. He is voiced by Cam Clarke in the North American version of Suikoden Tactics.

During a mission with Sigurd, Walter and his companions are attacked by Hervey, and then in turn by Steele. After being saved by Edgar, Brandeau, and Kika, the group pursues Steele in order to obtain his Rune Cannon. In the subsequent battle, Walter successfully acquires it, but is transformed into a fish-monster and, no longer in control of his own body, attacks Kyril; to save the boy, Andarc slays Walter.

After Kyril defeats Iskas and the Patriarchal Faction, Walter's voice beckons his son into the portal created by a Rune Cannon. He finally reveals Yohn's relationship with Kyril and his intention to remain in Yohn's world. After Kyril declines his father's offer to explore Yohn's world, Walter and Yohn set off into her world alone and at peace.


Yohn (non-playable character) is a creature close to Kyril who is able to hear the dead and tell Kyril what they say. She has the appearance of a half-goat demi-human and was summoned from the World of Emptiness at the same time Warlock summoned the Great Tree, the source of all Rune Cannon ammunition. Unable to return to her own world nor communicate with anyone in the one she had become stranded in, Yohn met Walter; they eventually fell in love and had a son. Together, they traveled to the Island Nations and the Kooluk Empire to discover in the true nature of Rune Cannons in hopes of returning Yohn to her world. Kyril remained unaware that Yohn was his mother and regarded her simply as a mute travelling companion, though she was important to him.

When Walter is transformed into a fish monster on Steele's ship and perishes, Yohn continues to care for her son as he continues his father's investigation on Rune Cannons. Her ability to communicate with the dead allows Kyril to learn the final thoughts of Prince Martin, Emperor Julian and Heinz, gaining the necessary information to defeat Iskas. After Iskas is defeated at the Patriarchal Faction's secret facility, his Rune Cannon opens a portal which allows Yohn to return to her world. Kyril follows her and his parents invite him to join them; Kyril chooses to go his own way while Yohn and Walter's soul remain in her world together.


A good friend of Kyril, Seneca is Walter's young assistant and accompanies him, Yohn, and Kyril, to the Kooluk Empire and Island Nations on their search for information on the mysterious Rune Cannons. She is close to Andarc, teasing him on a frequent basis, and acts as a protective older sister figure to Kyril and Corselia. Seneca wields a bow-gun in battle. She is voiced by Wendee Lee in the North American version of Suikoden Tactics.

When Walter perishes on Steele's ship, Seneca helps care for a badly injured Kyril. Several years later, she sets out with Kyril, who has decided to pursue Walter's goal to find more Rune Cannons, despite the fact nobody is aware as to why Walter was investigating them to begin with. After Kooluk's Rune Cannons are destroyed, she returns to the Scarlet Moon Empire with Kyril, Andarc, and Corselia and lives a quiet life.

Andarc Bergman

Andarc is an apprentice to Walter who has sworn to protect Kyril and one of Kyril's travelling companions. An adept magician, writer, and National Academy cadet, Andarc serves the Scarlet Moon Empire as a spy alongside Walter and Seneca to obtain information on Rune Cannons and acquire an actual Rune Cannon from either the Island Nations or the Kooluk Empire. A quiet, introspective man, Andarc keeps of a journal of his thoughts and shares a close relationship with Seneca; with Seneca, he acts as a surrogate family for Kyril. Steve Staley voices Andarc in the English version of Suikoden Tactics.

During an encounter with the pirate Steele, Walter is able to acquire Steele's rune cannon, but is unfortunately transformed into a fish monster. Turning hostile, Walter blindly tries to attack Kyril; Andarc is forced to kill Walter in order to save the boy. Without their leader, Andarc and the others halt their investigation to allow Kyril to recover from the injuries he sustained. During this time, Andarc takes on Walter's responsibilities to train Kyril.

After Kyril recovers and opts to continue his father's investigation, Andarc remains a mentor to Kyril and travels with him, becoming involved in Iskas' defeat and the dissolution of the Kooluk Empire. Eventually, he returns to the Scarlet Moon Empire with Kyril and Seneca, where he lives a quiet life compiling the notes from their adventures to write a book chronicling the fall of Kooluk.


Coop works for the Scarlet Moon Empire's military and studied in the military academy with Andarc. He is an associate of Heinz and travels with him to find information on Rune Cannons, but apparently does not agree with Heinz's methods; he stops Heinz from kidnapping Corselia for ransom and eventually chooses to remain with Kyril when Heinz leaves the group.

Simeon is a powerful sorcerer whose age far exceeds his appearance and famed for his powerful healing abilities. He travels often, but keeps a residence in Haruna; soldiers in the Kooluk Empire have repeatedly pestered him to join the army and when he refuses again, they resort to force. After being saved by Kyril, he agrees to travel with them to discover why some Rune Cannons possess the power to transform people into fish-like monsters.

Lalacle is an ambitious and good-natured young woman from Middleport who opens a "Quest Guild" after discovering many people have jobs that need to be done. She can only be recruited after completing the game and beginning a new one.

The Mercenary Leader leads a group of prominent mercenaries from Kooluk. Working for the mysterious Kooluk based X & Co, she and her subordinates take on jobs such as impersonating Razril Knights and attacking Island Nation merchants while crossing paths with Kyril's party working as employees of the rival Island Nations Chiepoo Trading Company. With repeated losses to Kyril, she challenges Kyril to a final duel deep inside the Obel Ruins and upon her loss, she and her comrades join him. The Leader serves as the magician of her party and is proficient with water magic. Her comrades, identified by the colour of their armour, include the sword-wielding Red Mercenary, spear-wielding Blue Mercenary, and the bow-wielding Yellow Mercenary.

Heinz is a former friend of Walter from the Scarlet Moon Empire, Heinz is also a spy and has been assigned to acquire runic weapons from the Island Nations and Kooluk Empire and bring them back to Scarlet Moon. He is responsible for exposing Walter's true relationship with Yohn, which resulted in Walter's exile from Scarlet Moon. Several years after Walter's death, he and Coop join Kyril to find the reason behind why Rune Cannons have been disappearing from the Island Nations. After unsuccessfully trying to persuade Kyril to take Rune Cannons back to the Scarlet Moon Empire, Heinz suggests kidnapping Princess Corselia to hold for ransom but is dissuaded by Coop. He eventually leaves Kyril to pursue his plan to bring a rune cannon back to Scarlet Moon on his own, but is killed by the Patriarchal Faction's soldiers soon after, his true intentions revealed only through Yohn's ability to speak to the dead. He is voiced by Kirk Thornton in the North American version of Suikoden Tactics.


Edgar, renown in the Island Nations as the Pirate King, is a good friend of Brandeau and Kika's lover. His pirates formed a strong rivalry with those of Steele and after Sigurd and Hervey's encounter with Steele, Edgar and Brandeau, with Walter, confront him the following night. Though the two pirates are able to overwhelm and defeat their rival, Steele uses the Rune of Punishment in a final desperate attempt to win. Edgar and most of his crew are killed; Brandeau inherits the Rune of Punishment with Steele's death and sends Edgar's body back to Kika at Pirate's Nest.

Steele is a rogue pirate leader who controls the seas with an iron fist, he deals with those he believes to have encroached on his territory with severity. One of the most feared pirates known, Steele was capable of defeating entire fleets and irrevocably transformed people into fish monsters with a Rune Cannon known as the Evil Eye. He grows in power upon gaining the Rune of Punishment. During an ambush on the ships of Sigurd and Hervey, he is forced to retreat upon the arrival of Kika and Brandeau. Confronted that same night by Edgar and Brandeau, Steele is defeated, but kills himself and Edgar by using the Rune of Punishment one last time. His English Voice actor is Philip Proctor!?

Kooluk Empire


A kind and helpful young girl from the Kooluk Empire, Corselia is the granddaughter of Emperor Julius of Kooluk and the second-in-line to the throne after her father, the Crown Prince Martin.

Corselia first meets Kyril's party when they stop an abusive merchant from hurting his child employees and subsequently meets Kyril again when he rescues her from being kidnapped by Iskas. She joins his group and becomes attached to Kyril, but they find they must continually evade Corselia's family, who have all been convinced by Iskas that the princess has been kidnapped by Kyril. Corselia eventually reveals the truth to her father, who leaves to confront Iskas on his own, despite Corselia's efforts to stop him. She arrives with Kyril, too late to prevent her father from being transformed into a fish monster by the Evil Eye Rune Cannon and Martin is killed by Kyril in order to save Corselia. Her mother, having realized her folly, severely injures Iskas to save her daughter, but is killed by Iskas before Corselia's eyes.

With Iskas' defeat and the castle around her crumbling, Corselia witnesses Kyril leap into the portal formed by Iskas' Rune Cannon and his subsequent return. With her grandfather and father dead, Corselia effectively becomes the new monarch of the empire. However, realizing that the empire is too broken to revive, she does as her grandfather suggested in death and elects to dissolve the empire. Corselia leaves Kooluk to live with Seneca, Andarc, and Kyril in the Scarlet Moon Empire; when Kyril disappears, she goes in search of him, but soon concludes he does not wish to be found. Stephanie Sheh voices Corselia in the English version of Suikoden Tactics.


Ornela is the youngest daughter of Emperor Julius, Corselia's aunt, and the commander of the Haruna garrison. A moderate warm-hearted leader, she is well liked by the citizenry and skilled in battle. She cares greatly for her niece and chooses to allow Kyril to continue his mission with Corselia. After Iskas' coup, she and Busk join Kyril to stop him and assures Busk that Kyril and his companions are trustworthy.


Busk is the youngest son of the Imperial family and Corselia's stubborn uncle. He often feels overstretched as he must command the garrisons at Fort El-Eal and oversee its reconstruction and the garrisons of Merseto. He does not trust the Patriarchal Faction, but attacks Kyril under the mistaken belief that Kyril has kidnapped Corselia. He is forced to join Kyril's group after Iskas' coup d'état after being persuaded by Ornela, but comes to see them as trustworthy people.


Clever, charming, and scheming, Iskas is the leader of Kooluk's Patriarchal Faction. Though the Patriarchal Faction does most of the work for the country, it does not hold any real power; in hopes of gaining power for himself and giving voice to the common people, Iskas plans a sophisticated coup d’état, which involves killing Emperor Julius and Crown Prince Martin and then acting as regent to Princess Corselia. To do so, he seduces Corselia's mother, Miranda, and attempts to kidnap Corselia, but fails when Kyril arrives and saves her. A crucial part of his plan becomes acquiring Rune Cannons in order to amass power to successfully stage his coup and during his initial encounter with Kyril in the Island Nations, he suggests a connection between Rune Cannons and Kooluk.

Realizing that Corselia will not leave Kyril willingly, Iskas frames Kyril with kidnapping and convinces the Imperial Family to pursue him as he secretly pursues his own goals without interference. Using Kyril's desire to gather information on Rune Cannons, Iskas leads the young man's group through the empire in hopes of capturing Corselia. Eventually, Iskas carries out his plan, turning Martin and Julius into fish monsters and they die soon after. He retreats to the Patriarchal Faction's secret facility to confront Kyril in a final battle. Upon Kyril and Corselia's arrival, Miranda runs a sword through Iskas, having had enough of his true nature; Iskas survives the blow and kills her before her daughter in retaliation. He loses his fight against Kyril and his companions, transforming into a fish monster in a final attempt, and his body is crushed by the collapsing facility. His English voice actor is Crispin Freeman.

Roget is a high ranking member of the Patriarchal Faction and a right-hand man to Iskas. Like Iskas, he wishes to bring the voice of the common people to power in the Kooluk Empire and leads soldiers around the empire while acting in accordance to the orders of Iskas, which usually involving searching and seizing Rune Cannons. After Roget is betrayed by Iskas during the latter's coup on the empire, he is saved by Kyril and chooses to join him to stop his former master.


Julius is the last Emperor of Kooluk and has been a meek ruler in his old age, being easily manipulated by Iskas. Realizing Iskas's intentions when it is too late, the Emperor is transformed into a fish monster by the Evil Eye Rune Cannon and dies in the throne room. His final thoughts, revealed with Yohn's power, tell Corselia to prevent Iskas from taking control of Kooluk, even at the cost of dissolving the empire.

Martin is the Crown Prince of Kooluk, heir to the throne and Corselia's father. A loyal man and a skilled fighter, he is stubborn and somewhat brutish. He is frequently away from home because of battles or other official duties, leaving his wife and daughter alone. Along with other members of the Imperial Family, Martin is tricked by Iskas into believing Kyril has kidnapped Corselia, but is eventually convinced of Kyril's innocence. However, when Martin confronts Iskas, the Crown Prince falls into a trap and is transformed by the Evil Eye into a monster. Blindly attacking his daughter, Martin is killed by Kyril.

Both he and his wife, Miranda, love Corselia dearly, but because of Martin's frequent absences, the beautiful Miranda is easily seduced by Iskas, who takes advantage of her loneliness. Using the Miranda, he intends to kidnap Corselia and manipulate Miranda as she acts Corselia's regent after assassinating the Emperor and the Crown Prince. Miranda leaves her family and remains with Iskas, but gradually becomes disgusted with his true nature and betrays him during his final stand against Kyril. Though she stabs and severely injures him, he survives and kills her in front of her daughter.


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