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The Cabinet Secretary for Parliamentary Business and Government Strategy is a cabinet post is the Scottish Government whose job it is to steer government business through the Scottish Parliament. The role combines the duties of Chief Whip and Leader of the House in other national legislatures. From 1999 to 2007 the holder of the post was entilted to attend cabinet meetings, but was lowerd to a junior ministeral position in 2007. However after the 2011 Scottish Parliament election the post was elevated back to cabinet level with the creation of a new junior post the Minister for Parliamentary Business and Chief Whip reports. The ministerial post is currently held by Bruce Crawford MSP of the Scottish National Party.



Government Business Manager and Chief Whip

Name Entered Office Left Office Party
1. Tom McCabe 19 May 1999 27 November 2001 Labour Party

Minister for Parliamentary Business

1. Patricia Ferguson 27 November 2001 4 October 2004 Labour Party
2. Margaret Curran 4 October 2004 17 May 2007 Labour Party
3. Bruce Crawford* 17 May 2007 19 May 2011 Scottish National Party

Cabinet Secretary for Parliamentary Business and Government Strategy

1. Bruce Crawford 19 May 2007 Scottish National Party
  • from 17 May 2007 to 19 May 2011 the post was not a Cabinet position

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