Chez Chartier

Chez Chartier is a restaurant in Paris[1] founded in 1896,[2] located at 7 Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre in the 9th district and classified as Monument historique in 1989.[3] (Metro access Grands Boulevards)



The restaurant was created in 1896 by two brothers, Frédéric and Camille Chartier, in a former train station concourse under the name "Le Bouillon"[4] (lit. broth, or stock, but in this context, a sort of brasserie[5][6][7]; originally a cheap workers' eatery that served stew), near the Grands Boulevards, the Hôtel Drouot, the Musée Grévin, and the Palais de la Bourse. Over its hundred-and-some years of existence, the restaurant has had only four owners.

The conservation of architecture of the building and Belle Époque interior decoration[8][9][10][11] has led to its classification as a historical monument in 1989.



View of entrance of Chez Chartier in 2003.

The long dining room has a high ceiling[12][13] which allows for a mezzanine,[14] where the service is also provided. Large columns support the ceiling.


The restaurant is open 365 days a year with a menu offering traditional French cuisine.[15][16] The table service is provided by waiting staff dressed in the traditional rondin, a tight-fitting black waistcoat with multiple pockets, and long white apron.[17]

The restaurant's popularity forces patrons to wait in line in the courtyard[18][19] or under the porch[20] and sometimes on the sidewalk outside. Tables are shared between strangers. The bill is written directly on the disposable paper tablecloth.[21][22][23][24] Serving stops at 10 PM.

Representation in culture

To seduce the cat, I took her to dinner at Chartier's
As she is refined and delicate, she chose a grilled pig foot
  • In Les beaux quartiers, Louis Aragon mentioned Le bouillon Chartier: the young medical student Edmond Barbentane has lunch there regularly.


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